Image from page 113 of “Canadian forest industries 1892-1893” (1893)


Image from page 113 of “Canadian forest industries 1892-1893” (1893)
Title: Canadian forest industries 1892-1893
Identifier: canadianforest189293donm
Year: 1893 (1890s)
Subjects: Lumbering; Forests and forestry; Forest products; Wood-pulp industry; Wood-using industries
Publisher: Don Mills, Ont. : Southam Business Publications
Contributing Library: Fisher – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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12 THE CJLUJLTH’JL LXJMBERMAH May, 1892 HISTORIC ELMS. ‘J*1 HE RE are some fine old elm trees 911 the banks of the River Wye, one of the most delightful streams in England. Some two or three of these trees being considered dangerous, have recently been cut down and sold. On being sawed a number of bullets as large as marbles were found embedded in the trunk of one of the trees. It is believed that they were discharged from guns during the civil war in the reign of Charles I., when Hereford was besieged, and ultimately surrendered to the Parliamentary forces. Thus, if conjecture is correct, the birthplace of Nell Gwynne and David Garrick fur- nishes, 250 years afterward, an interesting reminiscence of the civil war, in which, by the way, Hereford lost two of its churches. ODD STUFF. A California "big tree" has been sel- ected in Tulare county to be shown at the Exposition at Chicago in 1893. A com- mittee of the Board of Trade, after an extended tour of inspection, picked out a tree measuring eighty-seven feet nine inches in circumference at the base, eighty- five feet above the ground and sixty-five feet at a height of sixteen feet. A cypress log six feet long, four feet through, weighing 14,400 pounds, was re- cently cut near Fordyce. It showed its age to be 384 years. At Glen Allen, on the morning of the 27th ult., Walter Quickfall’s sawmill was destroyed by fire, with a large quantity of lumber. The cause of the fire is not known. Loss about $5,000; no insurance. Rochester Bros. : : COMMISSION AGENTS Limits bought and sold on commission. Limits trav- elled and carefully prepared. Estimates given. Some first-class berths on the North Shore of Lake Huron and on the Upper Ottawa now in our hands for sale. Communications confidential. References given. 36 Rochester St. OttsV/S E. STEWART, dts DEALF.R IN Correspondence Solicitep Office, 24 Manning Arcade King St. West Toronto, Ont, TO THE SUPREME COURT. ‘T’HE noted case of James Tennant against the Union Bank of Canada went to the Supreme Court on the 27th ult. It arose over the failure of the old lumber firm of Christie, Kerr & Co. When in business the firm borrowed some $55,000 from the Union Bank and yave warehouse receipts against logs in the bush. Mickle, Dyment & Co., lumber- men of Barrie, and other creditors seek to invalidate these warehouse receipts and use Assignee Tennant’s name in the suit. Chancellor Boyd dismissed the action in 1890 and the Court of Appeal followed with a similar decision, with the exception of Justice Burton, who dissented. WANTED AND FOR SALE Advertisements will be inserted in this department at the rate of 15 cents per line each insertion. When four or more consecutive insertions are ordered a discount of 25 per cent, will be allowed. This notice shows the width of the line and is set in Nonpareil type. Adver- tisements must be received not later than the 27th of each mouth to insure insertion in the following issue. SAW MILL FOR SALE TN PROSPEROUS TOWN ON GEORGIAN X Bay, eighty h.p. engine, modern improvements, capacity 25000 per day, rail and water conveniences, sid- ing to lumber piles. Easy terms. Whole or half inter- est. Plenty of stock can be bought. Write for particu- lars. Lock Box 7, Hepworth station, Ont. STEEL RAILS, ETC. SEVERAL THOUSAND FEET "T" RAILS, 10 and 20 lbs. to the yard. A large quantity of fiat strap rail for tramways. 20 pair wheels and axles, all in good second-hand condition, very cheap JOHN J. GARTSHORE. 49 Front Street West, Toronto. SAWMILL FOR SALE CHEAP^ WE OFFER FOR SALE THE FOLLOWING machinery as contained in our mill at Pontypool: — One 55 horse-power Boiler; one 45 horse-power En- gine; Saw Rig and Carriage; Edger and Slab Saw; Bull Wheel; Log Car; Shafting, etc. All complete and in good running order. Can be seen in operation if de- sired. JOHN IRVIN, Pontypool or Duiidalk, Ont. THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED LUMBER BUYER WANTED. APPLICANT MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH ash and elm lumber. None but men of undoubted ability need apply. State age, experience and refer- ences.’. P.O. BOX 2144, New York, U.S." WANTED TO BUY GOOD CANADIAN TIMBER LIMITS AND Georgian Bay saw logs. Address, BEN BIRD- SALL, Whitney Building, Detroit, Mich. FOR SALE AT KINGSTON FOUNDRY & MACHINERY Co. (Limited), two Sawmill Engines, cylinders 13 x 21, fly-wheel 9 ft. 6 in. drain, driving pulley 7 ft. x 18 in. face—new—at a bargain. utk Want all kinds of har-dwoods. V V Will pay cash. ROBERT THOMSON & CO., 103 Bay Street, Toronto. FOR HEMLOCK, DIMENSION LUMBER, hardwood flooring, cedar shingles, piles, sawdust, etc., write J. E. MURPHY, lumberman, Hepworth station, Ont. HARDWOOD LUMBER BOUGHT, SOLD OR received on consignment. TUCKER DAVID, lumber commission merchant, 202 Eleventh Ave., N.Y. WANTED FOR CASH ftsh and Soft Elm A/TOSTLY ONE-INCH, SOME ONE-AND-A- iVJ. quarter and one-and-a-half inch, strictly firsts and seconds, must be of uniform color; also commons. Furthermore. Ash and Oak squares from one-and-a-half to four inches thick. Can also use Soft Elhi Logs 20 in. and ever in diameter for export; Red Birch Lumber I. and II. all thickness; also Red Kirch squares 5×5 and 6×6, 10 feet and over long, good squares. Address all particulars as to dryness, quality, quan- tity on hand and price, to P. O. Box 2144, New York, N. Y. TIMBER BERTH: FOR SALE DERTH NO. 35, CONTAINING 36 SQUARE 13 miles, situated on French River, within about twelve miles of Georgian Bay. There is a large creek and other smaller streams crossing the same which empty into the French, and containing large quantities of Pine Timber. Has never been lumbered on. Apply to EXECUTORS OF JOHN BROWN (deceased) Room No. 8, Drake Building, Easton, Pa.

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OVER ONE MILLION SOLD Most complete book of its kind ever published. (Jives measurement of all kinds of Lumber, Logs, Plank.-*, Scantling; cubical contents of square and round timber; hints to lumber dealers; wood measure; speed of circu- lar saws; care of saws; cordwood tables; felling trees; growth of trees; land measure; wages, rent, board, in- terest, stave and heading bolts, etc. Standard book throughout the United States and Canada. Get the new illustrated edition of 1882. Ask your bookseller for it. Sent post-paid for 35" cents. GEO. W. FISHER Box -18, ROC HESTER, N.Y or A. H * 9 c< I Engine. ia 5^x9 SLIDE VALVE ENGINE. a 6-H. P. UPRIGHT ENGINE WITH 8-H. P. I boiler connected and set up on cast iron base. a 2-H.P. UPRIGHT MARINE ENGINE WITH * 4-h.p. upright boiler, complete with propeller shaft and screw. j BRICK-IN BOILERS 44 IN. DIAMETER BY ^ 12 feet long. I 25-H.P. BRICK-IN BOILER. 6 H.P, UPRIGHT LEONARD BOILER. 2 SMALL FIRE BOX BOILERS FOR CHEESE * factory use. A NORTHEY STEAM PUMP, 2^ IN. SUCTION, I 1% inch discharge. A WATEROUS SELF-ACTING SHINGLE MILL * and Jointer. A UPRIGHT SWING SHINGLE MILL AND 1 Jointer. * A WATEROUS LATH MACHINE, THREE y saws. ,A SET IRONS FOR TWO HEAD BLOCK SAW * mill. • ‘ 1 a GOLDIE & McCULLOCH IRON TOP ‘ Shaper. 2 CANT-GOURLAY 24-IN. PONY PLANERS. I CANT-GOURLAY 10-IN. BUZZ PLANER. A 34-INCH WHEELS BAND SAW. DOWELL MACHINE. JIG SAW. SAW TABLES. BLIND SLAT TENONER. FT. 6 IN. OF 18-INCH 6-PLY RUBBER drive belt in good order. 52 s HAFTINGS, HANGERS, PULLEYS, BELT- ing, etc., etc. WRITE CANADA MACHINERY & SUPPLY Co., Brantford, Ont., for anything in new and second hand Engines, Boilers, Machinery and Supplies. d. D. SHI&R Manufacturer of LumDer, Lath & Shinaies BRfVGE-BRIDGE, ONT. THE FUNIS HUE RfILROfD FROM Port Huron and Detroit Is the Short Line to SAGINAW AND BAY GUY (Centres of the vast lumher interests of Michigan) MI. PLEASANT, GLARE, REED CITY BALDWIN, LUDINGTON, MANISTEE MILWAUKEE AND MANITOWOC, WIS. The last two named are reached by the Company’s line of Steamships across Lake Michigan. The line thus formed is a short and direct route from NEW YORK MONTREAL BUFFALO TORONTO to ST. PAUL, DULUTH and Pacific Coast points. Write either of the undersigned for Folders, which contain Maps, Train Schedules and a great deal of in- formation of value to those contemplating a trip to any of the above-mentioned points. W. H. BALDWIN, JR., W. F. POTTER, General Manager. Gen’l. Sup’t. A. PATRIARCHE, Traffic Manager. General Officiss : SAGINAW. /tlCM. SHINGLE MILL FOR SALE SITUATION: The Tretheway Falls Shingle Mill is new, built 1891, on the South Branch of the Muskoka River, 5 miles from Bracebridge, near^South Falls switch N. & N. W. R.R. With the mill are 5 acres of land, large board- ing house, team horses, wagon, sleighs, etc., etc., in fact complete equipment for mill and lumber camp. MACHINERY : Consists of Little Giant Leffel Wheel (60 horse power), Boss Shingle Machine, Jointer, Splitter, Drag, Butting and Knot Saws; Endless Chain Burner, Bull Wheel, etc., etc. Building is 30×40 heavy frame, with room and shafting placed for second shingle machine. Belt- ing complete and everything in good running order. Circular saw could be added with small expense. TIMBER: Is abundant for 50 miles above the mill on the waters of the South Branch—many townships being yet owned by the government—besides thousands of acres of deeded pine, four or five thousand acres of which can be bought immediately. There is also about 400,000 feet of timber at mill which can be purchased with it, so that buyer can commence cutting at once. The estate must be wound up. and will bear the clos- est examination. For further information, address THE CANADA LUMBERMAN, Toronto, Ont. NEW 8c 2ND«SM73V DBEES^MACHINtni MJil^rr Tor,o fi tg^an ad J, J. TURNER .. Sail, Tent and Awning Maker.. 251 George St. and 154 King St. PETERBOROUGH Canoe, Yacht and Boat Sails made to order. Perfect Fits (iuaranteed. Every description of Lumbermen’s Supplies and Waterproof Clothing. TH6 MONARCH BOILER (Pa,e,ned) and HERCULES ENGINE i

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