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The flip books are not the same as flick books. Earlier, flick books are used by the children that comprise pictures which differ modestly from one to another.

That is objectively carried out, in order that the pages are flipped swiftly, the successive images combine and produce the feeling of a motion picture. That motion relies on a person’s persistence of vision, so as to create the illusion that customary movement is being viewed instead of a series of irregular images being exchanged in a small period of time.

Till lately, flip books were regarded as toys for children. Not any longer. Now they are playing a vital role in the presenting, marketing of a business as well as attracting new customers. A flip book software has made reading very easy and interesting for the customers.

This application provides the reader an opportunity to enhance the way of going through the document. This is also very easy to use as it’s designed and programmed to be easily utilized by novice as well. Installing a Flash player is necessary if you want to this software over your device. And nevertheless you need to know that if you want to use this software the primary requirement is to convert your documents in a PDF format and then upload the same in the software to make them converted into a wonderful flipping book. You can convert your document into a PDF format in several ways and all methods call for less than a half a minute’s time.

When it comes to marketing and promotion, sales, and presenting your business nicely over the web, these flip books can help you in a number of ways:

In making of digital brochures as well as digital magazines – Publishers can avail this application to trim down printing and postage prices, & also break through newer marketing by turning digital. Also, this software helps the publishers to reduce the carbon footprint and save the Environment keeping in view of the fact no tree is cut to make the digital brochures and digital magazines. Further digital magazines have a unique feature which makes the reading quite interesting and engaging and which is the page turning effect that is quite real and provides the feeling of turning the pages of a hard bound publication.

AlsoFeature Articles, you can secure your publications by locking them with a username and a password and sell your daily and weekly issues easily by giving access to your customers and subscribers.


One of the hottest books on shelves right now for children are the book series by Amanda Hocking, particularly her Trylle Trilogy. Both Switched and Torn are both on the best seller list, the first and second in her trilogy, and the third, Ascend, is due out soon and sure to follow. The book surrounds the mysterious story of a young girl who has an assortment of odd habits and strange abilities. At a young age, her mother told her that she was a monster and that she wanted her dead, and even goes so far as to try to kill her at the girl’s birthday party. In this way, the story is a sort of coming of age for your young children, as they grow into teenage years and have to admit a variety of strange changes in their own life. Those years are usually the strangest, as kids feel estranged from parents and odd and different, and this book targets that essence but also puts a magical twist to it. Your child will be able to follow the journey of the main character and learn all about a whole frightening and amazing world.In the second book, Torn, Wendy meets her rival and must figure out what sort of life to lead. With many twists and turns, as well as conflicts that are emotional and moral in nature, your child will be able to follow Wendy as she endures life’s biggest changes and starts her journey through life. Another book your child is sure to love is called The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. This book is complex in nature and makes many revelations about today’s society. For example, it is set in a kind of post-apocalyptic world where society has been mutilated by the effects of mindless television and now are pitting innocent young people against one another in a kind of arena battle, where they must fight to the death on television. This book will allow your child to understand society through a fictional lens.Another book on the hot lists, is the next book in Suzanne Collins’ series, Catching Fire, in which the characters deepen in nature, go through a tour before the battle, prepare for the Hunger games, and then the games themselves are presented in this sequel. Though slower in nature than the fast paced first, it still has the potential to leave the reader breathless and hanging onto each word. And finally, the last book on the lists is the third installment of Suzanne Collins’ book, Mockingjay, in which the main characters attempt to take down the cruel president and put a stop to these antics once and for all. In this book, war, cruelty, loss, and violence are illustrated with merciless detail as these serious issues are brought to the forefront and dealt with by the main characters in a gripping way that will have your children thinking about these issues with serious gravity. There may be many shocking moments, as well as moments for grief, as well. However, it is essential that the first two books are read before this one is ventured.

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