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School Email Address List comes with the complete contact list of school principals, teachers, and superintendents, administrators in the USA, UK, and global markets. This helps in connecting with key prospects in the schools that enhance your sales and marketing results.


Want to reach the higher authorities at schools? Then Education Data Lists will fulfill all your needs. In Education Data Lists you can get quality School Email Address List, which helps the marketers to get better results on their campaign. The School Email Lists from Education Data Lists will also help them to target specific people based on the location and category. All these Email Lists are verified properly by the experts and then sold to the clients.

How Education Data Lists help to grow your business in Education Industry?


Education Data Lists is one the leading provider of Education Email Lists in the present market. By acquiring these mailing lists we can reach key professionals in the Education Industry such as administrators, teachers, principals and more. The clients of Education Data Lists also get priority support and long-term assurance of quality mailing lists. No other mailing services provide this facility.


The School Email Lists consist of complete information of key prospects in the schools. By using this list, the marketer can target the schools. All the lists are categorized and well-formatted, so the marketers can start the campaigns immediately after purchasing the school Email Lists from Education Data Lists.


Advantages of Education Data Lists:



These are some different types of mailing lists provided by Education Data Lists.



People, who purchase the mailing list from Education Data Lists immediately, will get priority support and better discounts on selected Lists.


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Stroll Through the Playlist (a Biology Review)

Join the Amoeba Sisters as they take a brisk “stroll” through their biology playlist! This review video can refresh your memory of major concepts, help you identify what you need to re-study, and reinforce vocab. Expand these details for table of contents, info about the optional video companion handout, and more!

-We have an optional video companion handout linked on our website
-To find it, scroll down to the topic “review” (alphabetically listed)

*Click on the time stamps to access that part of the video. Also, the numbers on the left of the topics correspond to the grid box on our video companion.
Intro 00:00
1. Characteristics of Life 1:56
2. Levels of Organization 2:36
3. Biomolecules 3:47
4. Enzymes 4:36
5. Prokaryotic Cells & Eukaryotic Cells AND Intro to Cells 5:27
6. Inside the Cell Membrane AND Cell Transport 6:31
7. Osmosis 7:43
8. Cellular Respiration, Photosynthesis, AND Fermentation 8:57
9. DNA (Intro to Heredity) 10:03
10. DNA Replication 11:41
11. Cell Cycle 12:34
12. Mitosis 13:55
13. Meiosis 14:41
14. Alleles and Genes 16:10
15. Genetics (including Monohybrid, Dihybrid, Sex-Linked Traits, Multiple Alleles, Incomplete Dominance & Codominance, AND Pedigrees) 17:57
16. Protein Synthesis 19:30
17. Mutations 20:58
18. Natural Selection AND Genetic Drift 22:00
19. Bacteria 24:12
20. Viruses 25:17
21. Classification AND Protists & Fungi 26:21
22. Plant Structure 27:58
23. Plant Reproduction in Angiosperms 29:15
24. Food Chains & Food Webs 31:22
25. Ecological Succession 33:00
26. Carbon & Nitrogen Cycle 34:40
27. Ecological Relationships 36:56
28. Human Body System Functions Overview 38:30

Full Biology Playlist Link:

Important Note: Unlike our concept videos, which are all under 10 minutes, this is a very long review video! Even after all of the proofing, it’s possible a typo will escape us or we will determine a clarification is needed. Check the pinned comment for any clarifications or typo corrections.

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The Amoeba Sisters videos demystify science with humor and relevance. The videos center on Pinky’s certification and experience in teaching biology at the high school level. For more information about The Amoeba Sisters, visit:

Our textbook reference is OpenStax- a FREE, peer reviewed, open source biology textbook:
OpenStax, Biology. OpenStax CNX. Nov 7, 2018

Our intro music designed and performed by Jeremiah Cheshire.

End music in this video is listed free to use/no attribution required from the YouTube audio library