How to Find Free Novels Online


The majority of the
free eBooks out there tend to be informational books, such as guides on online
business or internet marketing.However, you can also find some free Romance
Books Onlineif you look well enough.Here is how to do it:Do a quick Google
search Google, being the most widely used search engine in the world, has an
index of trillions of web pages.Therefore, you are quite likely to find what
you are looking for by using it.You can do a search such as free [name of
genre] ebooks and see what you come up.If there is a certain book that you are
looking for, try looking for it on Google to see if it is available for free
download.Visit forums related to the type of book that you are looking for If,
for example, you are looking for Erotic eBooks, there are many adult related
forums that have plenty of erotic eBooks available for free download.If you are
a fan of any other genres of stories, such as science fiction, there are plenty
of discussion forums that either have a section dedicated to free eBook
downloads, or you could ask a question to members to see if they know how to
find them.Participate in social networks Many social networks, such as
Facebook, are also places to find some information, even though it may not look
like it at first glance.Remember that social networking sites are about sharing
things with others.You may find a group dedicated the type of literature that
you are interested, like Romance Novels, horror stories, novels about war, etc.By
looking through it, you might find some free eBooks in the genre that you are
looking for, or at least be pointed in the right direction as to where to find
them.Sign up for mailing lists Book publishers that offer eBooks for sale on
the internet often have a mailing list that you can subscribe to by just
entering your email address.This will keep you informed about their future
releases, promotions, new products, etc.Sometimes, they may give away a certain
quantity of free eBooks as part of a promotional offer.If you subscribe to
their mailing listPsychology ArticlesScience Articles, you will make sure that you dont miss
out on the chance to get the free eBooks that you are looking for.

Mostly we look for happiness in the outside world. What we do not know is that it lies inside us. In our own mind lies the secret to be happy.

I am a Zen master and I help people find happiness. A happiness which is not the opposite of sadness. Here in this article you will find the secret to my happiness which does not depend on outside situations.

We attach too much importance to the outside world. For an average person, things like a posh house, a well-paying job, a successful business, money, car etc. are the source of their happiness.

If they do not get it, they are unhappy. As simple as that. They have made themselves dependent on those things. In other words, they are attached.

According to Buddha, the reason for all troubles is ‘attachment’. Attachment to things, people, objects etc. bring sadness/unhappiness.

The interesting thing is that we spend almost 99 percent of our lives looking for happiness. And we believe that we are going to get it by chasing money, chasing success etc.

Whatever we do chasing those things, brings a lot of tension and unhappiness in our lives.

The more we exert ourselves seeking those things that we ‘think’ will bring happiness, the more we find ourselves in depression.


Here is the Zen buddhist approach:


Accept everything in your life. A total acceptance of everything: good, bad, ugly, beautiful, pain, pleasure is needed.


As soon as you start accepting everything that comes your way, you will live in the moment.


Living in the moment will bring about real happiness. The reason why it is called ‘PRESENT’ is that this moment you are living now is a Gift from nature/God.


The present moment is a gift. Once you begin cherishing everything in it, you will discover real happiness.


All the energy of the universe is concentrated on THIS moment now. Once you discover the hidden energy by living in the present moment, you will get everything you want.


Then your life be truly happy and blissful.


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