Image from page 24 of “A. W. Livingston’s Sons seed annual : “true blue.”” (1895)


Image from page 24 of “A. W. Livingston’s Sons seed annual : “true blue.”” (1895)
Title: A. W. Livingston’s Sons seed annual : "true blue."
Identifier: awlivingstonsson1895livi
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Authors: Livingston Seed Company; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Seeds Catalogs; Seed industry and trade Ohio Columbus Catalogs; Vegetables Ohio Columbus Catalogs; Fruit Ohio Columbus Catalogs; Flowers Ohio Columbus Catalogs
Publisher: Columbus, Ohio : A. W. Livingston’s Sons
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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General List of JrUe BlUe

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N tluH (U’part- niont wc aim to ofler a coin- plet(! list of all known va- rieticH of real value, and to ex- clude everytliiiig worthless; also to leave out an endless number of kinds for whic’h there is no demand. We are careful to avoid ofitM ing the same variety of seeds under ditt’erciit names ; we also avoid using misleading descrijjtions. It has been our aim to give fair and reason- "^^ able General Instructions as to planting and growth, lint allowance must be made, for whatappli(>H in one latitude or section may widely dili’er from another not very far distant. Most of our seed bags contain specific instructions, and apply to the peculiar traits of the special variety. HrHpi* ‘Corlv Please order ns soon after you get this Catalogue as possible, and then you will have your seeds at hand for planting UI UCI Jjai Ij ⢠when you want them; besides if you want heavy seeds in large (luaulilies they eau be sent by freight very clieaply. CaqHc Pl-Ar«lirJ \r Moil PLEASE BEAR IN MIND that the prices in the follcnvinK list inelude prepayment of postage by us on OCCUd riCpdlU Uj> all seeds ottered by the Packet, Ounce, Quarter-pound, Pound, Pint or Quart, unless otherwise noted. i’hus von have onlv to send the catalogue price, and we guarantee safe delivery by mail, postage prepaid. Jf the seeds are to go by express or freight with other seeds, etc., at the buyer’s expense, deduct eight cents for a pound, eight cents for a pint, and fifteen cents for a quart. Half- pounds supplied at pound rates; half-bu.shels at bushel rates. T>rt/-.Iraf CaA/l TVicr’miTlf c This does not f For 25 CENTS vou mav select 6 five cent packages of Vegetable or Flower Seeds. 1 ^ILli.Cl OCCU UldCUUillO< refer to seeds For SO CENTS you may si’lect 13 live-cent ]iucl;ages of Vegetable or Flower See<ls. ollered bv weight (o/., lli.. etc. i, or measure (pint, â < For $1.00 you may select Seeds in Packets (no ouik’cs, reiueiiiln’r), amounting to $1.30. Ht., etc.l’ljUt to sei’ds in PACKETS ONLY. Nor I For $2.00 "you may select See(Is in Packets (no oinc-es, remember), amounting to $2.75. does it refer to I’otatoes, Onion Sets or Bulbs. V For $5.00 you nuiy select Se<Mls in Packets (no ounces, remember), amounting to $7.25. ‘Diillr C^orl Ticr«rtiiritc This discount refers to SEEDS quoted in catalogue f On an Order for $5.00 10 Per Cent. CUln. OCCU UldCUUilld. BY WEIGHT OR MEASURE, and not to Potatoes, On an Order for $10.00 12 Per Cent. Dnion Sets or Bulbs, as some understood it last season, nor to Seeds in Packets: (_On an Order for $20.00 IS Per Cent. 1l/r1>-pf Parrl^nPrC or other large planters, requiring larger quantities of .seeds than are here ofl’ered, are invited to write for our iTlral top dressing of manure, ashes and salt, which ehonld be well cultivated into the soil. An soon as the tops turn yellow in the fall they should be cut and removed from the beds, and just before winter cover the beds with four inches of, strawy manure or leaves, which should be removed in the spring. A bed fixilO feet is ample for an ordinary family, and when well established is good for twenty years. One ounce of seed sows 60 feet of drill About 400 plants to the ounce. DONALD’S ELMIRAâOriginated with Mr. Donald, a well-known market gardener of Etmira. N. Y. It is quite different from either Barr’sor Palmetto, and agood, reliable mammoth. Pkt.,5c.; oz., 10c.; 14 lb., aOc.; lb., $1.(10. CONOVER’S COLOSSALâA large and rapid grower of excellent quality. Pkt., .">c.; oz., 10c.; H lb., 20e.; lb., .50c. BARR’S MAMMOTHâVery large and uniform, grows very quick, and is very light in color. Pkt., 5c.: oz., 10c.; % lb., 20c.; lb., 60c. PALMETTOâClaimed to be an earlier, better yiclder and more even grower than Colossal. Pkl.,.”>c.; oz.,10c.; 34 lb.,30c.; lb., $1.00. COLUMBIAN MAMMOTH WHITEâAn entirely distinct variety producing shoots which are white, and remain so as long as it is lit for use. In addition to the advantage of its white color it is even more robust and vigorous in habit and throws larger shoots and fully as many of them as Conover’sColossal. It needs no earthing up in order to furnish the white shoots so much sought after. We are confident that when once known it will be used to the exclusion of all other kinds. Pkt.,.5c.; oz.,’20c.; »4lb.,G0c.: lb., ASPARAGUS ROOTS. Bv purchasing GOOD, STRONG ROOTS one or two years time is saved, MAMMOTH WHITEâBy mail, (postpaid), .50 roots, $1.00; 100 roots, $1.7.5. DONALD’S ELMIRA â By mail (postpaid),.50roots, Voc; 100 roots, $1..50. By express (not prepaid) lOO roots, 90c,; ,500 roots, §1.2.5; 1000 roots, $8.00. Conover’s Colossal â Bv mail (postpaid), .50 roots, 66c.; 100 roots, $1.2.5. By express, (not prepaid) 1(K) roots, 7.5c.; 500 roots, $;?.()0; 1000 roots, $5.50. PalmettoâBy mail (post- paid) 50 roots, 70c.: UK) roots, $1.2.5. Byexpress(ni>t lirepaid) 100roots, 7.5c.: 5(K> roots, $;j..50; 1000 roots, $(J Barr’s Mammothâ By mail, (postpaid), ,5(> roots, 70c.: 100 roots, $1.25. By express, (not prepaid), lOO roots, 75c,; 50Oroots,$3.5O; 1000 roots; SG.OO. Special Prices for Larger Quantities of above Roots. .mammoth W)iirB Asi’AK.ot s.

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