The Truth about Law of Attraction Practitioners and Teachers


I received an email from a wonderful person who commented that I always seem grounded and in faith, and she asked me what LOA technique leads to the fastest manifestation. My initial response was to blink, smile, and then chuckle.

My response to her about which technique produces the fastest results was 100 percent Absolute Faith (Expectation), which is 100 percent freedom from doubt. This is a true answer if you understand how reality works. If you do understand how it works, you know to drop the line about freedom from doubt so you don’t match your vibration to doubt. Fun, huh? Each of us has our own set of beliefs to shift to reach 100 percent expectation, so each of us experiences this process differently and in different timing.

Imagine you’re standing on one side of a ravine and you want to cross to the other side because what you’d like to experience next is over there. You need a bridge. So, you walk about a bit and find a bridge (or make one). How we move from one moment to another is our bridge. We get mucked up when we hold perceptions about our bridge. Suppose your bridge is made of wood and rope. Maybe a few boards are missing. Some people would go into fear or judgment about how the bridge appears, even if it gets them across. Others might think, “Wow, this is an adventure. I’m like Indiana Jones.” They both get across, but who will enjoy the experience more?

If you ask any of the LOA practitioners out there marketing their techniques and products if every moment is pure bliss for them, they’ll tell you (or should) that no, they aren’t; but, they use methods to shift this and have integrated the understanding of why it’s important to do so. I assure you, I use the same coaching tools, often, that I share with clients. I express appreciation every day that these tools are in my life.

Another thing it would benefit us to shift is thinking that if we use LOA, everything about our lives has to be perfect or has to appear so to others. Our purpose is to be authentic and create experiences that are authentic for us and allow us to increase every area of our experiences.

But, aren’t we supposed to feel bad when things aren’t going as we’d like? I can tell you that feeling bad happens, but choosing to feel bad any longer than necessary has never made me feel better. How bad do you need to feel in order to feel better? How creative, open to next steps, and pro-active are you when you feel really, really bad? If you grasp how this law works, you can see that little or nothing can shift until you shift your energy, even a little, to attract what you prefer. Even if you don’t give a flip about LOA, the rest of it is true.

The law is simple: you magnetize (attract and receive) whatever you match your vibration to.

Let’s say you have a particular outcome you desire, choose, or intend. Maybe the timing for everything to line up is moving more slowly than you’d like. Sometimes, it is about right timing. Always, it’s about vibration.

So, you say to yourself (over and over and over), “I’m not getting the results I want.” Well, you’ve just energized into the quantum field that you don’t get results. LOA follows your instructions (your vibrations) and holds off the results. See how this works?

What if you catch yourself thinking this and say, “Wait a minute. Is that a true statement? No. A true statement is I get results.” Now, I hear some of you saying, “Sure, I get results; just not the results I want.” What needs to be shifted about that statement? You know what. Go ahead and say it. I paraphrase Henry Ford’s accurate statement: If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

You do get results, don’t you? And, the results match the energy you hold about experiences and outcomes. Remember that this works for your immediate circle of influence, your personal experiences; you don’t get to infringe on others. Others in alignment with your intended outcomes may and will join you, but you don’t get to push what you intend on others without the energy backing up on you in a way you won’t enjoy.

Ernest Holmes said the man who can practice inaction perfectly is a master at manifestation. Often, we think if we’re not seeing outcomes or seeing them fast enough, we have to run around at warp speed doing things to Make It Happen. What if you took a quiet hour and created a magnetic vision instead? What if you used a process that allows you to shift your beliefs and activate what you really choose to experience? What if these techniques opened you to the next right action and the next? This is a different kind of time and energy management method, and it’s a lot easier on the body, mind, and spirit. If you intend to cut down a tree in an hourFree Reprint Articles, spend a few hours sharpening the ax first.

I wish you a wonderful day and a day filled with wonders.

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