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{articles|100|campaign}15 Best Android Apps 2021 (Top Picks!)

In this video, we have covered the 15 best Android apps that are truly amazing.
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👉 Get Grammarly (free):
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👉 Get Canva:
👉 Get Norton (70% off):



00:00 Intro
00:33 Blinkist
01:29 Surfshark
02:34 Grammarly
03:45 RoboForm
04:46 Microsoft To-do
05:49 Otter
06:42 Canva
07:57 Feedly
09:00 SkillShare
10:02 Norton 360
10:59 Google Meet
11:39 Google Translate
12:15 Babbel
13:25 Skyscanner
14:24 Facebook
15:22 Ending

Find out more details about these (and many other) apps in the video.

Some of these Android apps are so useful, they can literally change your life. Yes, that’s correct!

So, watch this video till the end and don’t go anywhere. And the great news is a lot of these apps are free, so do give them a try.

We really hope you enjoyed this video about the best apps for Android. What are your overall thoughts on this video? Which apps from this list will you be downloading? Are there any apps we have missed? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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