Uxbridge Onatrio ~ Canada ~ Rutledge Jewelers ~ Former Grocery Store /Dry Goods ~ Heritage Block


Uxbridge Onatrio ~ Canada ~ Rutledge Jewelers ~ Former Grocery Store /Dry Goods ~ Heritage Block
Built in the late 1870’s ~ Feature here is 82 Brock Street with Clock and Flower garden
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Sad but true, this is the hardest
part that all the Internet marketer have to face. No matter how hard it
is, you have to master the art of converting your visitor into your
paying customer. For some internet marketer, it will take ages to
master the art of converting their site visitor into their paying
customer. However there are few easy ways that you can use to convert your site visitor into your customer. Among them are:1)Try
to create a name that memorable and describe the kind of product you’re
offering. Names that rhyme are easy to remember. For example, Jimmy
Choo used his name to sell ladies shoes and look at him today. You got
the idea, right? Avoid name that have any offensive words or phrases in
it.2)Try to market yourself, as well as your product. Write
articles, e-books, free consulting, etc. Tell a little bit about your
personal history or maybe where you were born, where you grew up, tell
them about your parents and other family members, etc. In other words,
try to make friends with your prospect.3)Talk to your
prospects. People want to know that you are talking to them. Use the
words “you/your” in your sales letter. This’ll make them feel important
and attract them to read your whole sales letter. For example “Put an
extra $ 2008 in your pockets for your 2008 New Year Celebrations!” 4)Show
your enthusiast when promoting your product. Try to convince your
prospect with your enthusiasm. If you’re convincing enough, they will
be enthusiastic too. For example, you could say, “This is really a good
product and I can’t wait for you to experience these benefits!”5)Dare
to be different. Don’t be afraid to design your web site to be
different from everyone else’s. For example, you could apply a magic
theme to your web site. Another example would be to design your web
site like an e-book with a table of contents, title page, glossary, etc.You
can try different other ways to convert your site into your customer.
Try to be a little bit creative when designing your sales letter and
maybe that little bit of creativity is just what you need to easily
convert your site visitor into your paying customer.

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How To Make Ecommerce Website Using HTML And CSS Step By Step | Create e-Commerce Website


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Here in this video you will learn to build an eCommerce website step by step using HTML and CSS. In this e-commerce website design we will create Home page of eCommerce website with banner section, some featured categories images, then some featured products with product price, image and rating.

Then there will be more latest products, and one offer section with exclusive product. After that there will be testimonials and top brands section. At the bottom of website we will make footer with 4 columns.

After that we will make the drop down menu for mobile scree and we will make this complete website design responsive from mobile devices.

In next part we will make all products page, single product page, shopping cart page, login and registration page for this Ecommerce Website

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❤️ Complete website Using HTML and CSS
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Time Stamp:

00:00 Website overview
06:40 HTML and CSS File Setup
09:14 Create Header of Website
23:20 Add google fonts on website
27:42 Make Features categories section
31:37 Add Featured products on website
42:35 Design Recent products on site
44:07 Add offer section on web design
49:18 Design testimonial section for website
57:14 Create brands widget for online store
01:00:38 Create footer of eCommerce site
01:11:15 Make the website responsive

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Banner image created by freepik

Products image is used from Myntra.com
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