Image from page 153 of “Canadian forest industries 1892-1893” (1893)


Image from page 153 of “Canadian forest industries 1892-1893” (1893)
Title: Canadian forest industries 1892-1893
Identifier: canadianforest189293donm
Year: 1893 (1890s)
Subjects: Lumbering; Forests and forestry; Forest products; Wood-pulp industry; Wood-using industries
Publisher: Don Mills, Ont. : Southam Business Publications
Contributing Library: Fisher – University of Toronto
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12 July, 1892 THE LUMBER TRADE ABROAD. A Saginaw dealer purchased 5,000,000 feet of lumber at Lake Superior points for the eastern markets. James Graves, at one time a rich sawmill owner, hanged himself in his barn at his home in Gravesville, Wis. Fire originating in Woods, Jenks & Co.’s planing mill in the lumber district of Cleveland, Ohio, caused about $200,000 damage. George Harney, of Woodruff, a promin- ent lumberman who recently met financial reverses, drowned himself in the Wisconsin river. Lumber traffic through the "Soo" canal is increasing. In May, 1891, 46,829,000 feet of lumber passed through, and in May, 1892, 68,925,000. A cargo of mahogany is said to be floating loose on the Atlantic. It was abandoned March 31st last, since which time it has floated thousands of miles. Hickory as lumber is exceedingly scarce in the United States market. Though now rarely called for, it is more rarely found. White ash of good fibre is generally used as a substitute. Water shipments from the Saginaw Valley, Mich., have fallen off nearly 11,000,000 feet since the beginning of the season as compared with last year. The railroads are rapidly driv- ing the vessel men out of business. At Genoa, Ark., a small station on the Cot- ton Belt Railroad, burglars entered the office of the Bodcaw Lumber Co., opened the safe and carried away $40,000 worth of the company’s stock, $12,000 worth of notes, and about $100 in cash. The famous big trees of North Carolina will be represented in the Forestry Building at Chicago by a colonnade of nine trunks, each twenty-fie feet long, which are the gift of Mr. George Vanderbilt from his estate at Biltmore, near Asheville. On the 16th ult. fire did $25,000 damage to the mill of W. P. Mershon and Co., north of Saginaw, Mich. It caught in the boiler room and destroyed the cutting mill, dry kiln and 750,000 feet of lumber. It required heroic work to save the docks and the adjoining prop- erty. The loss is about half covered by insur- ance. Lumber is the largest of any single manufac- turing enterprise of the United States. The capital invested in it equals $750,000,000, and about 3,000,000 people contribute to it their labor and look to it for their support. The manufactured output of the American sawmills alone equals the marvelous annual yield of $500,000,000 greater than all the gold, silver, copper, lead, iron and coal mines of this great nation. The Timber Trades Journal, London, Eng., says ihe houses of Cape Town, Africa, are built of brick, because frame houses soon succumb to the fierce southeasterly winds and the intense heat of the summer. The timber used for the construction of the old Dutch buildings was mostly teak, brought from India. At the pres- ent time most of the timber is imported from Sweden and Norway, with considerable pine from Florida. There are no forests worthy of the name within 400 miles of Cape Town, and only one in the entire Cape Colony. The Manchester Ship Canal Company, Eng- land, is making preparations for landing space to accommodate the timber and lumber trade, between Eastham and Rancorn. At Ellsmere port, the terminus of the Shropshire Union canal, vessels drawing 26 feet of water can safely land their cargoes. From this point lumber can be distributed nearly throughout Cheshire, Shropshire, and in many other places in North Wales. At the junction of the river Weaver with the ship canal an enormous water space is being reserved as a timber pond, which will be used for the storage of logs. WANTED AND FOR SALE Advertisements will be inserted in this department at the rate of 15 cents per line each insertion. When four or more consecutive insertions are ordered a discount of 25 per cent, will be allowed. This notice shows the width of the line and is set in Nonpareil type. Adver- tisements must be received not later than the 27th of each month to insure insertion in the following issue. . WANTED TO BUY GOOD CANADIAN TIMBER LIMITS AND Georgian Bay saw logs. Address, BEN BIRD- SALL, Whitney Building, Detroit, Mich. FOR SALE AT KINGSTON FOUNDRY & MACHINERY Co. (Limited), two Sawmill Engines, cylinders 13 x 21, fly-wheel 9 ft. 6 in. drain, driving pulley 7 ft. x 18 in. face—new—at a bargain. WORTHINGTON COMPOUND STEAM PUMP FOR SALE. STEAM CYLINDER 12 AND 18K INCHES diameter; water cylinder, 10% inches; length of stroke, 10 inches; speed, 75 to 125; capacity, 530 to 890 gallons per minute; 2^-inch steam; 3% exhaust; 8-inch suction ; 7-inch discharge ; capacity, 4 to 6 good fire streams. This pump supplied the city of Brantford for several years satisfactorily for fire and domestic supply when its population was over 10,000. It is in thorough order and will do equally as good service as when new. For prices and further particulars address WATEROUS ENGINE WORKS CO., Brantford, Canada. TO RENT. LARGE PLANING MILL WITH EXCEP- tional facilities. Railway switch into premises. Also Flat, with or without power, steam-heated, suit- able for all kinds of woodworking. Apply J. F. CANNIFF, 36 Toronto St., Toronto. WHITE BIRCH AND SOFT ELM WANTED. LUMBERMEN HAVING i-IN. RED BIRCH and i-in. dry Soft Elm, firsts and seconds, for sale, please communicate with W. W. BROWN, 202 Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y. WANTED. SAWERS AND FILERS TO SEND ME THEIR ADDRESS, AND I will send free instructions on hammering saws that is certified to be worth from $50 to $100. J. H. MINER, Bioxi, Miss. WE WANT ALL KINDS OF HARDWOODS. Will pay cash. ROBERT THOMSON & CO., 103 Bay Street, Toronto. OR HEMLOCK, DIMENSION LUMBER, hardwood flooring, cedar shingles, piles, sawdust, etc., write J. E. MURPHY, lumberman, Hepworth station, Ont. HARDWOOD LUMBER BOUGHT, SOLD OR received on consignment. TUCKER DAVID, lumber commission merchant, 202 Eleventh Ave., N.Y. STEEL RAILS, ETC. SEVERAL THOUSAND FEET "T" RAILS, 10 and 20 lbs. to the yard. A large quantity of flat strap rail for tramways. 20 pair wheels and axles, all in good second-hand condition, very cheap IOHN J. GARTSHORE, 49 Front Street West, Toronto. ENGINE AND PLANER FOR SALE A20 TO 25-H.P. LEONARD ENGINE AS GOOD as new, is at present running sawmill, cutting 5,000 to 8,000 per day of ten hours. Also a 24 inch planer and matcher in good order. Would exchange planer for a large engine. ROBT. BELL, JR., Box 35, Hensall, Ont, WILLIAM FOSTER Lumber and Commission Merchant RECEIVER AND FORWARDER OF Lumber, Lath and Shingles . . . Correspondence Solicited . . . OlATEH SOXJIXr), OUT. J. D. SHIE3R Manufacturer of Lumber, Lath & Shingles BRfCEBRIDGE, ONT. 3".-A ,LAR K 1 IM FOR 93.95.97.NIAGARAM => Icail UJ 1- WHO LESALE | 3 M’F’R &0 u s / ° Can. 2 DOORS 8c GLAZED WINDOWS TIMBER BERTH" FOR SALE BERTH NO. 35, CONTAINING 36 SQUARE miles, situated on French River, within about twelve miles of Georgian Bay. There is a large creek and other smaller streams crossing the same which empty into the French, and containing large quantities of Pine Timber. Has never been lumbered on. Apply to EXECUTORS OF JOHN BROWN (deceased) Room No. 8, Drake Building, Easton, Pa. SHINGLE MILL FOR SALE SITUATION: The Tretheway Falls Shingle Mill is new, built 1891, on the South Branch of the Muskoka River, 5 miles from Bracebridge, near South Falls switch N. & N. W. R.R. With the mill are 5 acres of land, large board- ing house, team horses, wagon, sleighs, etc., etc., in fact complete equipment for mill and lumber camp. MACHINERY : Consists of Little Giant Leffel Wheel (60 horse power), Boss Shingle Machine, Jointer, Splitter, Drag, Butting and Knot Saws; Endless Chain Burner, Bull Wheel, etc., etc. Building is 30 x 40 heavy frame, with room and shafting placed for second shingle machine. Belt- ing complete and everything in good running order. Circular saw could be added with small expense. TIMBER: Is abundant for 50 miles above the mill on the waters of the South Branch—many townships being yet owned by the government—besides thousands of acres of deeded pine, four or five thousand acres of which can be bought immediately. There is also about 400,000 feet of timber at mill which can be purchased with it, so that buyer can commence cutting at once. The estate must be wound up, and will bear the clos- est examination. For further information, address THE CANADA LUMBERMAN, Toronto, Ont.

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NORTH SHORE NMOHOI GO. ROYAL /TVA1U LINE To Sault Ste. Marie and Georgian Bay Ports STRS. CITY OF MIDLAND, CITY OF LONDON, FAVORITE AND MANIT0U Running in connection with the G.T.R. and C.P.R., will sail as follows:— The CITY OF MIDLAND and CITY OF LONDON will leave Collingwood every Tuesday and Friday on arrival of G.T.R. morning trains from Toronto and Hamilton, calling at Meaford. Leave Owen Sound same days at 10.30 p.m. after arrival of C.P.R. train from Toronto, connecting at Wiarton with night train from the south, and calling at intermediate ports to Sault Ste. Marie. Steamer FAVORITE will leave Collingwood Mon- days and Thursdays after arrival of morning trains for Parry Sound, Byng Inlet, French River and Killarney, connecting there with above line of steamers for the "Soo." Returning will make close connection at Midland on Wednesdays and Saturdays with trains for the south and steamer MANITOU for Parry Sound. Steamer MANITOU will make regular trips from Penetanguishene, connecting with trains from the south, only at Midland on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for Parry Sound, connecting there with Steamer FAVORITE for Byng Inlet, French River and Killarney, where connection is made with above 1′ SOO *’ line of steamers. For tickets and further information apply to any agents G.T.R. or C.P.R., or to C. E. STEPHENS, I W. J. SHEPPARD, Sec.-Treas., Collingwood | Manager, Waubaushene WHEN YOU BUY You get the best, most complete and useful table bock for the measurement of Ivu.:m£>er x^ogs Ever Published. – – Over One Million Sold – – Calculations are given showing the number of feet board measure contained in various sizes of logs by DOYLE’S RULE, besides many other tables useful for lumbermen and others. Mailed to any address on receipt of 35 CENTS. Address THE CANADA LUMBERMAN, Toronto, Ont. THE FLINT IH III FROM Port Huron and Detroit Is the Short Line to SAGINAW AND BAY GUY (Centres of the vast lumber interests of Michigan) ML PLEASANT, CLARE, REED CITY BALDWIN, LUDINGTON, MANISTEE MILWAUKEE AND MANITOWOC, WIS. The last two named are reached by the Company’ line of Steamships across Lake Michigan. The line thus formed is a short and direct route from NEW YORK MONTREAL BUFFALO TORONTO to ST. PAUL, DULUTH and Pacific Coast points. Write either of the undersigned for Folders, which contain Maps, Train Schedules and a great deal of in- formation of value to those contemplating a trip to any of the above-mentioned points. W. H. BALDWIN, JR., W. F. POTTER, General Manager. Gen’l. Sup’t. A. PATRIARCHE, Traffic Manager. General Offices : – SAGINAW, /TV1CH. TH6 MONARCH BOILER (Patented, and HERCULES ENGINE

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