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Any child who has been read to regularly is going to love books so much that soon they will want to make a book of their own. This is a good impulse to encourage in your child. Writing aptitudes are as important as reading aptitudes as your child gains his or her education and seeks employment as an adult.Making a book can be as simple as folding a couple of sheets in half together then stapling them along the imaginary spine of your book. Another fun thing to do is to punch holes along one edge of your pages and string yarn through the holes. A child’s best efforts can be taken to a print shop and laminated and bound with a cheap comb binding. Another thing you can do to preserve a book a child wants to keep a long time is to insert the pages into sheet protectors then bind the sheets with a stiff paper or cardboard cover. That is the mechanics of book binding.The real fun is in putting your child’s words and drawings down on paper. Older children can do all of that themselves, if they so desire. A child is who is not yet reading and writing on their own will need you to be their hands. You could use a tape recorder and let your child rattle off their story as fast as they normally would talk, then transcribe it when they are done. My daughter actually loved to watch me hanging on her every word as she dictated and I wrote. After you have all the words down, you can decide how to divide them up into pages and what kind of pictures to add to each page. The illustrations can be all your child’s efforts or you could help as much as you child wishes you to. Another approach would be to tell the story in pictures first, then add the words later. No one way is right or wrong.What can a book be about? Children are great at making up their own stories. Stories can run the gamut from the totally silly like Dr. Seuss to something like their own made-up fairy tale. They can do true stories about something that happened to them. They can make a book about their vacation. They can do a book about themselves and have a page for each favorite thing they love. Their family can be a great topic, including the grandparents and cousins. They can make their own alphabet book or counting book. They can make a nonfiction book about how caterpillars change into butterflies or how the trees change with the seasons. Picking a topic is not usually very hard. A child will usually have an idea what they want to do before they start.All children have something to say and love for others to listen to them. A child who believes they can use writing to communicate and express their feelings has an advantage throughout their entire life. Your child will love it if you help him or her to create their first books. After you have finished a book together, add it to their stack of bedtime stories. Your child will love it when you read their own book back to them.

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You (and every other mom or dad) love your children. You spend a lot of time pouring over books on how to be a great parent, spend a lot of money on clothing, books, and toys. And, of course, you want the best for your children. Why don’t you take your knowledge about children, and start a fun business? There are several child related businesses that are really booming right now. Let’s talk about three of the biggest (and easiest to break into) businesses.

Children’s Toys

A hot new trend in child related businesses is selling children’s toys. It isn’t difficult to find toys to buy for your child, but finding high quality toys or learning toys can be difficult. One way to earn some extra money is by starting a fun business that sells children’s toys.

There are two ways to do this: by selling online or by selling at home parties. If you sell online, you can have a huge stock of toys and games that will suit nearly every child. If you sell at home parties, you will be able to interact with your clients face to face, and recommend toys that their children will love. Plus, if you have children of your own, have them try out the toys and demonstrate them for your clients. Selling children’s toys is a great fun business idea for anyone who is a kid at heart, but it is not the only way to earn extra money with a child related business.

Children’s Books Online

Another fun business is selling children’s books. Every parent knows the importance of reading to their children, and how important it is to spend time together taking turns reading a favorite bedtime story.

Starting a business that sells children’s books online is a great way to allow parents to give their children books that they will treasure for a lifetime. Imagine giving your child a hardcover book that you read when you were a child; thinking about your own story time will definitely take you down memory lane. Selling children’s books online is not that complicated, and definitely something that you can do from home. If you want to share the magic of a book with children, consider starting this type of child related business.

Kid’s Bedding and Room Décor

If you have a sense of style, and think that children should be comfortable in their own bedrooms, you could consider starting a kid’s bedding and room décor business. These are great for mothers and fathers that can take a room with white walls and turn it into the place from a child’s dreams. A kid’s bedding and room décor business would allow you to consult with parents (and their child) to create a room that is exclusively designed keeping the children in mind. Whatever the budget, it is possible to spruce up the room. Imagine having a kid get excited about bedtime, because he can slip into his favorite cartoon sheets; or a woman remembering the cute doll lamp that she used to read by on her bedside table when she was a little girl.

Starting a fun child related business is a great at opportunity for any mother or father who wants to spend more time with their children and make a bit of extra money. Check out the possibilities todayHealth Fitness Articles, and find out how you can make the life of a child brighter.