Image from page 974 of “The American florist : a weekly journal for the trade” (1885)


Image from page 974 of “The American florist : a weekly journal for the trade” (1885)
Title: The American florist : a weekly journal for the trade
Identifier: americanfloristw58amer
Year: 1885 (1880s)
Authors: American Florists Company
Subjects: Floriculture; Florists
Publisher: Chicago : American Florist Company
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igiS. The American Florist. 969 if placed in a wicker cover or jardi- niere, it shows to better advantage, the price can be advanced very much above the cost of the additions. The expense of conducting a holiday business with all the necessary extras, labor, car hire, deliveries, suppers, goods left over, waste, etc., which in ratio are much greater than in the or- dinary every day trade, must be pro- vided for in higher prices on goods sold. The coming holiday stocks will cost at least 20 per cent above those of last year. All operating expenses will almost bear the same ratio of increase, so that the retailer who doe.= not exact and receive considerably higher prices. will have little left to compensate him for his hard labor. Next WeeK In the Flower shop. The rapidly approaching holiday finds all the shops working overtime getting their stocks in order for the grand rush. Galax leaves may now be wired or stemmed up and packed in boxes in a cool place for instant use when needed, or made into wreaths and crosses of this material away from drafts, will keep in good condition. Magnolia wreaths made up during- the summer, may now be brought out and decorated with holly, cones, ever- green, red and white ruscus. etc.. mak- ing them suitable for cemetery deco- ration. Artificial crepe and waxed flowers will be used not a little this year to help out the scarcity that is likely to prevail in the fresh stock. Natural grasses and helichrysum flowers make a very good decoration in the magnolia wreath. Years ago, wreaths and crosses of this material alone were very popular for the ceme- tery. All indications point to a good Christ- mas business and a shortage in all lines of stock, particularly flowering plants and cut flowers. Every effort should be made to make the most of what is available. Single specimen plants may be featured in baskets just large enough to fit the pot. A ribbon on the handle gives a finishing touch. The plant baskets of foliage and flow- ering plants, if not already finished, should be filled at once with the stock previously selected and set aside, the work done at the greenhouses, where with a few days to recover, they will make a much better showing than when the filling is done in hurried night work of the last few days in the store. Give the outside front of the store an elaborate and showy finish. A six- inch wide, half-inch board tied heavily with hemlock, will make a heavy band, IS inches in width, which placed either side of the front and over the cornice, will make a pretty green fi-ame. Dot this with bunches of red immortelles or pompons and the same size of red chenille about a food apart, which will add the needed color. Festoons of ground pine or laurel wreathing will make an artistic finish. Many stores in other lines put a Christmasy touch to their fronts with a more or less elabo- rate use of such material, but the florist should excel by all means in this ?e- .=pect, making such a display as is sure to call attention to his establishment. Do not be afraid to ask good prices. Everything is costing more this year. The overhead will he much higher, a.2d about all the trafiic will bear, will be necessary if one is to come out ahead. In the arrangement of the store, goods of a kind should, as far as pos-

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POINSETTIAS FOR CHRISTMAS. sible, be kept or displayed together. A group of poinsettia pots and pans, or of ferns, will attract more attention than separately distributed through the whole stock. "Gifts that will grow," is a good slogan for the advertising and also window card. The Late Mrs. Sa);e. The mile of rhododendrons given by Mrs. Sage for the adornment of Cen- tral Park revealed her in a character- istic attitude toward a favorite object of her interest. The impulse behind the gift was peculiarly appropriate: the park received much attention from Mrs. Sage, and her thought was to in- crease its attractiveness for the mil- lions to whom its beauties are an in- spiration and a treat. The discourag- ing fact that among those millions were not a few so selfish as deliberately to destroy, in so far as they could, this child of her fancy, has often aroused comment. Thus all of us suffer because of the misdeeds of a few, tolerated by our laziness in not punishing the wrongdoers. • Mrs. Sage never got over being a schoolmistress. She remained to the last a splendid type of that fine wom- anhood that has given and is giving so much to America, through the channels of education, public and private. Her talks to school children were based on good sense informed by wide experience and illuminated by a penetrating intellect. Where can be foimd better advice for boys and girls, men and women, the obscure and the powerful, than this? "I commend to you from my experi- ence of life the cultivation of manners and sound common sense. Character is a perfectly educated will." Mrs. Sage possessed character.—New York Sun. Hail Insurance. Mutual insurance is either an effort on the part of the insured to secure cheaper insurance than that furnished by capitalized companies, or a mutual endeavor to carry risks refused by old line companies. To make mutual com- panies safe, reserve funds are absolute- ly necessary. There .are various ways of securing legitimate reserves T’hich go to make muttials as safe as the com- panies with a capitalization, the only difference being that the backing is furnished mutually by mutual com- panies. Mutual insurance, without a reserve fund, is largely a matter of faith upon the part of the assured, and a mutual insurance organization that does not levy an advanced assessment, and does not have a reserve, is a mat- ter of supreme confidence in wind. It takes cold cash to buy dry goods and groceries, and it takes the same commodity to liquidate losses, but if the assured has to depend upon mutual- ity to liquidate a loss after it has oc- cured. the cold cash is often evanescent, .and the holder of the insurance is sometimes stung. The honesty of the management coimts largely, of course, but no matter how honest it may be. the ability to pay and the plan of col- lecting premiums is something that should b; gone into carefully. The larger the coverage, and the more extensive the contract, the larger should be the reserve. The commis- sioner of banking and insurance of the state is which companies are organized, can give valuable information concern- ing the standing of mutuals. Any ef- fort to secure insurance for less than actual cost, will inevitably lead to dis- satisfaction on the part of the assured. John G. Esler.

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