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There is something powerful and romantic about Europe historical romance novels that captures your hearts. The slow yet passionate story of how two people bloom into a deep loving connection in the older days takes you to travel back in time.In the historic European culture, men are strong, brave, protective, and sweep you like a princess off your feet. You can enjoy traveling back in time and imagining yourself as a lady heroine in the romance story – as you learn to trust and open up to your man.Why Time Travel Romance Stories Are Passionate and Exciting?Nowadays when we live in a modern world and gender roles have been switched in the society, some traditional flavor or romance can go a long way.So it is surprisingly pleasant for women to go down the fantasy lane and imagine themselves as a sensitive feminine lady, held in the strong arms of her knight. So she doesn’t have to worry about taking care of everything – finances, jobs, mortgage, and so on.Her knight will protect her and take care of her in every way. This feels like a “vacation” for us women, as a fun exciting way to escape from modern realities into the arms of Europe historic novels.So whether you enjoy romantic novels about vampires, pirates, knights, princes, war, western cowboys, and so on, you can enjoy your unique favorite fantasy through reading a fun great novel online for free.Top 3 Types of Historic Romantic Novels to EnjoySo here are the 3 most popular styles of romance books that are related to old history and historical stories…1. Vampire Romance NovelsThese mysterious powerful creatures have sure been the object of many women’s fantasies for decades. The mystery of whether or not you can trust a monster and fall in love with him, and literally leave your life in his hands, adds fire to a romance story.2. Western Cowboy Love StoriesSome of us feel there is something sexy and powerful about a man who knows how to use a gun. Having perfect skills with something as passionate and delicate as a gun, can also mean he is a skilled lover when it comes to women.So you can find some great cowboy romantic novels in your favorite bookstore, online book shop (like Amazon), or simply find free online novels to download.3. Europe Historic StoriesWhether it is about pirates or European vikings, you can enjoy going deep into these beautiful and captivating stories to travel back in time and enjoy your wildest fantasies.

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Looking for free Historical Romance Novels to easily read online? Whether you enjoy reading sci-fi, paranormal, vampire, pirate, or other types of historic stories, you can find them here.Simply check out these Free PDF Romance Novels to download right now and enjoy!

There is one way I seem to differ from most readers of romance novels: I love blond heroes. I have concluded that I am in a tiny minority, because most romance books feature a tall, dark, and handsome hero. Not that I dislike darker-haired characters…but for some reason, the blond ones make me melt.

As a matter of fact, blond characters are, in some cases, not only left out, but villainized.In Laura Blacks Scottish romances written during the 70s and early 80s, you could almost make a prediction just based on the characters hair color alone.Any man described as blond would inevitably turn out to be the villain.However, these days, blondes seem to be making a comeback in Erotic eBooks.Some credit must go to the handsome Simon Baker, an Australian actor who plays Patrick Jane in the TV show The Mentalist.Patrick Jane is an astute observer and renowned psychologist.After a serial killer murdered his family, he offers his services to the police, hoping the day will come when he can assist in putting the serial killer behind bars.Patrick Jane has an unusual type of attractiveness.He has buttery yellow hair, deep blue eyes, pleasant features, and a warm smile.He even has dimples.At 41, he has some slight wrinkles, but all in all, they serve to give his face more character.He has an athletic figure and usually dresses in smart three-piece suits.In certain scenes, there is a hint of the musculature that hides underneath.But it is Simon Bakers face that commands special attention.However, it might be too rugged a face for the conventional hero of Romance Novels its pleasant enough, but not perfect just an overall attractive aspect, with hinting at a subtle and elusive beauty.His hair, however, completely fits the mold for a romantic hero lush, slightly curly, and its always a just little bit messy.Not messy in an unkempt way, but messy in a way that would make a heroine want to smooth down a wayward lock and gaze into his blue eyes.However, to focus on Simon Bakers outward appearance is to do him very little justice.While I know very little about Simon Baker as a person, I had read an interview in which he appears to be a down-to-earth, amiable sort of person, though maybe a bit too boring to be the hero of Romance Books unless he was the humble neighbor type.Patrick Jane his TV persona is quite a different story.He had undergone an unspeakable tragedy and is haunted by the murder of his wife and child.However, he conceals his wounds.He does not brood and he is not unstable or depressed.Rather, he is whimsical, sometimes sarcastic, often funny, often exasperating, and comically stubborn.He is a Sudoku junkie in his spare time.In short, he is an atypical hero, but yet a very compelling one.Outside of the norm in both appearance and persona, yet very appealing.Romance writers, please take note and give us some blondFree Reprint ArticlesFree Web Content, complex heroes.

The Mythology Behind Hades

hey everyone, welcome back to another video. this time round we’re taking a proper deep dive into the masterpiece that is Hades – however, rather than looking at this like a review, or a stereotypical analysis, we’re going to be checking out the mythology that inspired the game, and seeing how closely what you’ll find in Hades matches up with pre-established Greek myth. there are timestamps below for your convenience.

here are the timestamps:

Introduction + Thesis: 00:00
Hades: 3:25
Nyx: 12:36
Zagreus: 18:59
Charon: 24:49
Hypnos + Thanatos: 30:16
The Furies: 37:17
Chaos: 46:28
Zeus: 51:34
Poseidon: 57:05
Athena: 1:04:16
Aphrodite: 1:10:36
Artemis: 1:16:41
Ares: 1:23:32
Dionysus: 1:30:56
Hermes: 1:38:00
Demeter: 1:44:14
Achilles + Patroclus: 1:49:21
Orpheus + Eurydice: 1:57:08
Sisyphus: 2:06:37
Theseus + Asterius: 2:13:56
Cerberus: 2:23:35
Dusa: 2:30:56
Skelly: 2:35:54
Persephone: 2:44:02
House of Hades: 2:50:31
The Underworld: 2:51:49
Tartarus + Asphodel + Elysium: 2:54:57
Erebus: 3:00:44
Greece: 3:03:35
Stygius: 3:06:17
Varatha: 3:11:38
Coronacht: 3:15:53
Aegis: 3:18:48
Malphon: 3:21:38
Exagryph: 3:25:14
Conclusion + Thanks: 3:31:38

and here is a list of stuff i bring up in the video that i say you can find more info about in the description:

– the excellent Noclip documentaries about Hades:
– Supergiant’s PAX West panel: –
– Dr Emily Wilson’s twitter thread on misogyny in translation: –
– a link to Viria’s twitter and instagram accounts, give her a follow if you want to see more amazing art: and
– Giulia Sissa’s piece on virginity in the ancient world:
– the book from which i got the caduceus/asclepius survey info:
– the reddit thread about Eurydice that Greg Kasavin responded to:
– the Beowulf translation i used:
– the book referring to Enkidu being part-bull:

all the footage in the game was captured by me! it took a while, unsurprisingly.

i’d like to say a huge thanks to my best pal Joe, without whom this channel would be much worse off. Joe has done all the art for my channel from its inception, from the old logo to the new black mage logo, the old intro and all the outros, and most recently the incredible art for my Patreon tiers! he is an immensely talented artist and an absolute legend so check him out:

i’d also really like to thank HotCyder for his excellent work on the thumbnail! if you want to check him out, you can find him on both YouTube and Twitter:

i think that’s it! thanks everyone. hope you enjoy the video 🙂

– alastair x