Fire Rated Downlights Could Save Your Life


Fire rated downlights are designed as a safety measure and will prevent the spread of fire. If you are unsure about whether you need to install them or not then think about the small amount of cost that is involved then consider what and why they are designed to do.

Fire rated downlights are made from or contain intumescent material, this material expands when it reaches a certain temperature sealing off the hole and slowing down the spread of fire. The fire is then unable to have direct access to the structure of the building.

Fire rated downlights are used to maintain the ceilings fire integrity. Part B of the Building Regulations covers fire safety and has been a legal requirement since 1987. Not all downlights have to be fire rated but it is important to know when and where they should be used.

When a recessed downlight is installed, a hole must be cut into the ceiling to allow the downlight to be mounted in. This hole reduces the fire integrity of the ceiling. In the event of a fire, flames spread through the holes and set light to the structure of the building. Most ceilings are constructed from timber joists which in the event of a fire, could burn and collapse in a matter of minutes. If the structure of the building is made from materials with higher temperature ratings such as concrete then fire rated downlights are not necessary.

The minimum fire rating for downlights is 30 minutes; this rating is for ceiling joists with a spacing of 600mm. This should allow enough time for the occupants to escape the building or for the fire service to extinguish the fire without floor or the entire building collapsing.

There are three types of structurally different ceilings:

1. 30 minute ceilings have ceiling joists with a spacing of 600mm and with one layer of 12.5mm plasterboard fixed to the underside of the joist.

2. 60 minute ceilings have ceiling joists with a spacing of 600mm and with a double layer of 15mm plasterboard fixed to the underside of the joist.

3. 90 minute ceilings have ceiling joists with a spacing of 450mm and with a double layer of 15mm plasterboard fixed to the underside of the joist.

Most fire rated downlights are suitable for all three types of ceilings but some are not and only rated for 30 or 60 minute ceilings.

When downlights are being installed in upper floor ceilings with roof space only above them they don’t necessarily need to be fire rated. This is because there is little risk of the fire spreading through the holes and onto the structure of the building. However, fire rated downlights have many other advantages. They are also approved to other important Building Regulations such as Part C – moisture protection, Part E – acoustic resistance.

Building Regulations now state that a room should be air tight, if you have multiple downlights that are not fire rated warm air will escape through the holes. In cold ceiling spaces such as loft areas, downlights act as chimneys and draw out the warm air from a room.

Even if you feel that fire rated downlights are not important for preventing the spread of fire then these other Building Regulations should be considered. Most adjustable downlights do not provide moisture protection or acoustic resistance.

To summarise, although fire rated downlights are slightly more expensive, they are saferFind Article, comply with the Building Regulations and may offer peace of mind.

It’s been long with eBay selling? And, not seeing any huge difference over the years in your sales? Need quick-to-do tips to become a top-rated seller on eBay (US)? Read the post below to find out.

Here’s a quick overview of this post:

The competition on eBay today is getting fierce. The reason is that:

These facts compel the sellers to be more creative for the sake of uniqueness. Thus, all they need is a ‘top-rated seller’ badge. This badge helps them to be treated as trustworthy sellers having exceptional customer services.

Apart from the badge, there are eBay seller levels that also help the customer distinguish the selling services. So let’s see below what are the eBay seller levels and how they are different from one another.

Primarily, there are three eBay seller levels that your business can be categorized into:


Your seller dashboard can help you find your seller level. Plus, you can find tips there as well to obtain the next level.

Following are the eight requirements to qualify as a Top-Rated Seller.

You must comply with the following eBay’s selling practice policies to be counted as a top-rated seller on eBay.

Being a Top-Rated Seller will help you in the following ways:

Being a Top-Rated Seller, you are eligible to qualify for a Top-Rated Seller Plus seal. With the Top-Rated Seller Plus seal, you will achieve additional benefits especially when your listings offer the following services:

Note: The sellers who fall in the category of the real estate service providers, or locally picked-up goods providers are not eligible for Top-Rated Seller Plus status.

If you obtain this status, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

It’s seen that many sellers are satisfied with Top-Rated seller status and are not willing to go the extra mile to attain Top-Rated Seller Plus. Yet they still have to strive a constant struggle to maintain this level.

Your eBay status has significant consequences on your sales and revenue. In the end, it is all about how comfortable a customer feels to buying from you. This puts light on how you can save money on eBay fees.

Well, whatever your status is; top-rated seller or plus, you must keep trying to maintain the status. It’s of great worth from the consumer’s perspective as well. They always buy from a seller having a golden badge next to their listings. So this is why you must strive for a constant flow.

Anyways, if you’re a top-seller reading this, keep it upComputer Technology Articles, mate! You’re the reason why eBay is trustworthy and why we like it to shop from!

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