Image from page 90 of “A. W. Livingston’s Sons seed annual : “true blue.”” (1895)


Image from page 90 of “A. W. Livingston’s Sons seed annual : “true blue.”” (1895)
Title: A. W. Livingston’s Sons seed annual : "true blue."
Identifier: awlivingstonsson1895livi
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Authors: Livingston Seed Company; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Seeds Catalogs; Seed industry and trade Ohio Columbus Catalogs; Vegetables Ohio Columbus Catalogs; Fruit Ohio Columbus Catalogs; Flowers Ohio Columbus Catalogs
Publisher: Columbus, Ohio : A. W. Livingston’s Sons
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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GIANT OF BATTLESâSulphur spotted red 10 KINO OF THE BLACKSâDeepest Browu 10 CROWN PRINCEâlilood rod 10 LUCIFER-Diirk s(.’ark"t 10 NASTURTIUMS, TALL. iTROP/tOLUNI LOBBIANUM.J Shtuild iKit ho planted iu too rioh soil. The brilliaiioo niid jirofiisioii of bloom- iiie of tho Lc)t)l)iaiimn vai iotios roiidor thorn superior to tlio urilinarri MM va- riotiosforKrooiihouso orconsorvutory doooratioii in winter; also lor trellises arbors, vasos. etc., in summer. They remain in bloom a lonj? time, stand heat and drout?lit without tho sliKhtostelloot. The seed pods can be gathoreil while Kreon ami tondiT. for pioklin^^ Ilalf-hardy annuals; si.x to ten feet. SPITFIREâBrightest scarlet; very elleetive LOBB’S MIXED â Many colors, fine varieties; COMMON TALL VARIETIES. MIXEDâContaining manv beautiful llowor.s; ‘ ilb., 5()o.; ox., 15e 5 NASTURTIUM, DWARFâTROP/EOLUM M^’NOR.) The dwarf varieties are among tho most useful of all annuals for " ""â ‘â¢â¢"’^ boddiuK, massing, cto., owing to their compact growth, richness color, and ])rofusiou of blooming. DWARFâYellow «^ DWARFâScarlet â¢? DWARFâRose » DWARF PEARL White ^ AURORAâXew. Deep chrome yellow, on pot, the lower petals blotched and veined with purplish carmine , j’.jt EMPRESS OF INDIAâDark tinted leaves and crimson flowers, bplendid 5 KING THEODOREâBluish green foliage, flowers velvety crimson 5 KING OF TOM THUMBSâluteiise scarlet flowers, dark foliage ; very handsome. Oz., 2.5c GOLD KING-Fine SPOTTED KINGâDark leaves 10 RUBY KINGâVery fine 10 BEAUTYâYellow and scarlet 5 LADYBIRDâRich golden yellow and bright ruby crimson; very showy DWARF MIXED-Many kinds. }ih. 50c.; oz. 1.5c.. 5 5 10 MINA LOBATA. A rapid and luxuriant climber for trellises, arbors, etc. Flowers tube-like, and borne 1-5 to 2.5 iu number on graceful, drooping spikes from bottom to top of plant. Color, bright red, changing to orange, then cream. Teuder annuals. Thirteen feet MATRICARIAâ(FEVERFEW.) Free-flowering herbaceous plants, succeeding in any garden soil; tine for bedding or pot-culture; blooms until frost; hardy an- nual. Kightoon inches. Crispa Alba PlenaâVery handsome double white flowers with dense and jirotty curled foliage, like parsley: fine forribbon beds: 8 in Capensis fl.’ piâDouble white flowers, splendid for bouquets, etc. MIMULUSâ(MONKEY FLOWER.) Showv, profuse flowering plants, com- prising numerous varieties, with white, sulphur, and yellow grounds, spotted with crimson,"scarlet and pink; hnefor groouliouse, or moist, shady situations: half-hardy perennials: blooming the first vear from seed if sown early. The seed "is very small and should be cov- ered verv slightly. TlQRINIS^Fine Mixed spotted varieties. TIGRINUS GRANDIFLORAâVery large, spotted and tinu’ed; most beautiful TIGRINUS. Double DuplexâVery tine.. . MOSCHATUS (Musk Plant)âFine for hanging ba,skets, etc.; small yellow flowers. The thin delicate leaves emit a pleasant musk odor .5 NEMOPHILA-(LOVE GROVE) This plant is found in almost every gar- den, and has a secure place in the heart of every lover of flowers. Of dwarf and spreading habit; well adapted for bor- der or pot culture. Flowers are finely colorea, blotched and spotted. Quite apt to sport into an endless variety of shades. Hardv annual. Six inches. FINE MIXEDâ.11 colors .5 10 MAURANDIA. Beautiful, rapid, slender growing ]>lants, blooming profusely until late in the autumn; also fine for the conservatory or greenhouse; if desfred for the house take up before the approach ot frost. A half-hardy perennial, flowering the first season if sown early. One of the most jiopnlar climbers. Ten feet. -Pure white, excellent â ⢠⢠⢠⢠i)i Albiflora Barclayana-Purple 10c Mixed, choicest Itinds RoseaâDark rose 10 5 MIRAB!LIS-(SEE FOUR O’CLOCK.) MOURNING BRIDE-(SEE SCABIOSA.) .5 10 10 NELUMBIUMâ(AMERICAN LOTUS ) This is one of the most beautiful and val- uable of all water lilies. The dark green leaves, 12 to 15 inches in diameter, sur- mounted by enormously large double flowers resembling a monster double tulij), form a beautiful contrast and are a worthy ornament to any garden or lawn. Kasilv grown iu tanks or ponds. Full culturai directions on each packet. NELUMBIUM LUTEUM-Yellow, fragrant 25 NICOTIANA. A very pretty, large, flowering tobacco. An effective plant for groups. Half- hardv annual. AffinisâRosy blush; produces freely; swoot scented, large flowers; 2 feet 10 GIANT (Red Flowered) 10 ColosseaâNew giant; immense foliage.. 26 NIGELLA. (LOVE IN A MIST, OR DEVIL IN THE BUSH.) A compact, free-flowering plant, with finely cut foliage. curiois looking flow- ers and seed pods; of easy culture in any garden soil. Hardy annual. DamascenaâMixed, blue and white; 1 ft. 5

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Comic Book 101 – Top 5 What If Stories

What if was actually not staffed with jerks?

Within comics book, there exists endless divergent continuity streams, where one small decision made by a comic book character has resulted in vastly different outcomes. These themes have been explored before in What If? a monthly Marvel comic book series that peeked beyond the multiversal veil to examine such possibilities. Here are five such issues from that series, which are most definitely worth reading.

5. What If – The X-Men Lost Inferno

They may be the children of tomorrow, but the X-Men have faced plenty of insurmountable odds over the years. In one reality, the X-Men did battle with demonic forces, in a war that could have meant the end of mankind. And in that particular reality, the X-Men failed to stop the Inferno War, which resulted in a demonic gate being opened and hordes of demons storming the planet, converting former heroes and using humanity as cattle.

Faced with Extinction, Doctor Strange and his fellow sorcerors are all that stand between the Earth and demonic annihilation. But when betrayed by one of their own, the insidious Baron Mordo, Strange hatches a mad plan to summon the Phoenix force to Earth and use Rachel Summers as a conduit to help close the demon gate.

It’s a story of impossibly high stakes, sacrifice and terrible odds, with an alternative story that matches and improves upon the original. Also, an evil Wolverine eats a baby. For real.

4. What If – The Fantastic Four had not gained their powers?

He may be known as Mister Fantastic, but super genius Reed Richards taking his family and best friend with him into space in order to investigate cosmic radiation was a pretty impatient and stupid move on the part of the famed scientist. But what if Reed had been patient. What if he had actually listened to his pilot and best friend Ben Grimm, and had taken two experienced NASA astronauts with him instead of his wife Sue Storm and her brother Johnny?

Well for starters, the Fantastic Four would never have received their iconic powers to stretch, flame on, turn invisible and look like an orange pile of rocks. This would have resulted in Richards returning to Earth ready to start a new organization, the Richards Group, which would see the Fantastic Four face threats and challenge the unknown without their amazing gifts, proving that just having powers, don’t make you a hero.

3. What If – The Alien Costume had possessed Spider-Man?

Spider-Man is best known as the red and blue webbed wonder of New York. But he has had plenty of costume changes over the years. One of his more signature looks, came in the form of a back in black outfit that was secretely an alien symbiote. The creature may have proven to be initially beneficial to Spider-Man, but after discovering that the Symbiote wanted to bond with him for life, Spider-Man had no choice but to find a way to rid himself of the living costume.

Except in one reality, it was far too late for Spider-Man to rid himself of the Symbiote. After leeching off of Spider-Man, the symbiote leaves Peter Parker as withered frail old husk who dies shortly afterwards, before finding a new host in the incredible Hulk, forcing various heroes to team up and battle the now mindless Hulk, with the symbiote hopping from host to host and becoming even more powerful.

It’s only when the one-time lover of Spider-Man manages to kill the creature with a weapon designed and funded by the Kingpin of crime, Wilson Fisk, that the menace is finally averted, in a bittersweet tale of love and loss.

1. What If – Venom possessed Deadpool?

You think the Venom symbiote running amok and possessing the likes of Thor and the Hulk was bad? Well what if the symbiote had in fact possessed the merc with a mouth, Deadpool? What you get, is one of the weirdest stories ever written, as Venompool hangs out with the cosmic god known as the Beyonder, getting drunk and rocking a jheri-curl. Things get even worse when Venompool finally decides to get his life in order, by becoming the world’s greatest hero.

Only problem? All those other capes hogging the limelight. Deciding to become the one and only hero of Earth, Deadpool emarks on a killing spree that sees various supers killed, gaining worldwide fame and domination in the process. Of course, none of this is enough, and Deadpool decides to be true to who he really is. And unfortunately for us, Deadpool is indeed still a totally irredeemable jackass.