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Thus, I needed to find a way to feed my addiction and get books but for less money or at no cost if possible. Of course, first on my list of alternatives was joining many book clubs. I had a bad experience with them. I ordered many books as there were great offers to get six books for 99 cents. I believed that it would cost only 99 cents without reading the small print explaining the end of the bargain. That’s how I received piles of mail and bills for hundreds of dollars. It was a complete disaster which I won’t do again. A little after that I discovered a small used book store close to my work. I found there many of the latest titles on half price and in very good condition. I thought I was in Heaven! Of course, I soon saw the downside. The owner of the book store didn’t want to buy back books I have read. He was pretty unfair. He rejected any book which was not in absolute mint condition, no matter what the title or the author was. I was played again. I had bought many books I couldn’t sell or use as trade-ins. Thus, I stopped going to that store. I was pretty disappointed and didn’t know how to get new books for a reasonable price when I suddenly found a great online resource called Title Trader. It is amazing! You don’t have to pay anything to become a member and you can receive books from other members absolutely free of charge. Title Trader gives you the opportunity to post an inventory of your collection of books, videos, games so that other members could search and choose some at no cost. You can also make your wish list letting know what you want to get from other members. Once posted you will get information about the availability of the items you are looking for. The best thing about Title Trade is that you can request and receive as many books videos and games as you wish without having to pay a cent for it, there is no cost at all. You only have to take care of the postal expenses when requesting an item from another member. There are many resources I tried to feed my addiction to books but only one worked the way I wanted – Title Trader. It is undoubtedly the best way to get items for free. There is no charge made, just get as many books, movies and games as you like.

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The recruitment of resources
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