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There are a lot of steps which go into putting your business online. Try not to get overwhelmed and take it one step at a time. Soon you will have a brand new website which will work for you 24/7.

I walk each of my clients through this custom organizing process in order to get their websites online fast. So if you need some help getting started call 713-429-1854 to schedule a “get to know you phone call” to see how I can help you speed the process along.


The last thing you want to hear when you go take the car to the mechanic is that your transmission needs to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes just a flush will fix the problem. A trusted mechanic at your local transmission repair shop will be able to diagnose your vehicle’s particular problem and know the best way to fix it. Flushing your transmission is not usually included in the normal maintenance of your vehicle. It should only be flushed when absolutely necessary as flushing it forces fluids and cleaning solvents back through the system, which helps clean out any particles that may be in the transmission causing problems. However, having it done could cause future problems with the transmission. There are four main indications that your transmission may need to be flushed. These are: – Your transmission is slipping. If you are having trouble with your car staying in gear, that may be a good indication that your transmission needs to be flushed. The flushing machine can also find other problems such as leaking fluids. Before you have it flushed, have your transmission repair shop check for other problems such as worn gears or a bad torque converter and that your fluid is at the proper level. – Your fluid doesn’t smell or look right. If your oil emits a burned smell, a flush may not help you as you may have already damaged your transmission and your only option will be either a partial of full replacement. – Oxidized transmission fluid. To find out if this is your problem, drop a couple of drops of fluid on a paper towel and see how it flows. If it does not flow, then you have an oxidation problem and you will need to take it to your transmission repair shop so that the mechanic can determine if you need to have the transmission flushed or replaced. – The manufacturer’s instructions allow for your transmission to be flushed. Before you get your transmission flushed, you should always consult the manual that came with your vehicle to see if it recommends for your vehicle’s transmission to be flushed. Some manufacturers will void the warranty if you get the transmission flushed too early in your vehicle’s life. If a flush either does not work or is not recommenced, you could either opt for a partial repair or having your transmission completely rebuilt. Both of these do cost a considerable amount of money, but your car should never need to have it done again if your transmission repair shop mechanic does it right the first time. Always check your owner’s manual to see if the manufacturer recommends a flush. Don’t’ just take your mechanic’s word for it.

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At a Boutte LA transmission repair shop mechanics will determine the best solution to your car troubles in a timely manner. Find out more about what they can to help by visiting:

How I Photograph Prints for my Website & Etsy shop | Arati Devasher Illustration

Hi everyone, I did an instagram live while photographing my prints, and have edited it for you to view here. I’m not a photographer, but I hope you find some of the things I do useful in your own photography. All the prints featured are my own illustrations, available at and listed below. If you do like my video, please do click the like button, so I know that you enjoyed it.

00:00 Introduction
00:29 Backdrop
00:52 Camera
01:05 Camera Connection to Phone App
02:12 Photographing Prints
04:21 Festive Props
06:18 Using Festive Props
06:49 Lighting
07:27 Rearranging Props Tip
08:13 Photographing Prints in My Hands
08:34 Multiple Uses for the Photographs Tip
08:53 End Comments

I am not sponsored by any brands; here are the origins of the items used in this video:
– Sony NEX-6 Camera (purchased in 2013, would not recommend – if you are purchasing one, go for a Canon EOS which can connect to your computer for remote shooting)
– Unbranded tripod with boom arm (purchased)
– Android Phone OnePlus 5t (gift from husband, now sadly cracked across the screen!)
– Vinyl backdrop “Ashen Wood” from Club Backdrops (purchased)
– Neewer soft-box studio lights (gift from family)
– IKEA Tertial desk lamp with 6500K Phillips bulb (purchased)
– Assorted festive props (purchased)
– Art prints (my own illustrations, available for sale at

My art prints in order of appearance:
– Pink Pomegranate
– ‘Kaapi’ Madras Filter Coffee
– Fig & Honey
– Jar with Spatula and Whisk
– Pasta Pasta Pasta
– Bread and Jam
– Mushrooms on Toast
– Gin Mandala
– Mojito Mandala

My instagram:

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