Image from page 14 of “Breeder and sportsman” (1882)


Image from page 14 of “Breeder and sportsman” (1882)
Title: Breeder and sportsman
Identifier: breedersportsma351899sanf
Year: 1882 (1880s)
Subjects: Horses
Publisher: San Francisco, Calif. : [s. n. ]
Contributing Library: San Francisco Public Library
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July 1, 1899] d^j-e ^vssttev tmr» gv&ctstntm. 9 The recent arrest of Chinese fishermen who were catching small fish along the Alameda shore is a step in the right di- rection, bat only one little step. This basiness should have been looked after and stopped years ago- As it is, there has been in the past a serious oversight in neglecting to carb tbe bay piracy of tbe Mongolian tUh destroyers. The following item, depicting the vandal work of but one day, is a ample of what has been going on for years with bat rare and only spasmodic attempts at checking it. Special laws are on the statue books and general provision is made for remedial connty legislation, bat this seems to avail nothing for the preven’ion of such practices (and also many others equally reprehensible) as are here noted. "Deputy Fish Commissioners Davis and Cross recently had a hot chase after a gang of Chinese fishermen who were catching small fish along the Alameda shore. When tbe Mongolians saw the officers coming they scattered like quail, making the capture of all of them a difficult task. The deputies, however, chased the largest boat in tbe fleet and ar- rested five hard-looking Celestials, who were placed in Jul in Alameda. Their hulk contained thousands of sole and flounder, the largest of which was not over two inches in length." The gang of shrimp-catchers bagged in San Pablo bay last week bad in their possession two boatloads of smelt fry. Deputy DaviB, who has been detailed to hunt up and arrest all Chinese transgressors of the law, stated that there are at least fifty boats manned by Chinese, fishing for shrimps in tnis bay- Davis figures that tbe small fish taken by Chines* who are supposed to catch shrimps only amount to 150,000 pounds monthly. At this rate it would seem that bay fisb, such as flounder, sole, smelt, etc., are being pretty well thinned out by the Mongolians who have grown rich from the shipments of dried fish to the Flowery Kingdom. Tbe fisherman who tells you be does not care about the flsh he catches ib not to be believed, says that veteran caBter of the fly, Dr. Henry Van Dyke of New York. In the Jane Century he writes: "Never believe a fisherman who tells you that he does not care about the fish he catches. Be may nay that he angles only for the pleasure of being out of doors, and that he is just as well contented when he takes nothing as when he makes a good catch. He may think so, but it is not true, fie is not telling a deliberate falsehood. He is only assuming an unconscious pose and indulging in a delicate bit of self flittery. Even if it were true, it would not be at all to his credit. ‘"Watch him on that lucky day when he comes home with a full basket of trout on his shoulder or a quartet of silver salmon covered with green branches in the bottom of the canoe. His face is broader than it was when he weot out, and there is a sparkle of triumph in his eyes. ‘It is naught, it is naught,’ he sas, in modest depreciation of his triumph. But you shall see that he lingers fondly about tbe place where the fish are displayed upon the grass, and does not fail to look carefully at the scales when they ore weighed, and has an attentive ear for the comments of admiring spec- tators. You will find, moreover, that he is not unwilling to relate the story of the ca tureâhow the big fish rose short, four different times, to four different flies, and finally took a email black d^se, and played all over the pool, and ran down a terribly stiff rapid to the next pool below, and sulked for twentv minutes, and had to be stirred up with stones, and made snch a long fight that when he came in at last the hold of the book was aim- st worn through, and it fell out of his mouth as he touched the shore. Listen to this tale as it is told, with endless variations, by every man who has brought home a fish, and you will perceive that the fisherman does care for his luck, after all."

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Coming Events. July 2âAlert Gnn Clnb. Bine rocks. Birds Point. July 2âCalifornia Wing Clnb. Live birds. Ingleside. Jnly 2âMerced Gnn Clnb. Blue rocks. Merced. July 2, 16-Acme«au Club. Blue rocks. Grass Valley. July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30â4.ntloch Gnn Clnb. Bine rocks. Antioch. July 2. 9.16. 23, ?0âTacoma Gun Club. Bine rocks. Tacoma. July 2. 9, 16. 23, 30 -Chico Gun Clnb Blue rocks. Chico. Jnly 2, 30âReliance Gnn Club. Bine rocks. Webster St. bridge. Jnly 9-Olympic Gun Clnb. Live biids Ingleside. Jnly 9âEmpire Gnn Club. B^ue rocks. Alameda Point. Jnly 9âSan Francisco Gun Club. Bine rocks. Alameda Point. Jnly 9. 23âNapa Gnn Club. Bine rocks. Napa. Jnly 9. 23âSeattle Bod and Gun Clnb Bice rocks. West Seattle. Jnly 9, 23âMount Shasta Gnn Clnb. Blue rocks. Redding. Jnly 16âLincoln Gnn Clnb. Bine rocks. Alameda Point. Jnly 16-Pelican Gnn Clnb. Live birds. Sacramento. July 23âOlymoic Gnn Clnb. Bine rocks Ingleside. Jnly 21âSan Francisco Gun Club. Live birds. San Clemente. July 23âUnion Gnn Clnb. Bine rocks. Alameda Point. July 30âUnion Gnn Clnb. Live birds. Aug. 20âNapa Gun Club. Live birds. East Napa. The Game Law. The open season for abootlng quail, doves, deer and wild dnck as fixed oy tbe State law is as follows: Doves, 15th Jnly to 15th Febru- ary. Mountain quail and grouse, 1st September to 15th February. Valley quail, wild dnck and rail. 1st October to 1st Marnh. Male deer, 15th Jnly to 15th October. Pbeasants, tbe taking, killing, selling or having In possession at any lime is prohibited: robbiug or destruc- tion of nests or having pheasant eggs in possession is a misdemeanor in the following counties: Trinity, Marin. Lake. Merced, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Kings, Ventura, Santa Clara, Monterey, San Joaquin, Yoba. The clerks of nearly all the Boards of Snoervisors have advised us no changes have been made this year, but the ordinances passed last rear hold good If they do not conflict with the State law. The following counties nave not passed any ordinances that alter the open season as provided by State law: Amador. Butte, Inyo, Modoc. Mono, Mendocino, Mariposa. Nevada, Napa, Plumas, San Diego, San Joaquin, Sacramento, Solano, Santa Cruz, Siskiyou, Tehama. Yolo and Yuba. The changes are as follows: AlpineâDeer. Sept. 2 to Oct. 15. AlamedaâRail. Oct. 15 to Feb. 15. Quail. Nov. 1 tn Feb. 1. Male deer. Jolylo to Oct. 1. Pheasants protected nntil February. 1904. Hunting, killing or having in possession for purpose of sate or ship- ment out of county: quail, bob white, part’idge, wild dock, rail, mountain quail, grouse, dove,does or deer, antelope,elk or mountain sheep prohibited. ColusaâDeer, Aug. 15 to Oct. 15. CalaverasâDees, Sept. 1 to Oct. 15. Contra CostaâDeer, July 20 to Sept. 2. (Use of dogw prohibited). El DoradoâDoves, Julv 20 to Feb. L Trout. June 1 to Dec 1. Fresnoâ Valley qna*l. Nov. 1 to Jan. 31. Individual bae limited to 25 quail cer day. Mountain quail, Sept. 1 to Feb. 15. Doves. Ane la to Feb Id. Pheasants bob whit"- qoail and prairie chickens, close season in for e for &i indefinite period. Use of nets or seines in county waters prohibited. Humbolat^-yrouse and Wilson snipe, Sept. 1 to Feb. 15. Killing of waterfowl, prohibited between one-half honr after smnco.t and in*1 half hour before sunrise. Pheasants and wild turkeys protected un*,ilOct. 1,1900. Black brant, Oct. 1 to March 1. Pbipmeutof game out of the count* prohibited. Deer, use of dogs prohibited. KernâShipping game out of the connty pronibited. Quail. Oct. 1 to Feb. 1 LakeâDeer. Aug. 1 to Oct. 1. KingsâDoves, Sept. 1 to Feb. 15. Quail, Nov. 1 to Feb-15. Los Angelesâ^hipoing gam«to marsfw nuwlriv of the conntv pro- hibited. Sea-galls, egrets, pelicans, seals, protected. Ttont season opens April 1st. MarinâDeer. July 15 to Sent 15. Quail, partridge or grouse, Nov. 1 to Feb. 1 Individual bag limited to 25 bird* per day. Market hunting and shipment of game from the county is probibitf-d Use of Repeating shot guns prohibited of meadow larks or any other song birds prohibi’ed. Bunting within private enclosures or on public roads prohibited. Trout, with hook and line otuy, Apri 1 to Oct 15. MaderaâMarket bunting prohibited. MontereyâDeer, July 15th to Sept. 1st. [Use of dogs prohibited). Quail, Oct. 1 to Oct. 5. NapaâTront. by hook and line only. April 1 to Dec. 1. OrangeâDoves, Aug. 1 to Fen. L Deer. Aue- la to Oct. L (Market hunting prohibited). Quail, partridges or grouse, Oct. 1 to Oct. 5. Ducks, Nov. 1 to March 1. Ducks and quail, shipment from the county restricted as follows: No person shall ship ducks or quail out of the county in quantities to exceed two dozen birds a week. PlacerâTrout, Tune 1 to Dec. 1. PlumasâSalmon, tront. May 1 to Dec 1 (netting prohibited ) RiversideâMale deer, close season un’il July 15,1901. Jnly 15 to Sept. 15, tnerea’ter. Quail, individual bag limited ‘o 20 hi ds per dav. Mr.ntit^in or valley quail, pheasant and wild dnck, sale of pro- hibited in the couny vi d dock, valley or mountain quail, ship ment from county probibiied. Trout, any variety, close season nntil May 1,1901. May 1 to Dec. 1, thereafter. San BenitoâDeer. Aug. 1 to Sept. 15. (Market hunting prohibited). Santa BarbaraâDeer, Aug. 1 to Aug. 22. Use of hounds pro- hibited. Qnail. one day. Oct. 1. (Market hunting prohibited). Lob- sters or crawfish, close season, April 15 to Sept. 15, shippioe from county in close season prohibited. Abalones. taking- selling, having in possession and shipping from the county prohibited. San BernardinoâDeer, close season continuous. 1-99. Valley or mountain qnail, wild duck, sale of prohibited. Trout, sale of. be- tween April Is’ and May 1st of anv ye*r and during 1899, prohibited. Tree squirrels, five per day tbe lr dividual limit. San DiegoâShippi g game out f the coQoty prohibited. San Luis ObispoâDeer, July 15 to Sept. L Use of hounds prohib- ited Doves, Julv 15 to Dec. 1. Hnntine for market* situated outside of the county prohibited. Clams, use of plows or machines in digging prohibited. Shipment of abalones out of the connty prohibited. 3an MateoâDeer, Jnlv 15 to Aug. 26. (Use of dogs not prohibited. Market hunting prohibited). Rail, Oct. 15 to Nov. 15. (Shooting from boat-at bieb tide nronibited). Santa ClaraâMale deer, July 15 to £ept. 15. Quell, Nov. 1 to Feb. 1. Individual bag limited to 20 rirds per day. Qoail, wild duck, pheasants and doves, purchase and sale, or shipment out of tbe conniy prohibited. ShastaâDeer. July 15 to Sept. 1. Shipment of feathered game out of the county prohibited. SierraâDeer. Sept. 1 to Oct. 15. Siskiyouâshipment of feathered game out of the conntv prohibited. SonomaâDeer. July 15 to Oct. 1. Quail, Nov. 1. to Feb. 1 Pheas- ants, close season till Jan 1. 1901. Shipping game out of the county prohibited. Cse of nets in streams of the county prohibited. SutterâDeer, Sept. 1 to Oct. 15. Doves, July 15 to Jan. 1. TrinityâDeer, Sept. 1 to Oct. 15. TulareâDeer, Sept. 1 to Oct. 15. Shipping game out ol the county prohibited. VenturaâQuail, any variety, Oct. 1 to Nov. 1. OAKTRIDGE AND SHELL. Recent charges in the county same and fish laws and now in force in Mario, 8anta Clara, Fresno and Riverside conn- ties are shown in the synopsis of game laws given with this issue of the Bbekdek and Sportsman. "Tom Colt" is ambitious for histrionic distinction, his rendition of a part in ”Tamed Oat," an old time but amus- ing farce given by members of La Estrella Parlor, N. D. G. W., last Saturday evening was a surprise to his friends. Field sports in the vicinity of Woodland at present have not the charm of great variety, imong the hunters the festive cottontail is offering the only mark for sport. These little animals seem to be quite abundant along the creek this year and though as yet the sport has not become the fad, those who have been oat report first-class sport. The National Pigeon Shooters’ Association recently pnr- chaspd forty-two acres of land at Qaeene, Queens Borough, N. Y. It is the intention of the purchasers 10 incorporate a new organization and improve the property by the erection of a number of buildings. A number of wealthy sporting men of New York city are said to be back of the enterprise. The price paid is reported to have been $800 an acre. County officials of late seem to he imbued with the nec- essary stimulus to pay attention to the letter of the law as well as the popular sentiment in relation to game protection. Arrests and fines after conviction have been the results in cases in Marin, Santa Clara and Mendocino counties re- cently. Let the good work go 00, for the sooner an under- standing as to tbe certain punishment of game law violators is widespread the sooner will there be a general and whole- some respect for and observance of the law. Bernie Devlin, a prominent basiness man and ex-city father of Benicia, attended the live bird shoot at San Clemente last Sunday. He is not only an excellent trap shot, bat a rare expounder of the goBpel of good fellowship As a referee in a pigeon match be shines with an incan- descence of wisdom that places Solomon in the "has been" cIbes. A three bird race was arranged between D Ravman Schaliz aod Narrv A. Wands, Devlin waB the referee Each mao scored two birds; Schaltz missed his last bird and Wands stepped to the score with a chance to win or tie. he missed with his first barrel but brought the bird down with the sec- ond; the pigeon, badlv wounded, in fluttering about in the grass and before it could be retrieved, disappeared in a squir- rel holeâas the shooter turned to the referee bis manner indicated expectation of a favorable decision, bat Bernie palled bis waich and quietly suggested that Wand get a spade and retrieve the bird in limit time or the bird would not be scored. Expostulation aod inquiry only elicited the statement tbat Devlia was the referee and he "would have no outside interference." Wben time was ap he decided the bird lost and the match a tie, at the same time penalizing the shooters to the extent of a tflglHrioi Innch at the ferry. A creditable piece of pistol target work was the perform- ance of J. E. Gorman last Sunday at Shell Mound Park, in which the world’s record was tied. Gorman tied tbe record which has been held for a number of years by E. E. Part- ridge of the Boston (Mass.J Rifle Association. His first ten rounds aggregated 93. He was at hia best in the second ten, ecoriog 96. The third ten footed up 92. his fourth went np to 95, but the last half score fell to 89. F. H. Bashnell, out of a possible 300, made 234. In the team shoot between Captain Bushnell’s marksmen and Captain Gorman’s the former won easily. Followirg are tbe scores of each side re- spectively; F. H. Basbnell 208, E. N, Moore 191. J. A. Ricker 193, O Bremer 204. In tbe second team J. E. Gor- man scored 216, D. W. McLaughlin 199, C. M. Henderson 188, F. H. Belnap 156. At the Traps. The live bird attraction to-morrow will be the California Wing Club shoot at Iogleside. A side issue of this shoot will be the match between Otto Feudner and A. M. Shields for the Olympic live bird challenge medal; Feodner who won the trophy from Dr. Barker on the 18:h inst. having been challenged by Mr. Shields. Both gentlemen have been shooting in fine form recently. If the handicap conditions favor the challenger a tithe more than the committee deem reasonable, Feadner will have occasion to shoot at bis best to retain possession of the medal. At all events the race will be worth witnessing. The blae rock events to-morrow are two, one of which will be the regular meet of the Reliance club on the Web- ster street grounds, Alameda; the members of which clnb have been doing some commendable trap york since the beginning of their season. The Alert Gun Club are scheduled to have their regular shoot at Birds Point* Alameda. The return bine rock shoot at Gilroy to-morrow between the Gilroy and HoIIister Gan Clabs will, it is intimated, embrace the following program of events. In the morning, from 10 to 12 o’clock, practice shooting, free for all clnb members and guests, will be in order. Dinner, 12 to 2 p. m. The first race in the afternoon will be a 25 target race be- tween six-men teams. Clasa shooting, that is: Ooe team, Class A HoIIister vs one team. Class A Gilroy. The same with Classes B and C, etc. 2d. Sweeepstake at 10 targets open for all at 50 cents entrance. 3 moneys, class shooting. 3d. Six-man team contest at 10 targets, team to be chosen on the grounds, $3 entrance per team. Ooe money. 4th. Sweepstake races at 10 targets, open for all, 50 cents entrance. 3 moneys. The Olympic Gun Club members met at Ingleside last Sunday for the fourth medal shoot of the season. The aver- age of scores in the regular clab race and for back scores was excellent. H. H. White had the honor of making the only straight score in a 25 target race. The scores in the medal race and the back scores made were tbe fullnwine ; White, H. h Nauman, 1*. C " slade" Weib. A. J MattcSoa.E. P… Feadner. F. oweDS. L.D Miller. H H.E. Eos I^ine. Dr. F. J.. Allen, M. U ._ Hosmer, B. B. Hirscbfield, W Webb. A. J.*â- NaamaD, C. C. * â¢* -tlade" * Matie-on. E. P * BirscbSeld. W. * * Back scores. 11111 11111 11111 11111 mtiâ25 11111 11111 01 ui ma 11 ui-24 lion 11111 inn 11111 inn 24 urn 11m moo mu 11111â23 .I’lin mu 11110 mu 10011â21 .ii-Ji 10111 mu 10110 11111â21 01 in 11110 0110 ciou unoâis â-hoio 11010 inn 1 â 110 muâis .no.i mu 0000 mu nifirâis 01101 lOOU U’lOl OliOl 11101â17 00011 ouo»i aooo 11011 muâ13 01010 11*010 11110 ‘1001 10011â13 (KOuO 10111 GOuOO 01010 11010â 9 10111 mu 11111 mu 11011â23 uno 11111 uno mu 01111â32 …. 11011 mu mu iii-u moiâ 2- 11001 no 1 mu 01100 ono 1â16 00001 ltou 10101 uno L0UOâ13 In a twenty target race daring the morning practice the followiog scores were made: Webb 19. Nauman 18, Feudoer 16, "Slade" 17, Miller 10. A second shoot at twentv-five birds resalted as follows: Feadner 16, Nauman 20, Webb 17. In a shoot at ten birds the score was: Naoman 10, Webb 7, "8Iade" 8, Miller 7,Feudner 8, Matteson 6,Owens 8,White 4, Hirscbfeld 6. In a secund ten-bird race the scores were: Nauman 9, Webb 9, Owens 8, Allen 6, Miller 4, White 7, Hosmer 5, Ro«e 5, Hirschfeld 7. Webb and Nanmao indulged in 9 "left handed" race at ten targets in which Webb scored eight breaks and won by twn targets. Tbe concluding shoot for the season will be held on July 23d. The high average scores daring the dav were made by Webb, who broke 131 targets oat of 152 shot at, "Slade" smashed 90 out of 100 and Nauman made 129 out of a pos- sible 159. In the fioal club shoot next month the shooters will be placed in classes and under a handicap based on the results of previous work this year at the traps. A substitute in time of draft is allowable, Bn> a aabititute for JACKSON’S NAPA SODA, NEVER fit * The live bird shoot of tbe San Francisco Gan Clab last Sunday at San Clemente was attended by a large majority of the club members, the shooting being witnessed by a number of fellow sportsmen, the meeting was also graced by tbe pres- ence of lady visitors who took great interest in the trap work. Tbe principal event of the day, the clnb race at twelve birds, brought oat twenty-foar men on the shooting score In ibis event Clarence A. Haight and C. Shaw were the high gone. Eight shooters were second with eleven kills each. A s:de pool in the club race paid the two high guns $7 escb. the eleven men in tbe pool divided third money. Ten rack scores were shot up, the results in the two six bird races be- ing taken for the records lacking to make a fall complement of scores. The general shooting during the day was a credit- able showing. In the afternoon a strong wind blowing across the traps made the shooting most difficult. In a pre- liminary six bird race. $1 entrance, sixteen shooters entered. The pool was divided by Feadner, Daniels, Haigbt, Jastins and Jackson on straight score0. Haigbt was high gun for tbe day, in two six bird events and in tbe clab race at twelve pigeons he killed straight, he is now two birds in tbe lead for tbe club high average medal haviog a score of forty fii out of a possible fortv-eigbt birds shot at. Feadner, Edg. Forster and Murdock are tied for second place, with forty-

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