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I decided to write an article about cork flooring reviews because the “green” connection is creating a lot of curiosity about this product. My research has found that just about everybody who has used cork flooring is happy with the result.  But it’s not for every room.

I’ll start with a true story that might relate to many of you.

The Story

Jodi and her husband own a house that’s over 80 years old. They decided to finish the basement so that their 2 children could play there. They needed something that would hold up to the kids’ abuse, but conform to the traditional theme of the house.

Their goals were to get something environmentally friendly; would be durable; could clean easily after spills and other accidents, has a classic look, and brings some warmth to the basement.

When they saw a sample of cork tiles, they knew that it would meet their goals, and they liked the way it looked. Installation was a DIY project for them, but they found it to be pretty easy. You need a sub-floor, and the right adhesive.

The results are that they really like the way it looks, spills have come up very easily, the basement has the look and feel of warmth, and the floor has some cushion to it, so they can walk on it comfortably without shoes. Overall, they are very pleased.

Pros and Cons

The pros include a warm surface with cushion, repels water and other fluids, stands up to kids, is environmentally friendly.

The cons are that it is relatively expensive (about the same as hardwood floors – between $6 and $10), the adhesive is somewhat difficult to handle.

Although not negatives, there are other questions. It repels water, but is it water proof? It’s durable, but I don’t recommend walking on it with spike heals – they can leave indentations.

Cork Flooring Reviews

Cork flooring is not recommended for kitchens or baths – where you might get water on the floor.  But it works well just about anywhere else in the house.  If it goes with your decorating theme, you should consider it.

Here is what a few users have to say:

I wondered for a long time about cork flooring. The salesman convinced me to buy it and I’m glad I did. We replaced the carpet in our family room. It has held up very well, and it compliments the fireplace in a natural way. Kit, Kansas

Overall, I think cork flooring is an excellent product. It looks beautiful. However, I had a party a few weeks ago and while cleaning up I noticed a few marks in the cork floor that looked like they were made by ladies high heals. They’re not too deep, so it’s not a problem, but I thought you should know. Rudy, Nevada

We used cork on walls as well as floors. We have found it to be durable, sound dampening, a good insulator, and it looks natural. We love it. Phil, Michigan

I am very pleased with the product. It is both beautiful and affordable. Angela, North Carolina

Good product. I have had a lot of positive feedback on the floor. Lee, Montana

Beautiful flooring, exactly as sample provided. Very pleased with quality and price. Connie, Winnipeg, MB

We are extremely happy with the quality, look and price of the flooring. It was even better than we had hoped. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who has a large building project. Henry, Ontario

I am happy with everything. Jeff, British Columbia

The flooring is absolutely beautiful. It is a little bit delicate by the piece, but seems very durable once it is on the floor and all edges are protected. HeatherFeature Articles, South Carolina


LESBIAN ROMANCE NOVEL: far from the world we know – Harper Bliss (in depth review)

By uploading such a normal and lighthearted video at a time like this in our world, I am in no way trying to belittle or ignore the world right now in light of police brutality in America. I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and truely recognise the extent of the urgency and importance of this issue and believe that it is has taken much too long to get to this point. But I am aware of two things… One is I feel that it is especially important for me, as a white female to stand back and let people of colour express themselves and be angry and speak out because I personally don’t have any experiences with police brutality and racism and I will not speak on behalf of those who have a voice and need to use it themselves. And two because I feel the want for distraction and lightning up in this world right now and I have a platform to do so.
***This is all just my own personal opinion and thoughts

My name is Shae,
I am doing this review as per Dani’s recommendation from my first lesbian novel recommendations so I am very thankful to her for telling me to read it!
Again, please let me know what you think of this and don’t be afraid to comment more recommendations, i’ll be waiting…
On a serious note, I hope everyone is staying safe and taking care of their own and others health and wellbeing – in a time like this we all need to come together and treat everyone with kindness and respect. This kind of togetherness and love is what our world needs right now. Love to all,
Thank you so much for watching


Hope you enjoy!
Shae x 😉