Reasons Why an Online First Aid Training Course Is a Great Choice



CPR certification online or a first aid training course can add great value to your repertoire, especially if you want to take up medical jobs, day care facilities, schools or even hospitals. The course itself is quite easy to complete online which is why even employed professionals who are way too busy for long classes can take these up. The courses are not very expensive either. Besides, there isn’t testing on hands-on skills or a practical exam that you need to apply for. All you need to do is register for the course, review the materials and training procedures, and pass the online exam. This will allow you to have a fully validated and approved certificate that is accepted nationally, as long as you have picked a reputable online course provider for your training. You can take first aid training from online training providers that take elaborate measures to ensure your training procedures and materials are up to date and are the latest in the industry. For example, when you opt for CPR certification, your online courses are actually created and approved by certified board of doctors and even health care professionals. All you have to do is to make sure that the ECC, OSHA and ILCOR standards are followed by your certification course since this implies that the course you are doing is valid and approved.  The training course itself comprises of textual explanations, detailed diagrams, self-explanatory images and even video demonstrations. All this will give you a real classroom like feel even though you don’t have to attend a long class that could take up a significant amount of your time.For those who are held up with work all through the day, first aid training courses online are an excellent way of picking up the latest set of skills that can help you serve others, especially in the hour of need. Your specialized training will stand you in good stead during critical emergencies. CPR certification courses will help you get trained about various aspects such as recovery options and conscious choking situations. Get your CPR certification online from an authorized course provider so your certification will be accepted by gyms, construction and private corporations, nursing homes and even home care agencies, which can offer you opportunities to put your skills to good effect. The CPR certification and first aid training courses do not usually take a very long time to complete. Participants are given 30 days access to the training material, where you can go through your training material at your own leisure. The online exam is a multiple choice exam that can be fairly simple to pass as all questions are taken directly from course material. Through the certification and basic first aid courses you can learn how to address situations like choking, burns, bites, allergic reactions, wounds, cuts, overheating, fractures and emergencies related to the nervous system, like shock. It is a simple but dependable and recognized way of learning something valuable. Become prepared today!

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Are you interested in taking up first aid training course that can prove to be beneficial during times of need? Visit our website and opt for the CPR certification online to learn the basic life saving skills.

In the Purusha Sukta God’s form is described as ‘sahasra shirshaha purushaha sahasraksha sahasra pat’. God is said to have 1000 heads and hands. God is one but during special occasions via special means and paraphernalia he achieves desired goals. In management of the world thousands of divine powers become his aides and thus help fulfill the task at hand. During special occasions of era transformation thousands of liberated in life souls become Mahakal’s aides and thus the divine mission is executed.

The creator of this world Brahmaji manifested from a lotus flower. This flower is nothing but the Sahasrar Kamal which is situated in the human head region. Kundalini Energy present in Mooladhar region is the South Pole of the human body and North Pole is the head or Sahasrar Kamal. All material and spiritual energies of embodied beings lie in these poles. Will power predominates. Since it is centered in the Sahasrar Kamal God’s creation is said to be focused here.

This mystery gets unfolded via depiction of Lord Vishnu lying on a serpent as a bed. This serpent represents Kundalini Energy and its 1000 heads symbolize Sahasrar Kamal. This description of 1000 heads, 1000 eyes, 1000 hands/legs and sahasrar kamal tell us that God’s important tasks are carried out by thousands of energies. In the Shatpath Brahman Indra is said to have danced with 1000 heavenly damsels and later this mystery unfolds in the form of sun functioning with the help of many rays. God no doubt is one but when he carries out important missions he does not exist alone but manifests like thousands of solar rays. In tasks like era transformation doubtlessly his form of 1000 heads is witnessed.

In Krishna Avatar’s divine sports this fact has been clarified further in a symbolic manner. In it the Maharas or great divine dance stands out. Awakening Gopis in the dead of night by playing the flute, calling them away from their homes in seclusion and dancing with them, Gopis getting the experience that each of them dances with a complete Krishna, all this from the social standpoint seems undesirable and inapt but when we try to solve this spiritual puzzle and unearth the spiritual import we realize this great precept. God’s speech or flute of the soul calling radiant souls sleeping in the dark night of ignorance and delusion, they in turn giving up limited selfish family based interests so as to work for world welfare like Buddha and everyone working in tandem for God’s mission all this is Maharas. During special occasions Mahakal has to plan such a Maharas wherein for great ideals thousands of great people participate. Gopis are radiant souls, flute is call of the soul, Maharas is God’s special mission, night is delusion and ignoring family members means daringly overcoming selfishness and narrow mindedness. In this Maharas those thousands of Gopis (radiant souls) who could take part by partaking divine bliss thought themselves to have accrued good fortune. Those who remained sleeping repented a great deal.

It is said that Lord Krishna had 16 thousand queens. From the worldly standpoint these is beyond our understanding. In the Mahabharat Krishna is said to have only 2 wives. Only Rukmini, Satyabhama etc are his wedded counterparts. From the social law standpoint this was apt too. Then who are these 16 thousand queens? This puzzle too can be solved in the above manner. Those who wholeheartedly take part in God’s mission tend to totally surrender their very souls too. These souls will definitely be called God’s queens. Along with the bond of a wife lewd sexual activity and secrets too conjoin to it. Thus in the social arena this relationship is problematic. Yet in the spiritual arena there are no such problems. In the emotional state of soul surrender and total oneness a comparison can only be made to the worldly relationship of a husband and wife. Other relationships just do not match. Hence chiefly Sufi saints have compared the soul’s union with God to a worldly marriage. Kabir’s Surati Yoga and Meera’s Pranay Yoga is a very high spiritual state. Although in it is described the role of husband and wife yet it is infinite times greater than the union of worldly married couples. Thus the 16 thousand queens of Lord Krishna were radiant souls who helped him in his earthly mission. This symbolic married life gave birth to 8 children each for each queen. It means these radiant souls in turn gave the world more radiant souls for that divine mission. Not only were they themselves involved in this divine mission but that that their dint of hard work inspired more and more people to join that mission. These were their ‘children’.

In such spiritual marriages there need not be a gender difference of male-female. In the Sakhi Sampraday even males mentally think themselves to be women and thus devote to God who is a husband. In Bhakti Yoga there are many such spiritual practices. In majority of cases of Krishna devotion, it is of this type. Males devotedly sing those very songs which wives sing for their husbands. The incidents of Gopis and Krishna’s love are much higher than the love of worldly couples. In its pristine form it is said to be the union of God and a soul. During Krishna avatar thousands of radiant souls surrendered themselves for God’s sacred mission and thus the task was fulfilled. Without aides cooperating how could a lone Krishna fulfill his mission?

The heart is the most important organ of the body. Life’s credit goes to it yet it is thousands of tiny veins/arteries that help it sustain human life. The ocean does not dry up because so many rivers ultimately merge into it. A Chakravarti King is one who lords over many other kings. For this unification in ancient times Ashwamedha Yajnas were carried out. It can be called a Political Maharas.

In these days this is exactly what is happening. There are many people the world over who have gathered immense merits from past lives. Via the Yug Nirman Mission these great souls are made familiar with the goal of their birth in this life. This then is a gross activity. At the subtle level they are practicing the Yoga of Oneness. All of them together are creating one central point. Sita manifested from the blood gathered from Rishis and Durga from collective divine powers. This collection akin to rivers merging into the ocean will nurture a central point. Just as the solar system which is a group of planetsFree Reprint Articles, satellites etc influences the cosmos in an important way in the same way the 10th Taintless Incarnation’s program of neo creation will usher in a very contemporary role.

Life of Oneness 4 week online course

It’s a New Year and time for a New YOU! Or at least a new and improved you. Because you are already perfect beloved!

However, life and experiences from our past block our potential due to our beliefs in fear, anger and self-doubt. Shed the past stories and way of being, uncover the ever flowing light of oneness that lives in you, as you discover how to access, align with and create with loving intentions, clear the pathway to listen to your intuition, ask for what you need and put it into action! That’s Love, Intention, Listen, Intuition, Ask, Action – L.I.L.I.A.A!

Each part of this process is sooo important, and we often get stuck by focusing on only certain parts of the process. Learn how to use the simple process for any challenge you have in your life, whether it be love, money, health or happiness. What’s blocking you from being in total alignment with yourself?

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