How to take your book and launch an information product


Writing a book is a smart idea to build business for a few

It’s a great way to set yourself up as an expert

Publishing a book is an impressive rite of passage

It provides your first pass at earning passive income


So, I am all for books! Yet they do have one big limitation –
the amount of money you can earn.
 When you are building a
business, you want to maximize your earnings from each project – working less
and enjoying more right? Unless you have an enormous and ever growing list, it
won’t be easy to generate a significant income from a book which is usually
priced between $20 and $30. This is the standard pricing in the book industry
and it is difficult to convey greater value in order to charge a significantly
higher price. Only a small percentage of authors get rich just from book sales.

However, you can take this very same material and turn your book
into an information product which has a much higher perceived value.
 For the same
information you can find in a $30 book, you could sell it for $299 to as much
as $1,000 by expanding the offering.

For example, take your book, add a couple of audios on CD, throw
in a few worksheets, plus fax-in or email critiques and voila!
 You have a value
information product. I talk about this in the Mindset and Marketing
Breakthroughs Workshop in a Box. It’s relatively simple to create these
products with my resources and vendors.

So, if you have already written a book, this is your next step
to build a great deal more passive income.
 And if you are thinking
about writing a book, consider how you can expand the concept to include audio
CD’sFind Article, worksheets and access to you personally so you can set a much higher

Step away from the book paradigm and you will be able to charge
a good deal more.
Working smarter like this will help you achieve your income
goals faster with not much more effort or cost.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

a look at the products you currently offer. How can you expand or build on them
to create a valuable information product? Take the time to brainstorm about
what you can produce easily – it will be well worth the investment for your
overall bottom line.

Writing a how-to-book entails thorough research and confirmation of information. Writing a how-to-book will not only help you earn money, but more importantly, you can help others know more about a certain subject. You can get recognized as an author who delves on a subject you are passionate about.

Writing a how-to book can be a quick and easy way for a new writer to become a published author with a minimum amount of effort required. Many of the most successful books on the market today are how-to books. Our society utilizes informational writing from relationships to diets to cars. Writing a how-to book can be easy if you take your time and divide the whole into a number of parts.

The tip of informational writing to consider is to choose a subject. You should contemplate what you know that others do not know. There are several things you have knowledge about that other people would love to learn about. To help you get some ideas to get started, you should make a list of five things that you are very knowledgeable and passionate about. After you have made your list, you should research what is popular in the how-to genre and try to find your niche. 

Creating an outline is another tip to take into consideration. The outline does not have to be set in stone. The outline is to simply get the ideas that are in your head onto paper. Getting your ideas on paper can help you create a road map of where you wish to go with your writing.

Thoroughly researching your subject is an important part of the informational writing process. Locating facts and figures about your book’s topic is essential to writing an informational book. If you are writing an e-book, you can include links that allow your readers to go straight from the text to the Internet. For this reason, you will want to include links about your subject to give readers more resources about the book’s subject. The more resources you are able to provide, the more content the readers will be with the work you have produced. Providing resources such as special reports, audios, or videos can also be useful, as these resources will help readers to become more engaged with you as the author and the book itself. 

Once you have gathered your information, you can finally write the book. To make this step easier, you should choose the easiest chapter to write from the outline you created. The great thing about informational writing is that you already know the information about the subject you intend to write about, and you are simply sharing your knowledge through writing with others who want to know more. 

Informational writing offers a variety of benefits for authors. Writing a how-to book will not only help you earn more moneyFeature Articles, it will also cause you to gain respect and credibility because of the knowledge you present on the topic you have written about. Each and every individual is an expert in a particular subject. A how-to book can be written by anyone who has enough knowledge on the subject to sit down and give an explanation of the topic. The best way for you to get recognized as an author is to write a book about a subject you are passionate about.





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