Your Book and a Great Website


Build a great Website. I can’t state this often enough or strongly enough: you must have an attractive, easy to use Website that lets your visitors do four things:

Your Website should be ground zero for your book business, the place where everyone comes to buy copies, give you their contact information, communicate with you about media interviews or bulk orders, and just learn about your book and why they should buy it. It’s the single most important aspect of your marketing plan.

Notice that I said, “great” Website. There are thousands of new books coming out every month, and many of them are amateurish at best. Having a sloppy, clunky, poorly written Website only makes your book look like one of those amateur-hour productions. Invest the money in a professional Web developer, someone who can design a classy, beautiful site, build your e-commerce system and give you the means to easily update your site’s content at any time.

Good sites all make the books and their authors appear professional, legitimate, and smart. They’re inviting information centers for people to come to and spend time getting to know both book and writer.

You should have your Website up and running before you begin any PR or sales activities, probably at least two months before your book hits the streets. Talk to several Web designers or get a referral from someone you trust. In any case, make sure your site has at least these features:

Sample your book in print and on the Internet.

If you have a Web site (and you should), it’s simple. Just take a chapter from your book, paste it into its own file with the proper copyright information so it’s a self-contained document, turn it into a PDF (Portable Document Format, a wonderful type of file created by Adobe), and place it on your Website for free downloading. Then send an e-mail to your entire list offering them an excerpt from your upcoming book free. A 10% or 20% response rate is not out of the question.

For print publications, it goes like this:

Start sending e-mails to editors several months before your book comes out. It usually takes a while to hear backHealth Fitness Articles, and even longer to actually get your sample in print.

A Great Portal, Great Links to Great websites has moved to a new website address, of

This is part of on-going improvements. The website has lots of links to various and interesting subjects as well as a Multi-search, a news headlines search and free website promotion.

Is it a Portal and is it Great?

See what you think.

As part of an on-going improvements the website A Great Portal has moved to a new website address, of The new websites address should be easier to remember, and to tell your friends about. So what is the A Great Portal website about, why the new website address, what is so Great and what is a Portal?

A Great Portal is described as being Great links to great web sites and features links to other websites about: Special offers and bargains, cutting edge technology, free software, jigsaw puzzles, useful business links, career links, humour, fun, golf, Elvis Presley, stories, relaxation, teenager pages, a crazy dancing sheep and other jokes. Relaxation and stress information. Lots of various and interesting subjects. Multi-search and news headlines search, free website promotion.

A Great Portal has links to individual sites about the above issues. Each of the individual sites listed at A Great Portal has links to individual related website and this is just what a Portal is, (a collection of links to similar websites). For example the Compare Bargains site lists links relating to bargain shopping sites and discounts, the I work very hard Employment Portal has links, (lots of them) to companies taken on staff, recruitment, interviews and even employment jokes.

A Great Portal certainly can be classed as a Portal but what about the Great?

The number of useful and handy links from Elvis to Golf, from Bargains to Business, I think should qualify this site as Great.

Whether your looking for Science related subjects, joke related links, freeware, (free software), a new career, business, social issues or need to take some time out to relax A Great Portal provides links to all these and more.

A Great Portal acts as a central place to find links to and information about all the subjects above and is therefore a useful starting point for users to find the information they need.

What do you think? Is it A Great Portal?

Why the update? The old website name (http://www.greatportal.ukhome.netFree Web Content, this automatically links to the new website) was a bit difficult for users to remember and type in the new name is a lot easier and the website name describes the site well as A Great Portal.

A Great Portal

Indus Valley Civilization Facts – History of Ancient India | Educational Videos by Mocomi presents: Ancient Civilizations – The Indus Valley Civilization

One of the earliest urban civilizations in India and in fact, in the world, was the Indus Valley Civilization, also called the Harappan Culture.

About 5000 years ago, a group of nomads traveling from Sumeria (present-day Iran) entered North Western India, near present day Karachi. These nomads found a land so richly fertile by the banks of the river Indus that they settled there without hesitation. This area was abundant with water, fodder and fuel.

Over the next thousand years, the immigrants spread over an area of half a million square miles. Excavations prove that the level of urban planning and architecture prevalent here was incomparable. The anchor for this civilization lay in the beautiful twin cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa.

The name Mohenjo-Daro means ‘Mound of the Dead’ in Sindhi. The city was built around 2600 BC and abandoned around 1700 BC. Evidence suggests that the city was highly prone to floods.

Watch this video to learn about this civilization and its way of life.

#IndusValleyCivilization #HarappanCulture #History

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