Living Unlimited with the Law of Attraction


With the Law of Attraction we discuss how important it is to think and feel in an unlimited manner, knowing that the Universe is unlimited in every way. By thinking and feeling in this unlimited way, we will receive unlimited returns in the form of unlimited happiness, unlimited finances, unlimited love, unlimited health; the list goes on and on. But there is one subject that you want to be aware of when it comes to feeling and thinking in the unlimited way, and that would be control.

Control, as well as lackful thinking, is very limiting. When you think lack, you are thinking of what you don’t have. You are focusing on what you don’t want and lackful thought is very limited. Lack only brings more lack.

But did you know that being controlling can also start the Universe on the negative path of just bringing you more things to control? And being controlling is just another form of limitation. When you try to wrangle control over a situation, you are only limiting it.

The first step to attracting the unlimited is to just observe and allow. Observing and allowing, by the way, are far different from tolerating. Tolerating means that you don’t like someone’s thoughts or behaviors but elect to let them be. Observing and allowing means that you see or hear another’s behaviors or thoughts and you accept them for who they are, no matter what. This doesn’t mean that you are condoning behavior you don’t approve of; it just means that you have decided not to become a part of their creation.

By allowing, you continue to create your own world. The less energy you put toward them, the less they will be a part of your creation. This can be difficult at times but realize that when you are seeing another’s behavior and thoughts and you keep talking about how they are, you are focusing on the bad behavior. And when you focus on something negative, you are in effect trying to control. By repeatedly focusing on another’s life and thinking about how ‘wrong’ they are you are in fact controlling (creating) this focus into being. And just because something is right for you does not mean it is right for another.

We say it time and time again. Let go of situations if they bother you. Let go of people and their behaviors if they bother you. The less focus you put on their problems, the better your life will be. Letting go is a form of feeling unlimited.

Have you ever had a problem and you weren’t sure how to work it out? And you just get to a point where you throw all the cards in the air and just say, “Forget it, I’ve had it. That’s it!” and you decide to just let the cards fall where they may. You’ll no doubt notice there is an overwhelming feeling of peace; of ‘letting go’.

Do this with every situation or person who is causing the ‘control’ feeling and let go. See your circumstance healed through the Law of Attraction and it will be. By letting go, you are releasing limited feelings and thoughts. And by releasing those limited thoughtsArticle Submission, you open many doors to the unlimited happiness in your life through the Law of Attraction.

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