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Psychic abilities are latent in everyone but only a few explore their abilities and use them to help unravel the mystery that life is. Being able to see the future, communicate with spirits, glean information by touching things – all these are abilities that psychics have and non psychics do not. Those people who can communicate with spirits of dead people and relay information that is got from them are called mediums and people who respond to some form of psychic energies are known as psychics. Psychic mediums then are people who are endowed with extra sensory perception that allows them to communicate with spirits that exist on a plane that is not physical and transfer information gathered from that dimension to the present.

There are many people who claim to have psychic abilities and an equal number who promise that they can connect with spirits of loved ones and convey or get information. However it is a fact that not all claims are true and most of these people are scammers, just using the insecurities and fears of people to make some fast money. Real psychic mediums are those who use their exceptional sensory powers and the ability to communicate with beings on different planes of existence to share what they have learned, telepathically, with the rest of the world. They are able to be the bridges between the two dimensions of existence without allowing either to affect them but still providing a channel of communication. Real psychic mediums know that the spirits that they communicate with are not all the same and that it is possible that they do not have the information that people seek. They might connect with the spirit but they are always aware of the fact that they might not be able to get information from it. The real psychic medium will tell the seeker what really transpired without any fudging of edges because he or she is in a state of trance which does not allow for any duplicity. There has been quantified evidence that it is possible to communicate with spirits from the world beyond and their presence has been recorded as ectoplasm leaching out of the medium that has connected with the spirit. Real psychic mediums use their connections with the spirit world to ensure living beings that the recently deceased person has resolved his/her present status or tries to get information that will help resolve issues that those left behind in this world have to face. Mediums have been able to help in solving crimesFind Article, finding missing things or people and helping people to move on in their life after the loss of a loved one.


As a child most of us had dreams pertaining to super human powers and abilities, we thought what if we could fly, walk through walls, become super strong and super fast, become invisible, read other’s mind and do a lot of other chores which seemed impossible. But in the phase when we were growing up, this realistic world made us believe that it is impossible to achieve god like powers and abilities and we were trained to think and act rationally and level headedly.As adolescents, we were made to believe that super human powers and abilities were things which were possible in reveries and that vying for such God like Powers and Abilities will be a waste of time and resources. We are abandoned from even thinking that what if such powers and abilities existed and what if it were possible to acquire those with apt training and perseverance.If we look closely to the facts and events happening around all of us virtually every day, we will come to know that it is feasible to go beyond the so called and believed human constraints and limits. If we look up into the world records which are broken time and again, we will get a faint insight into the people who have challenged these limits and came out triumphant. People pulling trucks with their tongues, lifting cars, running at speeds infeasible for normal human being and a lot of instances which will sweep us of our feet.By healthier living and apt practice, it is well possible to being closer to a superhuman. If we were to put some light on the case history examples of superhuman abilities, we will stumble upon a lot of instances. One bright example is a Syrian boy who was raised by Gazelles who could leap distances unimaginable for a normal person. And no this boy didn’t read any natural health ebooks to do such things; he was trained when he was eight months old and now he is a legend in himself.There is also instance of one Georgia, Angela Cavallo who lifted a car which fell on his boy and he lifted the huge car for a period of time wherein his neighbors could fit in jacks. This is definitely beyond the strength of a mere human being. If you watched the Beijing Olympics, you would have heard about Usain Bolt who ran 100m in less than 10 seconds. That is an example of superhuman athletic ability which amazed the whole world.And no these persons were not born super heroes, they were humans like you and me and through apt training and practice achieved such feats which are like dreams to us. Some of the ways in which you to can acquire superhuman powers and abilities are by conditioning yourself over and over again, develop latent talents and habits by relentlessly practicing them and above all by believing that it can surely be done and that too you can do it.

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