Top 10 Reasons why Article Marketing is Perfect for Book Marketing


If you can write a book, you can also write an article that showcases some of the how to’s in your book. Online prospects search for free articles on article directories and top-rated web sites that offer the same. When you write and submit articles on a regular basis, you will become known as the savvy expert in your field. That is gold because happy readers will then go to your web site to see your book and other offerings.

Top 10 Reasons

1. You attract your best, targeted audience.  It’s one thing to write health articles, but when you get more specific such as writing an article focused on treating and healing diabetes, that audience will see you as having the knowledge they need.

2. Your article reader will visit your web site. That’s what you want–to build your daily visitor numbers. And, for best results you’ll need to offer a sales letter for each book or book package you sell.

3. Published articles in top ranked web sites expose your information to many more people than just any old site. So, be sure to check a web site’s Google or Alexa ratings, and submit to the top ones first before the rest.

4. Promoting your book also showcases your service. If you are a coach, solo professional, or other small business your book and articles will attract all the clients you want.

5. Article marketing is easy for the non-techie who wants to use the internet, but doesn’t have sales copywriting expertise or web design knowledge.

6. Like your book’s chapters, articles have a beginning, middle and end. You need to hook your readers the first sentence. Mention the problem, then in the middle part solve it for them.

7. Articles educate–that’s what your potential book buyer wants. So impressed with this kind of online publicity, your buyers will have enough solid information, they can make a decision to buy easily!

8. When other publications publish your article, it’s like an endorsement of you. Subscribers trust the ezine owners and will trust you too.

9. The more your articles are seen and read, the more credibility.People who are looking want to trust you and will over time. That’s why article marketing brings long-term results.

10. Writing and submitting articles doesn’t cost much. The only money you spend is if you delegate them to an assistant. And that investment brings at least 10X its cost. If you don’t think marketing as an investmentFind Article, you are missing out big time on your well-deserved profits.

Your book brands you and your business. Be sure to leverage it to bring big profits with article promotion.

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