Speed Abater


Speed Abater
Suspended Animation Classic #1,045
First published December 28, 2008 (#52) (Dates are approximate)

The Speed Abater
by Michael Vance

Opinions are a dime a dozen. Here are two of them: The Speed Abater is the best graphic novel of 2002 according to the attendees of the world’s largest comics convention in France. The Speed Abater is not the best graphic novel of 2002 according to this reviewer.

The back cover ‘blurb’ says that The Speed Abater is about a huge, ancient and obsolete boat, a destroyer. It is war, and the ship is dispatched to find an enemy submarine. Three novice sailors descend into the lowest reaches of the tub and discover its gigantic reduction gears.

That summary is true.

That same blurb claims that this is "a deeply human and highly unusual suspenseful tale by an exciting new talent". Uh-huh.

It is human, it is unusual, but it is not suspenseful, and this reviewer is not excited by this new talent. This graphic novel is interesting but flawed. It is ponderous, not suspenseful, and a touch boring. In addition, its art looks like a doodle on a canvas that is greatly enhanced by color. Intentionally or unintentionally, the art looks Impressionistic in style.

If, as suspected by this reviewer, this story is allegorical and one layer concerns Deism (the idea that God wound-up the world like a clock and then left it to run by itself), then The Speed Abater is also a flawed allegory about a flawed theory. The flaw is that the allegory is boring.

Boring is never good in literature.

To his credit, however, the author seems to debunk Deism.

If this review seems harsh, real potential deserves real guidance, and The Speed Abater, even with flaws, is more than worth a read.

The Speed Abater/78 pgs & $13.95 from NBM Publishing/by Christophe Blain/sold in comics/book stores.
By Michael Vance1 on 2012-09-25 09:44:20

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