Throwing Money At Diversity Isn't Working


Throwing Money At Diversity Isn't Working

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In this Majority Report clip, Pamela Newkirk on her new book, “Diversity Inc: The Failed Promise Of A Billion-Dollar Business.”

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“With the latest corporate buzzwords being “diversity and inclusion” and billions being spent annually in an attempt to be diverse, one must ask: Is it working? Pamela Newkirk is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, professor of journalism at New York University and author of “Diversity, Inc: The Failed Promise of a Billion-Dollar Business” (Bold Type Books/2019).”*

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{articles|100|campaign}~Supporting Bookstores that Support Diversity~ + UNHAUL & TBR

Follow me as I go around Toronto to 3 awesome Independent book stores and one of the largest used book stores! In this video, I’ll also do a quick unhaul and show you what my TBR was for Feb 🙂

I realized I never talked about BMV lol, but it’s the used book store where I sold my unhaul books. There are a few locations around the city. I went to the Bloor location.

Other Bookstores mentioned:

A Different Booklist:

Bakka Phoenix:

Glad Day Bookshop:

2015-01-13 – Diverse Books Bookcase – 0001 [flickr]
Seeing as I had to reorganize all my shelves to make room for the Book Outlet Boxing Day books, I decided to dedicate the small bookcase in my bedroom to diverse books (with some Margaret Atwood, kid’s books, and HDM mixed in). This will make it hella easier to find my next reads for the Dive Into Diversity/LGBTQ Reading Challenges.
By smiteme on 2015-01-13 15:43:05