The Peace Book by Todd Parr- Read by GalexyBee

The Peace Book by Todd Parr is an amazing book that theach children and adults different aspects where we find peace.

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Peace can mean quiet, tranquillity, serenity, peace of mind, mental calmness, friendliness, no wars, civil disorders or strife.  Sometimes a word makes sense and other times there is no reference for it.   

From my own experience I had no reference for the word ‘happy’.  Logically I knew what it was supposed to mean, however I couldn’t relate to it.  On the other hand I knew and experienced what ‘contentment’ and ‘joy’ was, but with ‘happy’ – sadly I had no reference point.   

The word ‘happy’ had to be demonstrated to me in order for it to have any meaning.  ‘Happy’ was demonstrated to me by a male facilitator on a course I was on a couple of years ago.  He started an impromptu, very silly dance which had me laughing for a long time afterwards.  The memory of it still gets me smiling and gives me a ‘happy’ feeling which I fully experience throughout my body. 

With that in mind whenever I step into peace I totally experience it through every cell in my body.  How do I know that is what I’m experiencing?  I feel it and link the word peace to that feeling.   

Before trying this exercise, I’d like you to ask yourself a few questions: 

Before starting the exercise on the next page, practise with a few words such as peace, serenity, calm, friendliness, accepting etc.   Also choose a time where the distractions will be minimal to nil for you to practise.  The more you do the exercise the better you’ll become at accessing this state wherever you are regardless of what is happening around you. 


You can access and experience this place of inner peace anytime you want to, simply practise quietening your mind, breathing gently and allow the sensation what you know peace to be, to expand within you.