Doctor Strange Review!


Doctor Strange Review!
Man, we’ve come along way in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Robert Downey Jr. suited up as Iron Man for the first time in 2008. Now with our 14th film in Doctor Strange hitting theaters, it’s time again to dive into this universe we all love so much and see how this movie compares to the others in its franchise. I just got back from an IMAX screening with Luigifan10, so here are my initial thoughts on the movie. Is this risk one of Marvel’s best, or is it a dud? Let’s check it out!

Good: The biggest thing going for this movie is the visuals. There is some stuff in this movie that I have never seen before! The action felt new and inventive and the magic was fresh and stood out on its own from other fantasy movies. My favorite scene of this entire film had to be the “trip” scene that I saw at that special IMAX screening on the 10th though, because the visuals in that scene were on a whole new level!! Moving on from the visuals, the cast in this movie was spectacular! I believe this is the best cast Marvel has put together yet, there was so much talent in this movie and they all shined! My particular favorite was of course Benedict Cumberbatch as Strange himself. I didn’t realize how much I was going to love Stephen Strange in this movie. People keep comparing him to Tony Stark in the first Iron Man which I can see, but I believe Strange was more of an asshole than Stark before he became a hero! I also thought I was going to notice Cumberbatch’s fake American accent, but I think he nailed it the entire movie and I didn’t even sound fake! I was never a big fan of Doctor Strange himself, but Cumberbatch’s performance made him one of my favorite characters in the MCU! The next thing I’d like to talk about it the score of the film. Now Michael Giacchino has a past of sort of recreating classic soundtracks to movies like what he did with the Planet of the Apes movies, Jurassic World, and Star Trek, but he really stepped out of that for Doctor Strange and made a truly original soundtrack of his own with a mix of eastern music, an orchestral score, and trippy 60’s music; and I think it turned out great! This is by far one of the best soundtrack of the MCU and I absolutely love Strange’s theme!

Bad: Now I really would categorize this as “bad” per say, but the basic plot of this story isn’t really anything new. It’s like Batman Begins meets Iron Man, Harry Potter (that one’s for you, Luigifan10), and Inception, but they still cover up that basic plot with their great visuals and characters to really make you forget about it. Besides that, I have a huge gripe with this movie, but it’s pretty spoiler-y so I’ll save it for a spoiler talk down the road but basically it’s that the filmmakers decided to make a departure from the comics regarding a the look of a certain character which I was not okay with and it took me out of the movie trying to believe that this person truly was this person from the comics. I also didn’t really like how there was no really clear sign of how much time passed in this movie, i would have really like to have known what year this movie starts at and how long it takes for Doctor Strange to become the hero that we see him as at the end of the movie. Besides that I have few nitpicks like certain times of over-acting and stuff like that, but that stuff didn’t really matter to me because I just had too much fun with this movie!

Overall, I wouldn’t put Doctor Strange in my personal top 5 MCU movies, but it’s certainly up there with the first Iron Man and Captain America. Like what Ant-Man did, this movie felt very Phase 1-like which believe it or not, kinda feels nostalgic after all the stuff that’s gone down in this universe, which I very much enjoyed. Doctor Strange started out as a movie I didn’t really care about, but as the movie’s release date came closer, I became more and more excited to see it, and I certainly didn’t let me down. For these reasons, I’m going to give Doctor Strange a 9/10. Everybody really needs to go check this movie out!

Oh yeah, and make sure to stay through the credits! There’s a mid-credits and a post-credits scene that you really don’t want to miss!
By AntMan3001 on 2016-11-01 18:24:16

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Top 10 Graphic Novels Of All Time

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