Lessons from the Family Life of the Prophet


A leading characteristic of life at the house of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) had been love. Love is the most crucial thing to guarantee happiness. When love is present, happiness is automatically present.

The Prophet preferred a lifetime of poverty, which has occasionally been close to, or even under, the subsistence level. Nevertheless, this didn’t detract from the reality that he lived a happy marital life, with love dispersing from the chambers of his home to people who had been correlated in any way with the Prophet’s family.

Should love be removed from any household, happiness becomes missing for everybody, no matter how wealthy the family could be. Wealth can purchase luxury and comfort, but it can’t buy happiness and love. Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) experienced first a lifetime of poverty when he had been brought up by his uncle Abu Talib, who had a large family but small means.

The Prophet had to work and make his living when he was in his early teens. He then experienced a lifetime of comfort and lots when he dwelt with his first wife, Khadijah, who was wealthy and that he looked after her trade.

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Subsequently, in Madinah, he lived a life of poverty, although he could have had anything he wanted. He had been the head of state, and all of its resources were at his disposal. Yet, he chose to dwell on the borderline of poverty. When he’d more than sufficient for his family’s needs for the afternoon, he gave away everything that was more than the needs of his family.

His 25 years-long life with Khadijah was the sign of happiness. She cherished his companionship and cared for him in the most exemplary manner. She realized that he incorporated features of the noblest kind which made him unique among people.

On her character, Khadijah combined attractiveness, great sense, mature judgment, along with a generous and loving heart. The Prophet and Khadijah had been the happiest of couples. They lived together for around 15 years before he started to get his wahi from Allah. Theirs was a joyful lifetime span of a loving couple.

When he obtained his wahi, she understood that her job became greater, and she fulfilled it with exemplary dedication. He would spend a complete day talking to folks and telling them about Islam, stressing that they had to believe in Allah who is the sole deity in the world, and in return he would get nothing but hostile reactions from the Quraysh.

Yet, he knew that when he comes back to his home, a reassuring heart will be present to get him and dispel all that troubled his caring soul. He was pained by the fact that individuals couldn’t see that the advice he gave them was to get their own good and happiness in both the life and the life to come.

Khadijah was his only wife for 25 years. When she died, she left a big vacuum in his own life that no other could easily fill. Afterwards, the Prophet married a lot of different women with social, governmental or political motives resulting in all his marriages.

Allah allowed him multiple wives, exempting him from the condition which enables man no longer than four wives concurrently. Regardless of how many women he married, happiness spread its wings on the Prophet’s houses, together with all inhabitants profiting from it.

No person’s life was recorded in such details as the Prophet’s life, however we don’t own one episode when some of his wives believed anything aside from love toward him. Never was some of these hurt by an angry word or an insult. He never raised his hands in earnest or in jest to express an upset feeling.

‘A’ishah was that the one that he loved most, but that didn’t imply He didn’t love the others. He felt for them and prayed that Allah wouldn’t hold him accountable for his feelings, as that was outside his control. Yet his love for all of his wives was an exemplary love. But, ‘A’ishah understood the best way to impart her feelings to him without placing this in words.

This was the love that he emanated in his household life which made All his wives pleased with her situation, regardless of the fact that several others were sharing the identical place with her. None would swap her standing because the Prophet’s spouse for being the spouse of any man in the world.

When they all combined together in demanding a much better standard of alive, he had been a bit annoyed with them and abandoned them all for a complete month. Then he gave them the decision that he would either divorce them and provide them ample gifts or they’d stay with him accepting the type of life that he gave them, which had been one of challenging poverty. Each one of these said unhesitatingly that she’d remain with him rather than make a similar demand.

We should keep in mind that divorce within their society was recognized as normal, and also a divorcee or a widow might easily be married again. Yet, not one of them would consider for a minute living with any person after being the Prophet’s spouse.

It had been such exemplary love that pulled them toward such a joyful life. Allah also raised their position, which makes them mothers of the Believers. This was a powerful standing, and all their contemporaries treated them as such. Even after many centuriesComputer Technology Articles, the later generations of Muslims revered them in the same way.

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