Unlimited Farming Trick to Level Up You Heroes Plus Bonus | Seven Knights 2


Unlimited Farming Trick to Level Up You Heroes Plus Bonus | Seven Knights 2

We can grind in this map if we dont have maps for exploration –

Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 8
Chapter 9

How to hold click on PC Client
1. Hold Space
2. While Holding Space Click Menu
3. Release The Space, out from menu
4. Back to The Grind, It will automatically hold attack

If you want to add in game : IvanHaro
If you want to join guild : NeoZeon

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◈Game Introduction◈
▶The official sequel to Seven Knights, a game enjoyed by 60 million players globally
The last of the Seven Knights, Rudy’s story continues here!

▶Recruit your favorite heroes
The classic heroes from the original game are present,
as well as new heroes first appearing in Seven Knights 2!
Collect them all and build your own unique team!

▶Enjoy collecting, strengthening, and fighting with your heroes
Collect various heroes with different traits and control up to eight of them simultaneouly!
Two genres merge together for twice the fun!

▶Combat with deep strategy and breathtaking skill animations
The original Seven Knights’ beautiful skill effects on a whole new spin!
Defeat bosses with powerful ultimate and suppressor skills!
Experience a fully revamped combat system!

▶Return to the world of Seven Knights and continue its story
Enjoy stunning cinematic cutscenes that explore the limits of mobile gaming!

– Minimum Requirements: AOS 7 or Later, 3GB of RAM
– Recommended Requirements: AOS 8 or Later, 4GB of RAM

– Homepage: http://7k2.netmarble.com

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