More Traffic To Your Site = More $$$ : Not always


This is the first in a series of articles dedicated to helping you understand the latest methods of generating quality traffic to your web site or eBay store.

In this edition I will discuss some of the quickest ways to deliver targeted traffic.

Why targeted traffic?

It should be obvious that we’d like to have people who are interested in the types of products or services we offer visit us, rather than just “casual surfers”.

Let me explain:

Many sites will promise you free traffic or hits to your web pages. Some are free, others charge a fee for a membership.

Before committing yourself to these programs, be sure that you can choose the audience that you want to target.

For example: If your web site is geared to health & fitness enthusiasts, your traffic should consist of people who are actually interested in this type of product.

The more focused your traffic is, the more sales you will make from this traffic. It really is worth your time to understand your customer & then go after them specifically.

Beware of traffic providers who promise you an outrageous number of visitors per day, like 5,000 or 10,000.

Many of these companies just load your URL into a web browser & then set it to auto-refresh (reload) every few seconds.

Yes, you will get 10K hits in a day, but they will all be from the same computer/IP address & will not provide you with a single lead or sale. Don’t waste your time with them.

Instead, choose a hit-exchange partner that allows you to select your audience: TrafficSwarm is great & I use them myself every day to generate about 1700 good quality hits/day.

There are many others too. Just do a Google search for “traffic exchanges” & you should find several.

The only problem I have with TrafficSwarm is that they do not allow your page to break out of a frame. I do, however, understand their reasons for doing this, as it stops (at least temporarily) the user’s TrafficSwarm session.

While this is not usually a problem, sometimes it creates extra work for me when setting up an affiliate page to use with them because some of the affiliate pages (especially ClickBank hop links) try to break the frames.

You can overcome this by creating a simple page for the product on your own server that doesn’t use frames & just link to that one in TrafficSwarm. Your customer will see your page instead of the affiliate page & (hopefully) will click on it for more info. Then, you forward them to the “real” product page.

You can see an example of how I do this here:

This page is located on my server & it’s the one that the TrafficSwarm member sees. If they are interested, they will click for more info & that sends them to the sales page.

For more info on TrafficSwarmFree Web Content, see:

by Karon Thackston © 2003

In part one of this article series, I outlined a recent project I undertook for a Web site that sells gas logs. The site had a lot of potential, but in its current state the sales orientation of the index (home) page and the keyword saturation were causing less-than-stellar results for the client. My job was to rewrite the index page (from scratch) in order to boost SE rankings and response.

In part one, I gave the details of how I assessed the current copy, how I created a “to do” list of objectives, and how I reworked the copy in order to increase search engine optimization. Now – in part two – we’ll continue.

The remaining items on my “to do” list included:

1. Make the copy more inviting.
2. Draw visitors into the fireplace experience.
3. Don’t just give features… give benefits, too.
4. Make the sale before sending them to the dealer.

Make the Copy More Inviting and Draw Visitors Into the Fireplace Experience

The current copy actually only consisted of one short paragraph that basically instructed the visitors to imagine their homes with Eiklor gas logs, told them that this site couldn’t give them the true experience of gas logs, and that they should visit their local dealer.

But I wanted to get the site visitors in the “mood” for gas logs. Even though they may not be able to fully experience the atmosphere created by a fireplace-lit room, I wanted them dreaming about it prior to leaving the site. I also wanted them to be sold on Eiklor gas logs *before* they went to their local dealers.

Fireplace dealers normally don’t sell just one brand of gas logs. Before the customers went tromping off to dealers who might try to sell them a set of gas logs with a higher profit margin, or with a special dealer rebate, I wanted to be sure the site visitors would be so impressed they would purposely mention the Eiklor name.

The original copy is here:
The revised version (not formatted) can be viewed here:

As you’ll see, more emotion, more feeling, more of the personal experience of having a home with a fireplace is revealed in the new version. It connects better than the simple statement of “Imagine these gas logs in your home.”

Don’t Just Give Features… Give Benefits, Too and Make the Sale Before Sending Them to the Dealer

The next section of the copy has a two-fold purpose. One is to bolster the features of these logs with associated benefits so the site visitors better understand what they’re getting. The second is to convince them that – once they visit their local retailers – they need to ask specifically for Eiklor Gas Logs.

The section with the bulleted list serves both purposes. By giving quick statements about both the features and benefits of these logs, I’m giving the visitors the opportunity to scan for what they need. I’m also quickly making points about the quality of these gas logs. Lastly, I’m answering the ever-important question “What’s in it for me?”

The closing paragraph reiterates that Eiklor is considered one of the best and that the site visitors should go to the local dealer and see these logs for themselves.

Overall, the copy was greatly improved in both respects – search engine optimization and sales orientation. Now the page is fully prepared to bring in new visitors and turn a profit from them.

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