Nave Espacial Maya del 2012 by Juan de Dios Mora (Serie Project XVIII | Latino Art Studio Screen Print)


Nave Espacial Maya del 2012 by Juan de Dios Mora (Serie Project XVIII | Latino Art Studio Screen Print)
Juan de Dios Mora
Nave Espacial Maya del 2012, 2011
Screen print / Serigraph / Silkscreen, 22" x 30"
Edition of 50 (Serie XVIII / 18)

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"I have lived in a border town (Laredo, TX) where different cultures clash and yet expressions and emotions coalesce. However here in the US, its traditions, racism, and stereotypes have introduced me to the reality of being an immigrant in a different country.

Working representationally and sometimes with the surreal I portray images of the typical Mexican-American’s life, iconography, and beliefs. My objective is to bring people together, with sentimental, satirical, sarcastic, and comical themes. I hope to evoke self-awareness and then to superimpose that awareness on the experiences of life."
— Juan de Dios Mora
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