Image from page 127 of “The essays of Leigh Hunt” (1903)


Image from page 127 of “The essays of Leigh Hunt” (1903)
Identifier: essaysofleighhun00hunt
Title: The essays of Leigh Hunt
Year: 1903 (1900s)
Authors: Hunt, Leigh, 1784-1859 Symons, Arthur, 1865-1945, ed Brock, H. M. (Henry Matthew), 1875-1960 illus
Publisher: New York, E.P. Dutton and Company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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an you ask me that question, Mr Honeycomb—you, who have known me long ? — Well, if anybodythat ever kept a shop can do it, it is you : and I tell youwhat;—if you do, depend upon it, no success will be likeyours. Good fortune produces abuse of it ; but the abuseis always as impolitic, compared with a genuine policy, ascunning is inferior to wisdom. If there were any one shopin London, in which the customer for a series of yearswere sure to find one undeviating goodness of article, thephenomenon would attract and retain all eyes. And thesecigars : the boy tells me they are excellent also. Is thistrue? — I can tell you one thing they say of them, bywhich you may judge for yourself; they say they aresmuggled.— O, ho! And snatch a grace beyond the reach of law. You know how the law picked my pocket once. Beforethat time, I was so tender of conscience, that when I wasat Hastings I would not purchase a toy or a pair of glovesthat was contraband ; whereas now—I will not ask you to

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COFFEE-HOUSES & SMOKING 113 make me certain whether the articles are smuggled or not—say no more—rest your insinuating fame on that. But aprettier-tasted cigar—a leaf with a finer tip of flavour init,—pray, how many cigars might a man smoke of anevening ? I have a great mind to try. But I must look atyour publications. By the way, you have no pipes, I see;and I observe no bottles. Have you neither pipes norwine ? — No, we are exclusively cigar ; we have coffee,sherbet, lemonade—all reasonable Oriental drinks to har-monise with our divan, but nothing to disturb the peace ofit. Thus we secure a certain domestic elegance in-doors,and can prevent drunkards from coming in to get drunker.A gentleman may come from his dining or drawing-room,and still find himself in a manner at home. Besides, acigar is the mildest as well as most fashionable form oftobacco-taking; and as it is no longer the mode to drinkwine, wine is not sought after.—That is all very goodfor you; but for m

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