Top 10 Sci-Fi Comics of All Time


Top 10 Sci-Fi Comics of All Time

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There’s more to comics than just dudes in tights. Sure, superhero comics have dominated the comic book stands forever, but don’t forget about the great science fiction comics that have been around for just as long. Sci-fi comics range from dystopian epics to full-on space operas, and these are the best of the genre.

Top 10 Graphic Novels Of All Time:

List Rank and Entries
#10: “Lazarus” (2013-)
#9: “Paper Girls” (2015-)
#8: “East of West” (2013-)
#7: “Bitch Planet” (2014-)
#6: “Transmetropolitan” (1997-2002)
#5: “Valerian and Laureline” (1967-2018)
#4: “Y: The Last Man” (2002-08)
#3, #2, #1: ?

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{articles|100|campaign}The Isekai That Was Too Realistic

Grimgar of Fantasy And Ash. Kinda deep if you ask me.

Second Channel:

Please ignore th8is alreight you already know I hate doing it
hey this is my isekai video review!!! I’m so super duper excited to say this stuff!!!!
anway this show is also known as hai to gensouo no grimgar or something like that it’s a deep isekai you should watch our main character Haruhiro makes it pretty epic.
-Scamboli Reviews signing out