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The graphic novel Watchmen introduces some of the most humanized superheroes ever seen in comics. It veered away from the virtuous and larger-than-life characteristics of stereotyped heroes we have been accustomed to seeing in comics.  Instead the Watchmen characters are depicted as flawed, deceiving, and dark, just like how any human would be. The world is already waiting to see these superheroes on the big screen. Here is a list of the complex characters of the much anticipated comic book adaptation of 2009. RorschachRorschach is Watchmen’s twisted version of Superman sans the cape and the square jaw. He believes that criminals should be punished in the vilest way possible. Rorschach would do nearly anything to stop culprits from accomplishing more crimes. He also has the tendency to judge most people as evil deserving his wrath and violent sense of justice. He is an ambivalent character who somehow seems like a paradox. On one hand, he does everything to eliminate evil, but practices cruelty at the same time. This is one character that believes that the end justifies the means. Dr. ManhattanA victim of a nuclear accident, Dr. Manhattan carries with him a dark past surged with hatred towards his ill fate. Before he was ripped apart during the accident, he was an antisocial scientist working for the United States. He fixed and stitched his body on his own and survived through his unwavering will to live. In turn, he came to possess unfathomable power to destroy and create things as he wills it. Nite OwlNite Owl can already be considered as the sanest among the unusually disturbed set of characters in the graphic novel. He is the ultimate gadget boy in the group. In a way, he resembles Batman because he uses his wealth to make the technology needed in his crime fighting antics. Among all the characters, he is considered the most stable for although he also has the desire to do evil, he suppresses it and opts to do good and has a genuine inclination to help people. However, this very trait is also his weakness as a normal person without the costume. OzymandiasHe is the most intelligent man in the world who is also known to be a great philanthropist. He also went public and became an inspiration for people when an anti-vigilante campaign was launched. The ComedianHe is one of the vilest characters in the graphic novel. The Comedian has a demented notion about his position as a superhero. He abuses his powers to fulfill his own evil whims. A proof of which was when he raped Sally Jupiter. Laurie JuspeczykLaurie never really wanted to become a masked vigilante, but was forced into it because of her mother, Sally Jupiter. She is bitter about her fate and is trapped by her dark past. For someone who does things for the good of others, Laurie is one angry character. Watchmen characters represent the different sides of human existence. The creators of the comic book intended to throw readers into a moral debate after being acquainted with the characters in the pages of Watchmen. Now that it is already made for the big screen, it would be fascinating to know how director Zack Snyder will present these complex characters to life.

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