Embracing Online Marketing: 4 Ways to Reuse Content and Boost Your Book Sales


If you want to boost your book sales, it’s time to embrace the power of Internet marketing to spread the word about your book.

You can create an empire starting with just one book. (Yes, just one book!) All you need to do is understand and harness the power of repurposing. Because it is so much easier to find a new market than to write a new book or create a new product, repurposing is the tool I recommend to boost profits.

Here are 4 ways to repurpose content online:

Blog, eZine and website

Creating a blog, eZine or website is an easy way to get your content on the web. Every person should start with a blog or an eZine. I prefer a blog because it’s so simple and easy to put up, especially using a program called WordPress. A blog should be you first website.

Blogs are great because they’re like an informal conversation, and they’re available to everyone. Google and other search engines love blogs. They consume blogs voraciously because of the new content. And readers love new content, too. Give them content, and even if it’s free, it will lead them to your message – and ultimately, to your book. And the name of the game is getting your content and message to as many different markets as possible.

Even if you are technophobe like me, you can put up a blog. If you know nothing about blogging, a great place to start is emiDOMAINS.com. It has everything you need to get a site on the web all in one place. You can check domain names and purchase or transfer domain names. It also has information about website building and hosting, along with marketing tools.

Internet Articles

Internet articles are another vehicle to distribute your content to the masses via your own website, eZine or other electronic newsletters and article databases. Always include a short biography of yourself at the end with a link so that readers can find and buy your book.

So how do you come up with ideas for article, blog, eZine and website content? One way is when you are out and about, if people ask you questions, jot them down and keep track of them. Use them as topics for your articles and use them for topics on your blog or eZine. If you’re giving a lecture, record it and transcribe it and boom, you have an article. Boom, you have an eBook. Boom, you have an eZine article. Boom, you have a blog.

Content is king on the Internet, and repurposing is the key. People go online searching for information about what interests themBusiness Management Articles, and these are just some of the ways to get your message on their screens.

Book sales in the UK were reliant by the Net Book Agreement which since the early 1900s meant that UK publishers were able to fix the price of books in their shops. However as competition and discounting grew the NBA fell apart in 1995 and the fixing of book prices became outlawed – suddenly mainstream bookshops were able to offer discounts and special offers to their customers – the way things should be. These days there is even more competition and booksellers now face competition from supermarkets, online stores and various other who all offer a variety of discount books. Things have never been better for the UK book buyer – a host of popular books are available at cheap prices as long as you’re prepared to look around before you buy.
The extent to which you can save on books depends largely on what type of book you’re looking for. It’s also worth remembering that most fiction works will appear first on hardback (expensive and rather inconvenient to lumber around on the train) and then in paperback often a couple of months later – the paperback is always considerably cheaper.
If it’s bestseller books you’re after you can certainly save some cash by choosing the right place to buy it. Some booksellers will discount a range of titles while others will only discount titles from their own big sellers which leads to a difference in price for the same book. While the offline stores will generally offer a few pounds as a discount, but as always the highest discounts are available online with Amazon and others offering up to 50% on popular titles from time to time. We’ll look at some bargain online retailers shortly.
Non Fiction & Academic Books are harder to get discounts on, but it’s still possible to save money with these. Often books are over-printed and the glut of supply leads to sluggish sales and a perfect opportunity for discounts arise. Such titles are often found in discount stores shortly after being published. Most online stores also offer discounts on these types of books but you’re unlikely to come away with serious bargains.
I’m sure you’ve seen some classic books being offered for £1 in famous bookshops. If this is your genre then you’re in for some real treats as classics can sell at real bargain basement prices. This is because the copyright on UK books lasts 70 years after the author dies – after this time any publisher can issue their own version at reduced cost. Classic authors such as Dickens, Plato and Aristotle are just a few of the classic authors for whom you can pickup discounted books.
Obviously the large well branded book stores are a good place to look out for the title of your choice. They frequently also hold sales where you can pick up some good cut price titles. It’s also worth checking out discount bookshops – these shops will take on the excess books for which there was significant overprints. There are also several second hand book shops where you can pickup real bargains – books sell from as little as 20p in these shops and this is one fantastic way of making a profit (you can buy various books cheaply and resell it on ebay – see http://www.online-profits-today.com/ebayindex.htm for more on this). Book clubs are another good option, particularly if you are a regular reader. Aside from offering a range of premium and popular books many book clubs also offer their own titles at heavily discounted prices. Beware when joining such clubs – the initial discounts can be great (new books for as little as 50p) but there is usually a minimum number of books (at a higher price) that you will have to purchase for a contract period. This is not for the casual reader.
It’s possible to get very lucky with discounts if you’re into shopping online. While http://www.amazon.co.uk/ offers some real treats for every book reader there are other online shops which you should bookmark. For example, http://www2.uk.bol.com/ has some great bargains and at the time of writing had 4 top class books at a 60% discount (and several books at 20% or more off). This is a standard, and not something out of the ordinary. For the online buyer some other stores representing good value are:
http://www.whsmith.co.uk – Again, has several promotions running all through the year. Check in here from time to time.
It’s always worth remembering that the online market is never static. Continually look out for new online stores – often you will get heavy opening discounts as online stores try and buy customer loyalty.

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