Third Party Dating: Are You Ready For The Explosion?


You are tired of meeting in those out of the way places. The calls at all kinds of hours except the daytime are starting to get on your nerves.  When the two of you get together you always have a great time. Both of you constantly profess your feelings for each other in the most passionate ways. Yet every time you part company, it feels like you are escaping from a prisoner of war camp.

Enough is enough. You confront the other person and tell them in no uncertain terms to make a decision. If they want to be with you, than it cannot be half way. Either they leave the relationship they are in or the two of you call it quits.

They agree. So they tell the person they are currently dating, that the time has come to end the relationship, say goodbye and go their separate ways. Sure it will hurt a little bit but in the long run it’s for the best.

Except the other person does not quite see it that way. They have known your dating partner longer than you. They also know what buttons to push and this time around they work the whole dashboard. Your lover gives in and tells you that they cannot end their current relationship due to whatever reasons but they still want to be with you.

Of course you’ve got a decision to make. Yes you threatened to end the relationship but you feel so strongly about them that you start doing a little backtracking. Maybe time will solve the problem so you agree to leave things as they are.

But it’s about to get more complicated. The other person in this triangle has decided that it is you who needs to exit the stage and they are more than willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you do. How do you know? Your dating partner relays the message to you.

The next to final decision in this little soap opera is up to you but there are a couple of things to consider. One is to not let your emotions and pride decide what is best. You know how you feel and your ego is more than likely telling you to not let anybody push you around when it comes to dating and romance.

But the potent combination of emotions and pride has caused way too many situations like this to spin out of control; all too often with tragic results. Take a step back and think logically. Understand you are not calling it quits out of fear (although a little of that every now and then is not a bad thing) but what is in your best interest.  Nobody wants to be kept on a string to be played with and discarded as the other person deems fit; regardless of how many times they say they love you.

The other thing to consider is you really don’t know where your dating partner stands. Hopefully it won’t be anything to the extreme but let’s say you decide to have it out with their significant other and win. A few days later the object of your affection contacts you and says they never want to see you again. Now what do you do? This scenario has been played out from the beginning of time to right now. That’s what is meant by the phrase “the next to final decision is up to you.” 
You may have strong feelings for someone but if they are currently in a relationship than it’s best to move on. If after awhile you dating partner really calls it quits with the other person and comes back to you so much the better. In the meantime reintroduce yourself to the single population.  When it comes down to an uncertain love and your peace of mindScience Articles, it should be no contest.  


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