How To Get Free Website Traffic From Web 2.0 Website


Social website has gained surprisingly a
surge numbers of popularity in recent years. It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s
attractive all the qualities that social website possessed. For website owner
these places (web 2.0 website) can be a place to get free high quality website
traffic to your website often you can see the result in less than 24 hours
after you begin your marketing campaign.

Type Of Web 2.0 Website

To take advantage from web 2.0 traffic you
need to know three types of web 2.0 website available nowadays:

– Online Libraries

– Social Community

– Online Journal

Online libraries website is a type of website
that contains collective information generated by the users. The example of
this website is, this website also my secret weapon traffic
sources that allow me to drive traffic to any of my website in less than 24

How To
Use This Website

How to use this website? Simple, the first
thing you want to do is to find low competition keywords. You can do this
through Google keywords external for free or using paid service such as

You want to aim for competition less than
100,000 websites. After you find such keywords let’s say for example
“panda training” providing you are selling a guide on how to train
panda, you can quickly write 200 words article submit it to Digg using your
keywords as the main title and in 3 hours your Digg post will appear on top ten
of search engine result for the searchphrases
“panda training”.

However, you must be not forget to also
include a link to your product or service in the end of the article otherwise
all of your works will be worthless.


Social community is another popular web 2.0
website. An example of this type of website is MySpace. You can meet various
people from different countries with same interest, same hobby, or same
opinion. It’s fairly easy to use. You just need to use the search feature to
find people according to your criteria.

Also MySpace has a lot of other fun and
interesting features such as forum and games.

How To
Market Your Business Through MySpace

The first thing you want to do is adding as
many people as you can that have an interest with your product. Maybe you are
selling a guide about playing guitar, then you should add as many people as you
can with an interest to guitar.

Then after you add some people you can start
inform your friends through bulletin and blog. Write articles about various
types of guitar or various ways to play guitar.

After quite a while you will be seen as an
authority in your field, you can start market your product, or service. It may
take sometimes for this method to work. I spent around 3 months to build enough
loyal readersFind Article, but after the 3 months you will start collect some money and all
of your effort will be paid off.

One of the best learning tools you will find is the 8 part
video series “Social Traffic Explosion” This video tutorial will take you step
by step through everything you need to know to become a successful traffic

A website is only as good as the number of people that visit it. The internet is full of millions of websites. Many of them are ignored. If a person has created an online shopping website, not having any visitors probably is a sign that the website is a failure. Much of the ability to attract visitors to a website is dependent on the website design. A well-designed website is not only functional it is also very searchable.

A searchable website is one that appears on the first one or two pages of relevant searches. This is achieved through the ranking of the website. The search engines use algorithms to rank websites. The higher a ranking a website, the more searchable it becomes and the more visitors it will attract. When it comes to getting a higher ranking the most common thing that is used is search engine optimization. This involves including many tools that raise the ranking of the website.

Many will start an e-commerce website with a template they find on the internet. These templates are not very good at utilizing SEO techniques. It is better to turn to an agency that specializes in online website design to get the most out of a website. It may also be worthwhile to turn to a local agency when trying to attract local visitors to a website. Sometimes hiring the best web design company in London is the right way to go.

No matter who is going to be involved in the web designing and the web development, there are several SEO tools that should be included.

Once a person starts to learn the different SEO techniques, they may think that it is simple to start adding them to their website. They will splash their website with keywords and meta tags. They will include lot so images with descriptions attached to them. They will build a network of links with any site they can find. They will do all of this without a plan and without much thought. They will think that the more they doFree Reprint Articles, the higher their ranking will get.

That is not the way that SEO techniques work. It is often much more about quality than it is quantity. They will add things to their website that cannot be seen by the search engines and that do not work.


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