Oneness in Marriage (Part 1)


There are many other possible reasons…! The one we want to focus on is “oneness.” We believe that people get married to experience “oneness” or a “shared reality” with another human being.

When two people get married they have:

The idea of “oneness” is rooted in Genesis 2:24 –“the two shall become one flesh.” The Revel Bible Dictionary (pp. 673-674) explains this phrase…”the two shall become one flesh” in the follow way. It suggests “the close bonding of individuals who love one another as equals and who can relate on every level of the human personality…[It] implies that husband and wife will experience the joys and sorrows of this life … together.”

We assert that “oneness” is achieved when each person:

“Oneness” is not a foreign concept for a believer in Jesus Christ. We are one with Him when we begin our “born-again” journey with Him. When we ask Him into our “hearts”, we become “identified” with Him. This is a type of “oneness”.
God designed the marital relationship to project to the world the type of relationship we have with Him. When we fulfill this goal of connecting with our spouses (oneness), we give the world a tangible picture of what our relationships can look like (with another person and with God). Remember, we (the church) are called “the bride of Christ” in the New Testament.
God’s goal is that we experience this “oneness” in marriage. However, “oneness” is not always acheived. Or once it is acheived, it is not always maintained. We hope that the following exercise will be helpful to you. You can consider the questions yourself or perhaps you could discuss these with your spouse.


[Consider writing down your answers in a journal. ThenFree Web Content, pray and ask God to help you grow in accepting your spouse. Ask God to give you the “grace” or “divine enablement” to understand your spouse better. Ask God to help you see your spouse with His (God’s) eyes and heart. Ask God to solidify the idea that your way of doing things is not the only way to do things. You don’t always have to be right or have the last word. Ask God to give you even more love for your spouse along with the courage and willingness to express that love consistently to him/her. Watch and see what the Lord is able to do in you!]
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This is a series which will be continued.

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In this article we discuss the benefits and risks of reading books on Spirituality depending on their author and what the readers actually achieve by reading these books.

When SSRF did spiritual research into this topic, It divided all authors in four generic categories. The categories were:

The subtle readings are by His Holiness Dr. Athavale Himself

The first findings are related to the total effective spiritual energy in the book and we measured this with respect to the –

Publication by a spiritually average person – Energy of words is 2%, energy of sound is 2%, energy generated due to the effect of the author’s spiritual level on the words and their sound is 1%. Total effective energy is 5%

Publication by a fake guide possessed by a subtle sorcerer – Energy of words is 1%, energy of sound is 1%, energy generated due to the effect of the author’s spiritual level on the words and their sound is 3% Total effective energy is 5%

Publications by a Saint – Energy of words is 30%, energy of sound is 30%, energy generated due to the effect of the author’s spiritual level on the words and their sound is 40%. Total effective energy is 100%

The process of gaining knowledge to write the book

Publication by a spiritually average person – Spiritual level of author is 30%. The entity giving knowledge is from the third region of patal. Percentage of truth generically is 5%.

Publication by a fake guide possessed by a subtle sorcerer – Spiritual level of author is 50%. Subtle sorcerer from 4th patal possesses him and writes books through him. Percentage of truth generically is –5%

Publications by a Saint – Spiritual level of author is 100%. Knowledge is received first hand from the universal mind and intellect. Percentage of truth generically is 30 – 100%

The three books were placed in front of a seeker of SSRF, Priyanka Lotlikar. She did not read the books but with her highly advanced sixth sense vision observed the books and their various aspects in the spiritual dimension. Due to the resolve of His Holiness Dr. Athavale, she was able to access information from the Universal Mind and Intellect in the form of diagrams, i.e. subtle pictures as well as in a written format. The information was then checked and verified by His Holiness Dr. Athavale. When taking a subtle reading of each category she took a subtle reading of –

a) The effect of the book, i.e. the cover and the inside at the subtle level and

b) The process of receiving knowledge by these authors.

The following is the subtle reading by Priyanka about what she saw in the spiritual dimension when she saw the book written by a spiritually average person –

“The writing in the book traps the reader in it’s illusory (maayavi) thoughts, in the subtle the books color was pinkish. Pink generally denotes happiness. However this pink was due to the illusory nature of the book to give pleasant feelings to the reader even though it lacked spiritual basis.”

The process of getting knowledge and writing of the book on Spirituality by a spiritually average person

The reasons why an average person is able to get thoughts to write a book are – 30% due to the authors’ merits and 70% due to the subtle entities acting through the author’s medium.

This means that when a spiritually average person attempts to write a book on Spirituality, on average in 70% of the cases he will also be affected / influenced by negative energies or some minor good subtle energies.

As the authors do not have a strong basis of spiritual practice their perspectives are mostly associated with Maya and not with the basic spiritual purpose of life that is God-realization. This is why God does not help them and nor can they access the Universal Mind and Intellect. Because the author has the ego that ‘I am writing the book, the thoughts originate in my intellect’ black energy frequencies are transmitted from their writings. Due to this through their writing maayaavi waves spread into the atmosphere. In addition to the raja-tama frequencies maayaavi or illusory frequencies are also transmitted from these books and this is why average people are attracted to them and like to read them only to their spiritual detriment.

Subtle reading in Ms. Priyanka’s own words  – “ when I was drawing the subtle picture of the book written by fake spiritual guide I saw many spirals or chankras in it. When I was thinking about these spirals –at that time I saw the spirals becoming activated and started experiencing dizziness. The spirals were generating many thoughts at the same time and I started experiencing mental distress.

The process of getting knowledge and writing of the book on Spirituality by a fake spiritual guide

The spiritual level of fake spiritual guides is around just the 50% mark. Hence they have very limited knowledge and actual firsthand experience of Spirituality. Due some past birth or present birth spiritual practice they may have acquired spiritual level. However they also have an intense desire for fame and fortune. The higher level ghosts provide the fake spiritual guide with their supernatural powers and talents. It is easier for higher-level ghosts to get their negative spiritual work done through a person at a higher spiritual level but who has ego. This in turn woos the average person and gives the fake spiritual guide a big following. The spiritually average person would not be able to perceive the difference between real spiritual guides and fake spiritual guides.

Saints have the capacity to access divine knowledge from the Universal Mind and Intellect on the basis of their spiritual practice (saadhanaa) itself. Saints do not have any worldly perspective behind writing a book on the knowledge that they have attained like attaining fame or earning money. They do so as Their spiritual practice as per God’s wish and because of Their spiritual love for humanity. This is so that people who want to progress spiritually have a roadmap for their spiritual practice so as to attain the final goal of God-realization. Saints write books based on the basic spiritual purpose of life, i.e. to complete one’s destiny and attain God realization. This is their only objective.

When books are written by Saints everything that is written is Their own firsthand spiritual experience. As they write from personal experienceBusiness Management Articles, i.e. they have gone to that evolved state of feeling Bliss or Serenity – that is why there is a lot of unmanifest Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) in it.

The reader benefits at a spiritual level from the knowledge from the perspective of attaining his basic spiritual purpose in life. Spiritual healing also happens when reading books authored or compiled by Saints.

Books on Spirituality are always targeted by negative energy when they are being written. The author’s thoughts are invariably influenced by subtle energies. If the author does not have a strong basis of spiritual practice he cannot fend off negative energies influencing the thought process. In fact he would not even know he was being influenced.

Only books written by Saints and Gurus are beneficial for our spiritual growth. These are the only books that stand the test of time through the millennia.

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