Eastman & Laird’s ‘CASEY JONES’ in “MUSCLE & FAITH”; TMNT webcomic promo flyer (( 2000 ))


Eastman & Laird’s ‘CASEY JONES’ in “MUSCLE & FAITH”; TMNT webcomic promo flyer (( 2000 ))
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–>> If i recall correctly, this simple and small flyer is the only physical media for this particular comic story.

I suppose somewhat a "LOST TMNT story" – the creator, Comic book artist Jeff Bonivert has an independent comic background & isnot a stranger to TMNT , Mirage Studios,and Tundra Publishing.

This official story was completed in 1995 and has never been published in a hardcopy form. Though that may have been the plan, the "book" came out in between Image Comic’s TMNT volume 3 that ended it’s original run in 1999 & Mirage’s own Volume 4 that started back up in 2001.

I am not 100% sure, but I THINK this was handed out at the second "TURTLE-CON" during Motor City ComicCon in Novi, Michigan in the Spring of 2000.

Here is an archived, MANIC response i sent to Flying Colors in response to Jeff’s story from June of 2000.:

"THANK YOU for the "Muscle & Faith" addition to your site.Sure I’m a Turtle Freek & love ’em to death..but Mr.Bonivert’s work is very nice,clean,& fluid.

I remember his story ..way back in the old TURTLE SOUP anthology from Mirage. He seems to draw Splinter & the Turtles a ‘lil different now.Especially Splinter..who looks so cool..but..yeah..it still is so nice,clean & fun..I SWEAR..I panic as soon as I finish reading each batch of pages..I need MORE!!

I hope this sees print. SURE, can print out the pages..but it isn’t the same.I’ve supported this online Project the instant it was announced..TOKKA insists visitors to TOKKA’zKriB visit Flying Colors & read Muscle & Faith..or he will eat them!!

WOW..I will support this project all the way through & beyond..& thank you for reintroducing me to Mr.Bonivert’s work!! "

And from August of 2000 :

"IT takes a different brain to pull off what Mr. Bonivert has!! ..I mean..by far one of the tightest TMNT stories I have read outside the IMAGE continuity..CASEY & the sisters deliver all the goods..& by far..the freekiest TMNT villian I’ve seen,MOTHER DREKK ..it is VERY different & very cool!! M & F is like a cross between the ol’ UBE IWERKS Mickey Comics,ORIGINAL TMNT,Shoney’s Big boy,& a BLOOD BATH!! I HOPE..for the sake of TMNT FREEX & COMIC FREEX everywhere this sees the light of day & is published!! FINE work Mr.BONIVERT,JOE,& FLYING COLORS..!! TMNT doesn’t get much better er weirder than this!! I FREEKIN’ LOVE IT!"

WELL, ok!!

I’m not the best at describing things like this but well :There is an extremely slick and stylized look to Jeff’s story, M & F is not quite like any other Casey Jones story, let alone Turtles comic. The Turtles are more or less our narrators here in a very interesting mash-up of elements of TMNT, Dick Tracy, Oliver Twist and the great diversity of talent flowing thru the Mirage Turtle books of the early 1990s. We don’t just see the "Vigilante Side" of Casey but the Humorous Humanitarian side. Outside of crackin’ skulls Casey genuinely cares about his home,community and neighborhood.

When two young rapscallions run away from the local Orphanage, a couple of Nuns running the sanctuary seek out the legendary Anti-hero’s help recovering them.

But the Brothers’ disappearance leads Casey and the Sisters to a world of mischief, hooliganism, and debauchery. There a horde of juvenile criminals is lead by a disturbing matriarchal opponent who is LARGER THAN LIFE !! She is not about to let a Masked Marauder break up her delinquent Mass Family !!

****From the original description on www. flyingcolorscomics. com" :

Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is enthusiastic in his praise for Bonivert and this story in particular.

"I flipped out over Jeff’s work the very first time I saw it in ‘Star*Reach’ and ‘Atomic Man!’ I then met Jeff at the San Diego Comic-Con, when he showed me ‘Fun Boys’; which I HAD to publish through Tundra. I mentioned we were looking for cool artists to do their take on the ‘Turtles’ and thought he’d be perfect. Fortunately for us he jumped on the chance. Unfortunately, during the time he worked to produce his ‘instant classic’ TMNT story, Mirage stopped publishing…"

"Now, after far too long of a wait,: Eastman continued, "Jeff Bonivert’s totally original, graphically beautiful, stunningly rendered, and one of my personal favorite epic TMNT adventures can now see the light of day! I am thrilled as a creator and an artist to have Jeff as a peer, and I hope you can see all the beauty that I see in his work! Cowabunga!"

"This story has always been something very special to me," said Bonivert."I’ve put so much into it, I’m excited to finally get it to an audience, especially as large and diverse as the e-audience is today."

"I’ve also long been a fan of J.B.’s very bent style" said Field. "He is a very under-appreciated talent in comics. Back in ’91, when Tundra published Jeff’s mini-classic, ‘Fun Boys Spring Special’, we sold more than 200 copies at Flying Colors. ‘Muscle and Faith’ is done in that wonderful and totally singular style. There’s sharp, funny dialogue, great characterization and elements in the story that will appeal to fans of both mainstream and alternative work. It’s very much an all ages story. ‘Muscle and Faith’ has a lot of action, but even more heart."

About the artist/writer- J.B. "Jeff" Bonivert

Jeff Bonivert is a northern California native with a varied background in independent comics as artist and writer, beginning with "Atomic Man" published by Blackthorne. Bonivert has also contributed to such comics as "Mister Monster" and "Turtle Soup". In 1991, Tundra published the "Fun Boys Spring Special" the comic book collecting adventures of three friends loosely based on Jeff’s boyhood experiences. Jeff’s work also appears in "Mister Monster’s Book of Forbidden Knowledge", ";Flying Colors 10th Anniversary Special" and "Star*Reach". Currently, he’s developing two full-length stories, "Blue Book Stories" and "The VITAMEN". Previews of Bonivert’s new work will be available soon at www.flyingcolorscomics.com.

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This is all the information available i have as of the time of this posting. I will update if anymore info becomes available such as a potential publishing date. ~ t

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