The View from the Santa Fe Hotel Tamuning Review


The View from the Santa Fe Hotel Tamuning Review
There is nothing that I really did not like about the hotel.

In the mornings the water gets tepid.

The plug mechanism for the sink is broken. I managed to make a plug using a suction hook that I had with me. It has a diameter of about 6cm. I will try to bring it next time too.

The English of the staff was not at times 100 percent but I think that this worked to my advantage. Since when I asked if I could smoke on the balcony they said I could smoke "outside". I took this to mean, as it does in English, that I could smoke outside on the balcony when in retrospect perhaps they meant I could only smoke in the designated smoking area in front of the hotel entrance.

They did not respond to my email regarding taking a group of Japanese students to their hotel next year. Weird.

The restaurant is not cheap, but what do you expect for right on the waterfront?

The chairs on the balcony are a bit flimsy for the larger man. For me they left my eyes at just the height where the top of the balcony hid the sunset. I may bring a cushion!

I asked at the front desk for some washing powder. The lady there said she had none. She did not appear to know that the shop below her feet on the 1st floor sells it at 1USD a wash sized sachet.

The business centre was OUT OF ORDER. I booked in part because I had hoped to use it to make some print outs for my presentation at the University of Guam.

The good points were
The location *right next to the ocean* with ocean (sunset) views, infinity pool and 15 steps from door to beach is bang on what I want from a south island holiday. The fact that there is an island about 400-450 metres out in Tamuning bay, to which I swam twice a day, is an added plus.

The pool and beach side bar restaurant are nice but I hardly used them. The sea and Jimmy Dees bar five minutes walk down the beach were better for my purposes.

My balcony felt like it was looking down on the sea. It had a massive entrance hallway as big as many Japanese hotel bedrooms, a microwave, American coffee machine that takes flat bottomed filter papers, fridge, ironing board (irons leant on request) king sized bed (or perhaps two twins conjoined, I did not find the joint, or look), and flat LCD Sony Bravia TV which I did not use.

I used the ice bucket as a bowl for salads but I would like to remember my own bowl for next time. I rent a bicycle from "Convenience Store Osaka" so it is no problem getting to Tumon. Indeed I cycle all over Guam, at a certain amount of peril.

Free endless Wifi. They will give you a new password when yours runs out.

There is a 24 hour Payless supermarket about 300 yards away right out side at the front of the hotel at the traffic lights. Alcohol is sold till 2 a.m as per Guam law. There is a second hand Salvation Arm thrift store that sells suitcases in case yours should break, between the hotel on and the supermarked on the far side of the road.

The big Outlet and seconds store "Ross" is on the next parallel street.

I did not use it but there is a cheap shuttle into Tumon. Jimmy Dees and the outlet are all the night-life and shopping I needed.

There is shuttle to the airport for 10 USD.

The great laundry room (1USD four quarters for the washer, 2 USD 8 quarters for the drier which would not usually be needed except on the last day) is great.

When I come to a south sea island surrounded by warm blue water and colourful fish I swim. It seems to me that that is the thing to do and this is why I love the Santa Fe Hotel. I note however that few others were doing this. The Japanese take photos of themselves at sunset and head back to the mall. The Westerners for the most part may not want to take their clothes off. If you want to go swimming go to the Santa Fe.

There is a free exercise room facing the ocean so you could pump iron or cycle as you imagine swimming.

The stains and imperfections are not as bad as everyone is saying. It is a DIY hotel. It is southern islands hotel. If you don’t want a bit of imperfection go to Germany or Maine.

They have free ice but you have to go to the front desk to get it.
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