What Is Spirituality? Here’s One Possible Answer.


Spirituality means many things to many people. Answering the question of “what is spirituality” for yourself is an important step in your lifelong process of discovery.

To be honest, you don’t need to become an expert in terminology to enjoy a life of meaning and fulfillment. The words are just pointers and tools you can use to uncover your personal direction.

So this article is only one possible answer to the question of “what is spirituality?” If these words resonate with your heart, expand upon them; if not, move on and find something else that feels right to you.

True spirituality has nothing to do with religious practice. The observance of specific belief systems, honoring of certain holy days & customs, and living by a set code of conduct are not spiritual pursuits in and of themselves.

These and other things can be part of an individual’s overall spirituality. But group values systems and traditional behaviors are no more spiritual than political affiliations or loyalty to a college football team.

Spirituality is a very personal matter. And it’s completely experiential, meaning it must be experienced before it can be fully understood.

Having said all this, what’s left to answer? I’ve carried on for half a page about what spirituality is not; so what is it then?

Spirituality is a basic awareness of higher consciousness, and an allowing of the present moment to be what it is.

I could refine this statement by saying: one is spiritual when he or she is aware of a collective, creative consciousness that operates beyond the ego mind. Also, spiritual living involves the practice of being mindful in the moment, and allowing the now to take on a life of its own beyond individual desires to shape events.

This statement is intentionally open for interpretation. While I’ve captured the essence of what I believe spirituality to be, I have refrained from providing a definition heavy with my own personal preferences.

When you know intelligence exists beyond the part of your mind “containing” your identity and personal sense of self, you are being spiritual. When you say “yes” to the present moment, allowing the senses to perceive what they will and making no effort to control what is with your own preference and prejudice, you are being spiritual.

Knowing a great intelligence exists, but making no effort to label it in a way that comforts you, is an act of wisdom. It takes great fortitude to be content with the idea of not necessarily understanding or controlling the world around you.

Also being completely alert in the present moment, rather than hiding from yourself in thoughts of the past and future, requires a steadfast nature. Humanity is not afraid of its alleged weakness and frailty; rather, we are afraid of our own incredible power, thus we hide our faces from it by living in the past and the future most of our lives.

It’s not my intention to slander religion. But I am compelled to warn that many faiths were developed to crush the spiritual nature of their followers.

People are often outraged by any definition of spirituality that omits the vengeful, all-knowing god who exists to protect and punish them. It’s a bizarre phenomenonFree Reprint Articles, and it’s the result of centuries of conditioning and brainwash.

By all means take this article as my opinion. But it’s an opinion based on life experience and an honest search for the truth.

I make no effort to appease the values of others or to detract from another’s point of view. And it’s my sincere hope that I have at least planted the seed of an answer that can be harvested by those who are seeking.

Author: Jeff Maziarek

ISBN: 0974484105

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Jeff Maziarek, author of Spirituality Simplified asserts in his introduction that the principal impetus for his writing his book was to create a spiritual growth book that would be accessible to mainstream readers. Moreover, it would include “the best of the best” content gleaned from a broad mixture personal/spiritual growth books that he has read.

What the book does best is the author’s succinct presentation of his own thoughts, as well as others, that permit his readers to digest and make sense of them in any way they wish. It is not merely a collection of the author’s sayings and anecdotes, but rather a penetration of our lifestyle and how we can deepen our knowledge in improving it as we embark upon the path to spiritual growth.

Each chapter is framed around fundamental concepts that are carefully analyzed and shored up by powerful passages taken from the teachings of some prominent and spiritual growth authors as Deepak Chopra, Allan Cohen, Anthony DeMello, Wayne W. Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Louise Hay, Dan Millman, Eckhart Tolle, and many others. It should be noted that Maziarek includes an Appendix listing nearly forty books related to personal and/or spiritual growth that he has personally read and that has served as his source material for Spirituality Simplified.

We are reminded in the first chapter that it is essential to have an open mind when considering new information pertaining to spiritual growth, even though some of it may appear to be off-the-wall. This probably is the most difficult change of behavior we are called upon to pursue, as we all realize that once we become attached to a particular philosophy, religion or belief, it is not easy to cast it aside.

From this starting point Maziarek probes in detail about such topics as who or what is God, who we are, cause and effect, present moment awareness, oneness, abundance, non-attachment, forgiveness, the path of spiritual growth.

A dominant theme and one that Maziarek returns to throughout the book is that each of us is responsible for co-creating his or her life in concert with God. Maziarek uses the term God-Force and as he explains “it is the depiction of God as pure loving energy that is constantly creating ideas, items, and circumstances through His/Her/Its creations. This view sees human beings as pieces of this God-Force, not separate from it,” and we should strive to tap into this force. In other words, as the author maintains, you can no longer look outside of yourself and blame other for your life’s circumstances.

Another principle that is explored is that we must live in the present, for the past is water under the bridge, (although you can learn from past experiences), furthermore no one can predict the future, nor should we seek rewards in some afterlife. Basically, as the author states, “the Principle Moment Awareness states that the only time that is real is in the present, for it is from within the ‘now’ that everything we experience in life originates.”

As the author concludes, there is no easy path to spiritual growth, as there are no set of rules that will provide you with all of the answers. It is up to you to discover your inner truth and to formulate your own spiritual philosophy.

Although many of the book’s themes have been explored elsewhereBusiness Management Articles, Maziarek’s strength lies in his passion and intensity as he examines several enlightening principles that are highly relevant to our daily lives and that will aid us in arriving at a more comprehensible awareness of our true identity.

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