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Setting up a high street store can be more complicated than it seems. Above everything you need a well structured plan of action. Assuming that you have a good plan of action and have done all the researching and have the funding needed to set up your shop here is a check list that will aid you with one of the most important sections of your shop, the shop fittings and display units.After premises and stock buying, shop fittings represent one of the biggest slices in the expenditure pie when setting up a new high street shop. The check list below will help you avoid some common mistakes as well as choose the right fixtures for your shop. 1.    Have I found a premise?First and foremost you need a well located premise for your shop. No good setting up a stunning shop where nobody can see it or find it. I know that establishments in very busy streets have high rental prices but that will be money well spent.2.    Do I have existing floor plans?Now that you found the ideal place for your shop it is time to make you floor plan. Where will be the counter be, aisles, shelves displays, etc. Might be a good idea to ask for professional help here, like hiring an interior designer or decorator specialised in stores and shop interior designs.3.    What will the shops branding / colours be?Choose the style and colours of your shop fittings based on the colours of you brand/shop. There are many shop fixture manufacturers these days that can create fittings and displays according to your requirements. Some of the most popular shop fittings manufacturers are Tegometall, CAEM and KLEEREX and you can find them on all major shop fittings suppliers across the country.4.    What work needs to be conducted to the shop front?Again depending on the type of shop that you are setting up, you will need to make some changes to the shop front. Sports shops need to reflect action and movement, a beds shop needs to pass calm and tranquillity and so on, you got the picture, right?5.    Will I need to alter the shop usage?Once again depending on the type of shop you will have to alter its usage but there is one rule that suits all shop, accessibility. A shop needs to have easy access for your target audience as well as for disabled people. Displays settings also should be considered when thinking of your shop’s usage. 6.    What display shop fittings will I require?I hate to sound repetitive but, this is also related to the type of shop you are setting up.7.    What is my budget?The biggest villain in all start ups, the budget. With money everything is made easy but how to start up a good shop with a tight budget? As afore mentioned shop fittings represent a big slice in the expenditure pie of a shop so make sure you reserve some extra cash for it.8.    What are my timescales for the shop fit?This is entirely up to you and your shop fitter to decide.9.    Where to find good shop fitters?Ask your shop fitting supplier or use this site here you can find shop fitters for just about any major city in the UK.10.    Have I got a quote from a shop fittings company?Like mentioned in check list number 7, before you go out buying shop fittings left right and centre, do some research to compare prices. Get a quote from at least two shop fittings companies and suppliers.Once you have the answers for all those questions you are on the clear to start your new shop.

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