The Red Shoes


The Red Shoes
For ‘MacroMondays’ theme of ‘My Favourite Novel (Fiction)’
The title ‘Red Shoes’ by John Stewart Wynne – 2013 novel.

So you can go back to the time when you were read to as a child, and certain stories stick in your mind. You read stories to your own children and some you remember better than others. And Hans Christian Anderson is one of the favourite story tellers.

I’m not the only one attracted to his Tales. So many others have been that ‘The Red Shoes’ has been interpreted in dance, and film. So if I see in a local bookseller a copy of John Stewart Wynne’s 2013 novel reinterpreting the story to NY, it brings back instant memories of childhood favourites. Its the book’s title that brings to mind favourite times and favourite tales.

Andersen explained the origins of the story in an incident he witnessed as a small child. By his report, his father was sent a piece of red silk by a rich lady customer, to make a pair of dancing slippers for her daughter. Using red leather along with the silk, he worked very carefully on the shoes, only to have the rich lady tell him they were trash. She said he had done nothing but spoil her silk. "In that case," he said, "I may as well spoil my leather too," and he cut up the shoes in front of her.

To have a pair of red silk ballet shoes just sitting waiting to be photographed would be an extraordinary piece of luck. But instead I do have a pair of red leather shoes. These have been handmade locally to fit M’s feet, not mine. Beautiful leather and beautifully made by a beautiful shoe maker.

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tags{articles|100|campaign}The Law of Divine Oneness

As per the Law of Divine Oneness, all human beings are interlinked through creation. Every single ingredient in the human body is connected to the Universe. All human movements are governed with the same approach, shape, or form. It implies that everything people do has a tacit influence on the entire community, not just one individual.
Through a collective consciousness, the law of divine oneness binds all of humanity and the ecosystem. It appears that all living beings are connected to a single eternal energy source. When people spread a slice of happiness to their companions, they receive an equal amount of kindness. The Law of Divine Oneness ensures the Universe’s equilibrium and stability.
Further, according to the Law of Divine Oneness, nothing exists outside the purview of divine oneness. The abstract presence of oneness is infinite in space, time, and energy. Everyone on the planet must follow this law to exist and prosper.