Image from page 346 of “American bee journal” (1861)


Image from page 346 of “American bee journal” (1861)
Title: American bee journal
Identifier: americanbeejourn2690hami
Year: 1861 (1860s)
Subjects: Bee culture; Bees
Publisher: [Hamilton, Ill. , etc. , Dadant & Sons]
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■rae KmBMicKM be® journjsiu. 4G7

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BPITOR. VoliXVI Julf 12,1890, No, 28. ■•leiil y of roses in summei’, Plenty of flowers in June, Plenty of sweet-bird music That never is out of tune, »i!«onins’ Kees.—In the Montreal Witnens of June 26, 1890, a correspondent Can the law keep anybody from shower- ing fruit trees with Paris green on account of honey bees, and is there any law for honey-bees < The editor of the Agricultural Depart- ment, the Rev. W. P. Clarke, very properly answers him thus : Surely no one would he so inconsiderate and foolish as to spray fruit blossoms with Paris green for the purpose of killing bees. These useful insects do no harm to fruit trees, but rather good, mixiug the pollen, and so helping to fertilize the blooms. There is no law to prevent such an act, but people <-li-ii l.’siir and Exposition promises to be viry successful this year. It will be held from Aug. 26 to Sept. 5. The management has just issued a circular from which we extract the following of interest to bee-keepers : The Apiary Department expects to make the finest display ever seen in America. The most noted bee keepers of Canada and the United States are invited to compete, not only with tlicir choicest colonies, but also with the flnest honey and wax in all shapes,—hives, combs, implements, and everything iJertaiuing to the business, for which the largest cash premiums are ofl’ered, and the best facilities for display are prepared. Premium Lists may be obtained by ad- dressing the Secretary, Geo. M. Savage, Detroit, Mich. A letter just received from our friend, H. D. Cutting, who has kindly consented to make provision for the accommodation of the bee keepers at hotels, etc., reads thus: I was in Detroit two days last week, and have all arrangements made for bee keep- ers who may attend the Exposition. I have secured a good location. Applications for space begin to come in, and everything bids fair for a good exhibit. We Ai>pi*<^oi:ile the following from Olcnninris o{ June 15. It is an editorial on the matter of good feeling now existing between the apicultural editors of America. Bro. Root says : As Di’. C. C. Miller said recently, it seems as if the millennium of brotherly feeling and good-will were now among apicultui-ists. The Amkkicw Bee J()i;K.,iL is always on time. We never saw one copj’ in all the hundreds that have come to us that was poorly printed—over-inked or under-inked. They are always a model in typographical appearance. We are in a position to know that it is not an easy thing to be out on time, nor to make every number of a periodical an exact duplicate of the others, typographicallv. But few pursuits can show a better class of periodical literature than apiarists can boast of. Not only is GJea/li)if/.s a marvel of neatness, but the Revleiv. the Apicul- turist, the Ouidc, and the Advnncc vie with each other in the excellence of the matter presented to their readers, and also in clothing themselves in as attractive a garb of neatness as the printer’s art can make them. The Americ.vx Bee Journal wishes them all the prosperity which they deserve, and hopes that concord and good fellowship may mark every step in their onward course. How different all this is to what existed 17 years ago, when the American Bee JouRNAi, came into the hands of the present editor. The few papers then in existence were very poorly printed, and the price- lists of supply dealers were a disgrace to the art of printing (as we stated editorially more than 15 years ago) ; then the reading columns of all the periodicals were filled with bitter criticisms and personal bicker- ings, making it very undesirable to readers generally. Now, all is peace and concord. Topics upon which we differ are discussed in a pleasant way, and progress and im- provement keep abreast of the times, while strife and vain glory are relegated to the rear. May such good feeling long continue. ‘l"o l*<-roniiM<- should be a sacred dutj’—but there are times when such cannot be done, no matter what effort is put forth to accomplish it. Our Supply Depart- ment has been a notable examjile of this, in the past 2 or 8 weeks. The Business Mana- ger (A.H.N.), relying upon a continuance of shipments from manufacturers of sections, frames, smokers, etc., in about the usual quantities, every day two—promised such things to oar customers at such times as he felt sure of being able to send them. But, un- expectedly, some of them ceased to send us anything for 10 days (though implored to do so every day) claiming that they were obliged to fill other orders, to try to redeem their promises made to others, broken by the ” unprecedented rush," though they ran day and night. This left us pow-erless to ship goods we had promised in good faith— and the jitst relmkes oi our patrons almost drove us to desperation ! Several small shipments were received, but orders came faster than the goods. This week, we are relieved by several unexpected offers of goods (to help us out) and by^the time this JoiRNAL is in the hands of its readers, we hope to have caught up to within a day or two—and in the future be able to fill all ordei’s jiromptly. We hope that this explanation will pre- vent our suffering patrons from judging us too severely on our ‘■ broken promises." The wornj has caused both members of the Arm great annoyance, and bad as some of our jiatrous must feel, we have suft’ered in mind and body as much as any one. ^W We are informed by one who knows, that the honey-house of N. N. Betsinger was not destroyed, as stated last week on page -1-13. It was, we presume, an exag- geration of reporters. We saw it in the Chicago Herald, the New York Sun, and in another paper, the name of which we do not remember. We now have full reports of the ti’ial of Mr. Betsinger in the Syracuse Courier and Marcellus Observer. We have no desire to misstate this un- fortunate matter in any respect. The jury only took 20 minutes to decide upon a ver- dict of •’ guilty.” Though that does not prove it beyond controversy, still it shows that very strong proofs must have been offered to them. It is but just to say, how- ever, that Mr. Betsinger protests that he is innocent and that a conspiracy was formed against him. He was defended by Lawrence T. Jone.s, one of the cleverest lawyers in the State. An appeal is made to the general term of the court for a new trial. If he i^s innocent, we hope it will be so proven—that the right may prevail.

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