Sandradene Walters Releases The Passages of Love, A Celebration of Physical and Emotional Love


Author and poet Sandradene Walters is releasing her second book of poetry, The Passages of Love, and it promises to be an even more beautiful look at the many phases and types of love than her last volume.

She has been writing poetry all her life but has only recently started to collect and publish her poems.  A member of several poetry groups in Washington, D.C., she writes poetry that has been described as “sensual” and “uplifting” dealing with all levels, phases and ages of physical and emotional connection.  Her poetry has been noted to appeal to wide range of age groups because of its timeless message. Blue Artists will release the book on October 1, 2014, on amazon, sandradenewalters own website, and through popular retailers like Barnes and Noble.

Her first poetry volume, Unspoken Words, explored the seasons of love through sensual and thoughtful poems.  The poems in The Passages of Love chronicle the poet’s search for meaning in love and her own expression of inner feelings.  She says, “Have you ever sat down and just watched a bird take flight and in secret wished that that was you?  Well I’ve sat, looked and wished and now, after I’ve reconnected with my soul, I’m flying high with the release of my new book.  I want my readers to not only travel as they read, but to rediscover their own indescribable passion for life and love.”

Some of the poems are not for the faint of heart, as many contain explicit renderings of sexual love.  However, they also span a range of topics from the passionate to the sublime and explore a depth of feeling and sensuality rarely seen in modern poetry.  The poet makes incredible connections between the love act and other themes that show her flexibility and versatility.  For example, in “Open Door,” the poet compares her body to a home that allows her lover to enter and find sanctuary.  Another poem, “Run Free Love,” offers a deep and compassionate look at emotional release, eschewing raw sensuality for a more emotional connection that allows a lover to run free while still being intimately connected.  “Joy and Pain,” a more mature poemFeature Articles, explores the wide range of feelings that are often experienced by older lovers or those who have been in love for may years.

Walters is a poet of love and writes about every aspect of this emotional and experience.  Walters was born in Jamaica and raised in the eastern United States.  She is a proud mother of three and has one granddaughter.


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Endless Love (1981) – Official Trailer

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Franco Zeffirelli, director of the acclaimed 1968 adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, brings you another powerful tale exploring a young couple’s fiery passions in 1981’s Endless Love.

Jade Butterfield (Brooke Shields) is a passionate 15-year-old beauty discovering the joy and pain of first love. David Axelrod (Martin Hewitt) is a 17-year-old student whose all-consuming desire for Jade turns to obsession. As their romance unfolds, their emotions become so intense that they threaten to destroy everything else they hold dear; their families, their sanity … and their future.

Featuring the unforgettable, smash hit theme song performed by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie, and an impressive supporting cast including early roles from James Spader, Ian Ziering, Jami Gertz, and — in his feature film debut — Tom Cruise, Endless Love is a truly iconic early ’80s romantic drama.

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