Image from page 279 of “The story of our Christianity; an account of the struggles, persecutions, wars, and victories of Christians of all times” (1893)


Image from page 279 of “The story of our Christianity; an account of the struggles, persecutions, wars, and victories of Christians of all times” (1893)
Identifier: storyofourchrist00bird
Title: The story of our Christianity; an account of the struggles, persecutions, wars, and victories of Christians of all times
Year: 1893 (1890s)
Authors: Bird, Frederic Mayer, 1838-1908 Harrison, Benjamin, 1833-1901
Subjects: Church history
Publisher: Philadelphia, Pa., Peerless Publishing Co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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STONES AT CARNAC. Tradition represents them as an army of heathen warriors stiffened into stone. Long since he had given up the hope of escape, and reconciled himself, asbest he could, to the inevitable. Other martyrs have been made of sternerstuff, or buoyed up by more ecstatic fancies. Huss was no Spartan hero, butvery human; he had no indifference to pain, no iron endurance. His last writ-ings record the agony of his mental conflict; but he was no coward, no traitor to THE STORY OF OUR CHRISTIANITY. 261 his convictions and his cause. On June 18th he drew up for his friends at homean account of the trial, and ended, It remains only for me to abjure and un-dergo fearful penance, or to burn. May Father, Son, and Holy Ghost grant

Text Appearing After Image:
TRIAL OF HUSS.—DEGRADING THE MARTYR. me the spirit of wisdom and fortitude to persevere to the end, and escape thesnares of Satan! On the fatal day, July 6th, 1415, he was led to the cathedral, and kept outsidethe door till the mass was over. Then he listened to a sermon by an Italianbishop, who told the emperor that what was then transacted would makehim forever famous—which was true, though not in the sense intended. The 262 THE STORY OF OUR CHRISTIANITY. charges on which he was convicted were read, and his protests were silenced.He said, I came here of my own free will. Had I refused to come, neitherthe king nor the emperor could have compelled me, for there are many noblesin Bohemia who love me and would have protected me. A cardinal cried out,See the fellows impudence ! But John of Chlum said, It is true. I couldeasily keep him safe for a year against both king and emperor, and others arestronger than I. Hnss went on: I came here, on the emperors promisethat I should be free

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Use Your Inside Voice | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Whose voice have you been listening to?

In “Use Your Inside Voice,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church shows us that Jesus was not driven by the opinions of others, but led by the voice of God. It is ultimately up to us to determine which voice we respond to.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – A Real Glimpse of Jesus (Mark 3, verses 20-31)
4:38 – Use Your Inside Voice
6:18 – What’s Your Inside Voice Like?
8:27 – Jesus Wants To Deliver You From Cynicism
10:55 – Has Cynicism Become Your Strategy?
12:50 – The Danger Of The Crowd
14:04 – When Knowledge Blocks Wisdom
16:40 – He Knows Your Thoughts (Matthew 12, verse 25)
19:05 – Quit Blaming The Devil For Everything
20:45 – Cynicism Is Counterfeit Wisdom
23:23 – Deal With It
24:51 – It Happens On The Inside
26:25 – The Secret To Doing The Will of God (Mark 3, verse 23)
29:00 – Jesus Knew Who He Was. Do You?
31:11 – You Are From God (1 John 4, verse 4)
34:55 – You’ve Got To Talk To Yourself Better
36:57 – Voices Become Viewpoints (1 John 4, verse 5)
39:17 – Talk Like Where You Come From (1 John 4, verse 6)
41:10 – The Internal Authority of Jesus (Mark 3, verse 28)
44:18 – Saying Amen From Within
46:20 – Dealing With Our Inside Voice
49:28 – God, Help Us To Hear You
50:58 – He Is Within You (John 11, verses 33-43)
56:04 – Do You Know It On The Inside?

Use Your Inside Voice | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church