Getting Higher Fantasy Rankings


Fantasy Sports is all about having high fantasy rankings. However, before
the teams make it to the championship, they have to endure countless
hours of training and practicing for the games. It is something that
they have to do to get high fantasy rankings. They are professional
players and this is their way of living. If they want to have more
advertisements and endorsements, they have to show the world that they
are indeed worthy of it and are capable of representing the company.

First thing that you have to do is learn the rules as well as the ways
in how to scoring. If you do not learn these things then you will have a
hard time winning, and most importantly, drafting the players of your
team. Make sure that you know what the role of each player is when they
get to the field. In addition, scoring is also important because it will
determine whether you are on the winning or losing end. Good for you if
you are ahead of the game, however, if it is the other way around, then
you have to rethink your strategies.

Second thing that you have to do to get higher fantasy rankings is to research. You
have to make your own cheat sheets to make things easier for you. In
addition, if you have a friend who has been active in fantasy sports,
you can also ask for some tips from him. Adjust the lineup and the
strategy used by the professional coaches to achieve the best results.
Consult some websites that support fantasy sports like
to learn more about starting your own team and how you will be able to
make this known.

On your draft day, have a checklist to make things hassle free. Always
bring your cheat sheets with you. You just spend hours doing this and it
is time that you use it. Highlight players that are on the field or
have played so that you can keep track of them. To comfort yourself, you
have to bring some drinks. Whether it be beer, wine, soda or anything
that can calm your nerves and help you think straight. In addition, you
too have to make sure that your brain will work. Remember to pick your
defense second to the last and your kicker the last.

Every off-season, teams switch up QBs in hopes of finding that special Field General who will lead them to victory. The majority of this activity
is found in the backup QB spot as teams want to secure a quality QB who is experienced enough, and has the talent, to step in for his team in
case the true starting QB is hurt. Of course, this does not apply in Chicago even after it costs them dearly every season. This off-season was
no different as a large number of teams switched back-up QBs and a few brought in new starters. Switching starters is not happening as
frequently as it used to since more QBs are coming out of college and are NFL-ready immediately. Let’s take a quick look at the QB
merry-go-round and how it impacts us as fantasy football players.


Carson Palmer (AZ) – Spoiler Alert! Carson will be featured as my QB Sleeper of the year. I love this move for the Cardinals and for Palmer.
Arizona has wasted solid defensive efforts since Kurt Warner left by not having anything resembling a quality QB under center. Of course, they
have been unable to keep a starting RB healthy during this time to help the QB in the passing game, but it really hasn’t mattered. In 2013, they
have added Rashard Mendenhall’s bum knee to Ryan Williams’ pair of bum knees and cut Beanie Wells. Wisely, they drafted Stepfan Taylor
and Andre Ellington so they should have someone healthy enough to provide a mix for Palmer. My excitement for Palmer comes from the
receiving corp. I have thought the treatment of Larry Fitzgerald has been criminal since Warner departed, but he will run the field like he was
back in Pitt this year. On the other side of the field, Andre Roberts has proven to be a valuable contributor but I see Michael Floyd having a coming-out party this year, which will help Fitz quite a bit. Palmer will throw for over 4500 yards and 30+ TDs this year.

Alex Smith (KC) – My excitement for this position has ended. “Game Manager” Alex Smith is a weak QB2. KC likes to run the ball and is
weak at WR. Dwayne Bowe is very nice and should bounce back to his 2010-11 numbers, but they have no one else to throw to. Dexter
McCluster is an exciting player, but his excitement does not add any to Smith’s for me.

Kevin Kolb (BUF) – This one is a toss-up. If you get a strong QB1, you could take a late flier on Kolb as a late QB2 or QB3 if you have
the space. E.J. Manuel is the future starting QB for Buffalo, but Kolb’s contract virtually guarantees first shot this year. Palmer has many more
weapons, but Kolb has many more than Smith. Stevie Johnson should be at full strength and ready to put up big numbers again. Rookie Robert
Woods could surprise. I loved his game at USC, though ignored due to the excellence of Marquis Lee. Hell, Kolb could exceed Alex Smith’s
numbers by just dumping the ball off to C.J. Spiller.


Ryan Fitzpatrick (TENN) – Fitzpatrick had a short, nice run at Buffalo but couldn’t continue after receiving an insanely big contract.
Tennessee was wise to grab him as Jake Locker seems a bit brittle. Should Locker go down, Fitzpatrick could put up nice numbers. Locker
is a QB2 though and it is rare that one grabs a backup to a QB2 unless you are in a really, really deep league. With Nate Washington, Kendall
Wright and Kenny Britt as wideouts, either/both QBs should do surprisingly well this year.

Drew Stanton (AZ) – The Cardinals figured that they would overhaul the QB position. Hell, Stanton would have been much better than a few
of the bums under center the past few years. Since I love Palmer this year, I would add Stanton if I drafted Palmer.

Bruce Gradkowski (PITT) – Since Big Ben gets pummeled every year and misses a few games, the Steelers finally did the smart thing and cut
loose Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich. Granted, Gradkowski won’t scare any opposing defensive coordinators, but he is a definite step up. I
would consider adding him as a QB3 if I drafted Roethlisberger and have a deep league.

Matt Hasselbeck (IND) – Hasselbeck is definitely on the downside of his career and QBs in Indy rarely leave the field. But, you have to
like what is going on in Indy and their wideouts. I would consider adding him as a QB3 if I drafted Luck and have a deep league.

Luke McCown (NO) – Drew Brees makes the Saints’ passing game what it is. A reasonable backup may be able to produce half of what
Brees does. After 7 seasons in the leagueFeature Articles, McCown has 22 games and 2000 yards to his name. I would back Brees up with any starter outside
of the Jets before adding McCown.

Chase Daniel (KC) – Another overhaul. I like Daniel a lot but I hate anyone under center in KC.

Matt Cassel (MINN) – I wouldn’t want Christian Ponder so I can’t recommend Cassel. Minny’s WRs are worse than KC’s.

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