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Any hand surgeon already faces enough of a challenge when it comes to operating on one of the most complicated parts of the body, but that’s often just the beginning for some of the medical profession’s most talented doctors.A hand surgeon is among the most highly-trained and skilled surgeons in the world, simply because of the many different factors at play in any type of injury that involves this complicated area of the body, along with the extremely challenging nature of the various operations that must be performed.The hands are arguably the most complex formations within the human skeleton, based simply on the number of different bones alone. Unlike other various parts of the body that might see a small number of different bones converge on a certain area, hands typically contain 27 different bones that make up an incredibly intricate and useful structure.The doctors who operate on injuries that affect this important extremity generally have practiced in other areas of surgery and have gained enough added experience to graduate to the next level of their profession. At the same time, this is also why a typical hand surgeon also specializes in other useful and important medical practices, both surgical and non-surgical. Many of these surgeons started in cosmetic surgery or continue to work in it because of the relative similarity of some of the work, as well as the relevant training that both areas of the field share. Because working with the hands involves an added attention to detail and the ability to work closely with complex bone and muscle structures, among other significant factors, many surgeons who work with the hands are also qualified to complete various forms of cosmetic surgery as well.A typical hand surgeon is also well-versed in issues of the elbows and shoulders as well. Because the bones and muscles running up and down the arms are largely inter-connected and dependent on one another, the issues that affect one part are often the same that are affecting the other areas. Because of this, it allows doctors who work on one area to also become well-versed in other areas. In this case, many of the doctors who focus on the arm’s extremity can also work closely with the shoulder and elbow as well.Of course, that’s not to say that a hand surgeon is only relegated to cosmetic procedures or issues of the arms either. Many of those who work on this area of the body also double as general surgeons as well, or began their career practicing as such. Because operating on this specific area of the body is as difficult as any, those who are able to do it are generally those who are the best of the best and have trained as such, much to the benefit of their patients.

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