Image from page 25 of “The best of flowers and vegetables to date” (1896)


Image from page 25 of “The best of flowers and vegetables to date” (1896)
Title: The best of flowers and vegetables to date
Identifier: bestofflowersveg1896benh
Year: 1896 (1890s)
Authors: Ben Hains Co; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Nursery stock Indiana New Albany Catalogs; Flowers Seeds Catalogs; Plants, Ornamental Catalogs; Vegetables Seeds Catalogs; Nursery stock; Flowers; Plants, Ornamental; Vegetables
Publisher: New Albany, Ind. : Ben Hains Co.
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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BEN HAINS CO., NEW ALBANY, IND. Sweet Peas. The sudden popularity which this real old-fashioned flower has recently acquired is wonderful, but still not strange after all, for what is there that was ever grown more graceful In form and bearing, or more delicate in coloring, to say nothing of Its rare perfume. Plant quan- tities of themâthe seed Is so cheap that you may have all you wishâand let the overflowing beauty of your garden give pleasure to your friends and neighbors, and brighten up many a sick room. As to the much-discussed question of cultivation, let me suggest three things: Plant early, plant deep, and give them lots of water. Get them In the ground just us early In the spring as the ground can possi- bly be worked, which In this latitude is generally before the middle of March. Plant them Ave or six Inches deep. In rich soil, and give supports after they haventtalned a height of several Inches. Ills better to plant them even deeper than this, if the soli should be dry and light, and t his is often done by digging a trench several Inches deep, and planting them twoortlireo inches deep In the bottom ,>f this, having first stirred the soli to as great a depth as possible, After the plants are above the ground, the soil may be filled into the trench a llttleat a tun.. until the ground is again level, thus placing the roots six or eight inches In-low the surface where they will keep compara- tively cool. In dry weather stir the soil and apply great quantities of water, sulllclent to reach the bottom of the roots, once or twice a week. If these directions are care- fullv followed, especially as to watering, you will have groat numW-rs of large flowers way into August. Good Mixture. Many colors. l’eroz. Sc.. >4 It… 22c, pkt. :V. All New â¢s»i,i’t l’oas JlUwI. This is a special mixture of new named varieties of this favorite flower, containing the largest flowered and most distinct sorts, and will great satisfaction, I confidently recommend this to those who want something decidedly better than the ordinarv mixture. Per oz., 12c. v4 lb.. Sic Per pkt _ 6c Kckford’s Gill-edged. This mixture contains a variety of new colors and shades, many of the flowers being of largo size. This seed is raised from stock imported direct from Mr. Eckford, and for I hose who do not mind paying a little more for something veiy new and choice, embracing the very finest novelties in Sweet Peas, will give great Jileasure’ and unbounded satisfaction. Per oz., 25c, 2o»- oc. >4 lb., 75c. Per pkt 12c VERBENA. The Verbena is a favorite bedding plant with all who have ever cultivated it. It covers the ground with a dense mat of finely cut, rich green foliage, which is almost cov- ered with large trusses of flowers of the richest and most brilliant crimsons, scarlets and purples, deep blues, soft pinks and snowy whites, while some of the flowers are vividly striped 6carlet, crimson or purple on 3 white ground. Verbena Hybrida. Extra fine mixed, from a superb col- lection of named varieties, producing enormous trusse^and flowers of the most brilliant colors. This strain is far superior to the Mammoth Verbena having been saved from the very largest flowers, not only of many bright and pleasing self-colors, but also from the very finest varieties of the Auricula-flowered type. The price is high, but the quality justifies it. Two packets, 25c; per pkt _ 15c Verbena Hybrida. Fine Mixed. A splendid mixture which will produce fine flowers of a wide range of colors of the Mammoth Verbena Type. Per pkt. 6c. Verbena Hybrida. Good ilixed. A good mixture which will produce fine flowers of a splendid range of colors. A bed of Verbenas from this seed will indeed be a brilliant sight, but we would strongly recommend the two proceed- ing strains as being more than merely good, and costing little more money. Plant the seed early in boxes in the house and transplant a foot apart in the open border as soon as danger of frost is past, and you will have as fine a bed as if you bought plants already started. Per pkt._ -Sc. Viola Odorata. The modest sweet scented Violet is an unassuming little plant that is loved wherever known. The fragrance is In- tensely rich, yet most delicate, and a small bunch of them The seed should be sown in snot dry out until hich sometimes requires several weeks, should be transplanted into we’l en- fter cold weather sets in, iu Northern be slightly protected with evergreen boughs or something else of the sort, though they should not be closely covered. Soon after the snow is off In the Spring they will begin to bloom. Fine Mixture, of pure white, fine light blue, rich deep purple, dark violet and other shade*. Per pkt., _ 10c will perfume a whole room V id I jav ZINNIA. much so common is an old- 1 colored No flowers are more easily grown than thl that in speaking of any readily grown plant 1 tosay "as easily grown as a Zinnia." TheZlr fashioned flower, but the almost single, 1 flowers of years ago are now replaced by enormous densely double balls of rich glowing crimson, dazzling scarlet, maroon, violet, orange, yellow, buff, primrose, pink and white. Uouble Mixef stronger growth than the prece- ding, and producing flowers that are simply immense, per- fectly double, and of rich and striking colors. The plants is Is a new. extra finestrain of dwarf met little bushes bearing very small s of the brightest colors and per- over the plant through the whole each one looks like a bouquet of season, sc flowers. Everlasting Flowers. These odd flowers never fade, but If cut In bud and blos- som and dried thev will last and retain their rich and brilliant colors for mnnr vears. They should be cut when wining a splendid mixt clinum, rose and white Gomphrena (Globe Ami chrysum, crimson, whit colors; Rhodaut he : V mixed colors. Good* ire c Ami rd packet from all these varie Wild Garden {Mixture. This is a grown pla garden. A p.iekag. of or spnuk it p’ â of such easily a wild flower gotten from a t over a good-sized bcvl. \ hen ed. thin them out if necessary, i pach dav by the sight of i.-« f. I given to the children will pro« you will be rewarded e A package of this s«<ed endless means of amusement, ar.a may k- ⢠p from many worse ones. A few packages of this seed tered by woodland walks, roadsides, fences or in au of-the-wny places, will prove a source of surprise to others, as well as yourself. Peroz.. I V.;1, lb.. 95c.; r $1.75; per pku,…^___…_._.. â

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